The Ascended Masters: No Stone has been Left Unturned


Posted by Wes Annac

Gaia is beautiful

Oh, how the beautiful and glorious future that you have been working toward with all of yourselves is blossoming now into an almost compete and full bloom! Such impeding changes that are to spring forth in your reality have been discussed to much detail lately, and as you read and hear of such things on your internet, you are radiating the Creative energies that see such events being discussed able to come to fruition. Do you notice dear souls, how much of the guidance and advice that you are given is in relation to your own Creation powers and how important you are in this entire event?
While the men in the suits have played king and made the decisions on Earth for a very long time whilst this lower vibratory experiment played itself out, with the end of your cycle now approaching at rapid speed the power is to now be placed back in the hands of the people, where it has always belonged in the first place and when this natural order is restored to your world, naturally the Light quotient will increase in purity as you will all find little need for any type of violence in a world where all have everything they need.
The funds truly are there and available, they are simply currently in the hands of those who have toyed around with your futures and tried to create a false end to this already proclaimed ascension of all awakening souls on Gaia’s surface. The mere knowledge and information of ascension has been getting out so very much through your internet and through the always popular word of mouth, and as you are being informed of these matters as well as of matters of the exposure of the Illuminati, again your thoughts about such things attract you toward the energies of Creation that you will be bringing through yourselves by thinking about such things.
When you think of the Illuminati and of their exposure, think and feel nothing but the pure Light and Love that you are and hold within in relation to these souls and their exposure. Feel in yourselves, the amazing and wonderful future that you know is to be brought about, and radiate these energies toward the heads of the Illuminati.
You do not need to know these souls personally to do so. Simply aim your Lighted energies toward the souls whom you can feel have caused the most destruction and chaos on the surface of Earth, as these souls cannot function unless driven by energies of a much lower and dense nature. If you send these souls nothing but Light and Love, such energies will see them unable to continue on in their many dense plots against humanity.
Of course, we have now been granted full authority to see to it that these souls are exposed and that along the way, they will not be able to cause any chaos or destruction during their exposure and ‘takedown’. We communicate with these souls more than many on Earth realize, and we have many angelic, ascended and extraterrestrial souls communicating with various aspects of the souls bringing these changes about.
By this we mean that we have been communicating and negotiating with the heads of the various broken-up sects that were once the Illuminati, and at the same time we are speaking through mediums and advanced technological means to the earth allies that have been so heard about. Many of you have wondered just who these souls are who have been called the earth allies by many ascended sources, and just what their job and mission they are performing on Earth is in relation to the attaining of the freedom of humanity that you deserve to have bestowed upon you.
There is not too much we can disclose about these individuals at this time, but suffice to say these are many powerful groups of wealthy individuals who have ties back to us celestials, Ascended Masters and souls in the various Lighted organizations who are assisting Earth at this time. Some of these souls are direct descendants of many extraterrestrial races in the Galactic Federation, and the majority of the Lighted groups working to bring this change forth have ties to and know the true history of your world and all that has happened on Her surface in relation to the gradual decaying away of your freedoms and planetary and Universal rights.
There are souls who previously lacked the knowledge of this information, who upon joining the liaisons of one of our many Lighted earth ally-organizations for their own special reasons, perhaps by themselves possessing some type of ability that will be useful to our earth allies and to bringing about this ultimate Divine plan; upon joining the ranks of the Light in such direct ways, the souls who may have not previously known a thing about the controlled nature of your history and past, will be informed of such things to a great extent.
The ‘training videos’ so to speak that have been set up in many of the organizations of the earth allies in whichever form or group such allies take, will be and are very similar to the announcements that will be given to humanity upon the arrests of the souls who have been holding your freedoms from you. The videos that we show the many souls who are just joining the ranks of the Light in direct ways, are prototypes of sorts of the announcements that you will be given.
We have been working directly with many of our earth allies in the most influential organizations of such souls, on the announcements of all that has been done to you and your world, and the aspect of the initial announcements that are to begin exposing the truths and suppressions maintained on your world is something that we personally have been working very hard not just with many earth allies on, but with you Agarthan cousins on as well.
The aspect of the Inner Earth and of what happened in the times of Atlantis and Lemuria have been put together in a wonderful presentation that truly leaves no stone unturned, and we happily anticipate that many of you will gain a very familiar remembrance with the many events, both happy and tragic, that took place back in those times.
Again, no stone has been left unturned, and each and every detail of Atlantis and Lemuria as well as the small societies that surrounded such places, will be explained as well as the architecture of the cities of Atlantis and Lemuria, and what you dear souls who inhabited such places did for sustenance and to power the extremely advanced and near-ascended lifestyle that was maintained with ease in such times.
We will also go to great extents explaining the many extraterrestrial civilizations that Lived on your world during the times of Atlantis and Lemuria as well as before and after such times. The fall of Atlantis and the disaster that took place will have to be explained to lay the foundation for further discussion about how the fear caused in [nearly] all of humanity by such an event caused [the success of] much of the fear-based manipulation fed on your world at this current point, and we anticipate as well much fear and sadness rising in much of humanity, especially in many souls in the Untied States who have purposefully maintained an unawakened state because of the fear garnered in such times over the tragic and disastrous loss of Atlantis and Lemuria alike.
We don’t wish to go into too much detail about such things at this time, as we wish to focus more in this message about the aspects of many shocking revelations that you will be let know.
You are to be informed of your history in such extensive ways that many of you will indeed have trouble at first keeping yourselves ahead of all that will be given to you in relation to the true state of affairs on your world and in your reality, and the longest and most comprehensive reports that have been published on your surface to date [in relation to such things] have only scratched the surface of all that you are to be let know of and of all that you have been kept from knowing purposefully.
