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Hey fellow starseeds and namaste LOVE & LIGHT 

i am in process of launching this awsome campaign on kickstarter for a film that may well turn into a feature length story first of its kind.. un touched by hollywood and set in the name of truth and love for all inc.. those of us that have come to help aid earth and our family in the times of transition.. 

let me know what your thoughts are on whats presented and please stay tuned here or other wise also on facebook via the film page : 

LINK to preview of film: 

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sound like over billion shift in one year, you never know............ everyone is tune in, nature of earth universe energy. we kept involving spiritual , Have fun and enjoy it..... keep upgrading and blooming threw out the year. bless you.

Thank you my friend.. wishing you well in all aspects.. seek truth and keep learning.. 

you welcome



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