It will be understood how carefully-crafted the realties you are finding yourselves in now truly have been, and through your exposure to various documents and meetings that you will see through the Akashic Records, you will realize that nearly every aspect of your modern society that most of you would recognize as familiar today, has been carefully crafted and planned-out by forces who have wanted to maintain the lower vibratory state your world has been in for nearly a millennia, as well as feed the grid of darkness and negativity that such souls feed off of for their sustenance.
The violence and alcohol and drug cultures that you see on your television and in your movies, the continual promotion of sex and lust in much of your modern society as well as the very subtle marketing of such things to teenagers and children has been carefully, carefully planned out and crafted centuries ahead of the times you are now seeing such tings play out, to happen.
You have purposefully  been exposed to each and every aspect of the lower dimensions that you are experiencing currently, and the keeping-down of many areas of Gaia’s surface has been for the purposes of promoting many types of lower vibratory cultures and ways of Living and behaving that keep one continually feeding a void in themselves that of course, sends one’s energies right on through to the realms and further voids of fourth density-negative, wherein lies the grid of negativity that the Illuminati heads have again, been getting their sustenance and nourishment as well as their perceived youthfulness from.
The Illuminati heads and those souls who are truly guilty and themselves responsible for the majority of the lower vibrations continually manifested on Earth, have very dense structures of mind when it comes to thinking upon the majority of humanity whom they have purposefully kept poor and targeted numerous times. They think that you are all noting but simple peasants, and that simple peasants do things like drink heavy alcohol and take drugs, as well as fornicate and multiply and eat, which they feel is leeching off of them and taking up their space on this world.
If these souls could have it their way, they would simply keep a small portion of the world to control and dominate, and eventually they would wipe such small populations out as well as they would only wish to Live on this world by themselves, with all of their money and everything in the physical that they feel makes Life complete.
Luckily, they are not able to achieve such means and if it could be fully fathomed at this time just how extensive the help being given form the Light on your world is, you would have absolutely no doubts as to the glorious path your planet is heading in, for we of the Light are many and we are powerful.
We now have the power to bring the real, legal change forth that has been needed and wished for on your world for so very long, and the laws that we are and will be using to enforce the taking of the reigns so to speak, from the heads of the Illuminati back to the hands of the general public of this beautiful world, are laws that are very old yet possess power beyond your current comprehension and perception.
It must be understood, the true purpose of various laws that are enforced very strongly, as the laws that you are forced to follow on your world in the majority of your countries that are enforced through local and national polices and illusory ‘peace keepers’ are phony laws in many cases, that were made out of thin air by elements of the Earth cabal for reasons of suppressing humanity as much as they possibly could.
There are laws beyond the creation and comprehension of even these souls, and the laws that we speak of will be made quite clear to humanity upon the initial arrests of the heads of the cabal, as humanity will quickly demand a reason why so many souls are being taken away out of their homes to prison.
Of course, the majority of humanity have awoken to the truths of what such rich bankers and high-profile elitists have been doing to your world, so we do expect many people breathing a collective and individual sigh of relief when you turn on your television sets and see those bankers who many have been protesting against, finally having happen to them what has been needed to happen.
Of course, we would never promote anyone feeling happy about the arrest of any soul, as the pains and hells that the heads of the Illuminati have experienced and will experience are certainly no cause for celebration, and the things that these souls will have to go through because they have forced others to go through such things, truly do hurt our Creator who feels nothing but complete, unconditional Love for each and every dear soul of our Creator’s spirit structure, that is existing in each and every vibration and dimensional octave of realty established by our Creator in each and every density and form.
Our Creator does not want to see the heads of the Illuminati punished in such ways, but the Illuminati heads have at the same time turned deliberately against our Creator and against Gaia and perpetrated many acts on Gaia’s surface in favor of feeding lower dimensional entities usurping the energies of these individuals again, through the realms and voids of fourth density-negative.
We would recommend dear souls, that you feel happy about the aspects of these arrests and exposures that have to do with you on Earth finally attaining your resulting freedoms. Your brains are going to hurt for a while as you begin to soak up all of the revelations that we have for you, but when you see such arrests happening on your TV sets and believe us, this is to happen in a shorter time window than you may think or expect, you can indeed breathe that sigh of relief that you have been wishing to be able to breath, and rest for a couple of days knowing that what is happening is indeed going to be explained, and what results from these happenings will be nothing short of the single biggest events to ever happen to your world and current civilizations.
While many of your cycles have ended in destruction and in a continual feeding of the lower vibrations for generations to come, the cycle you are undergoing and finishing now is to finally end with the decreed, marvelous ascension that you have been working toward throughout hundreds and even thousands of Lives in the lower realms.
The call for more direct action that is being made by more souls on your world than your realize at this point, is seeing the potential for such Creation and manifestation actually occurring, increase exponentially and with the significant physical progress being made by our Earth allies who remain anonymous but who we have been consulting with endlessly, the bringing-about of everything that has been waited for is indeed at your doorstep now.
We recommend you continue to feel and feed the spiritual and ethereal aspects of these changes and of what is going on now, as the mere purpose of the majority of Lightworkers and Light Holders incarnate on Earth at this time is to do just that; hold and radiate the Light to all those around you who you find may be receptive to such energies, as each and every time you do this you are feeding the exposure of the Illuminati and resulting freeing of humanity in very bold and direct ways.
This is the work you were meant to do, whether you find yourself working for the Light in a position of a spiritual blogger, a Light Holder or awakening starseed, or whatever position you find yourselves in at this time.
You all carry this Light and this extraordinary power within, and until our next communication we remind you to remember this and feel it within yourselves. No entity, corporation or machine can take your powers and freedoms away from you, if only for a short, fleeting burst of temporary allowance to do so on the part of the slumbering collective. You are no longer asleep anymore, and with all that you will come to know and remember about your world, just how asleep you have truly been will be made apparent in very many ways.
Thank you to the Ascended Masters.

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  • Powerful message..let us have Truth and Righteousness back on this Planet Earth


    Okay to paraphraise and summarize... since for some reason this is really wordy and hard to read (paragraph for paragraph):


    Isn't it great that we've made it to this point? This mass arrest roundup has been talked about and predicted by alot of people, and part of the reason you've been told to "watch your thoughts" is specifically because of big events like these.

    The illuminati has reached the end of its cycle, and was programmed from the beginning to fail. The natural order cannot be challenged. After this happens we will come very close to having achieved World Peace.

    All the money and wealth necessary is there to produce the changes we really desire, even in a legitimate way where people get paid for their work. It's just sitting around gathering dust because the Illuminati has our wealth hostage.

    Also . . . when these people get detained and possibly paraded around on TV, make sure not to aim your Anger and Hatred at them because they feed off that.

    Again to repeat . . . blast these guys with Love and Light because its going to choke them to death when it comes to their negative evil plots. (mainly I suppose the ones that will still be loose in any case)


    The Higher Ups have the full authority to destroy this organization and network, and make sure at the same time when these guys are going out the exit door they're not going to go out with a bang either. So that's it - - the cabal is finished.

    The Higher Ups have also been communicating with the guys who turned on the Cabal, or got thrown out because they were betrayed.

    And many of those people actually have a divine or starseed heritage themselves, and somehow got caught up in this dirty business or actually came into it to infiltrate them.

    And of course there's the people who have just been helping the Underground movement who don't know anything about this ugly underbelly about the real history of the Cabal... and they'll be informed of that stuff too.

    The videos and presentations we'll all be seeing on TV are almost identical to the "red pill" type of information that the Underground uses to tell its members about what is really going on too.

    The Higher Ups have been doing alot of work with the Underground and with the Agarthan (hollow earth) people too to get this all ready.

    They're very happy with the way the information has been put together talking about our long history - back to Atlantis and Lemuria. In fact many people may get past life flashbacks because of it.

    No Stone has been left unturned - all the information about Atlantis and even the other societies and extraterrestrials that lived on the planet at that time will be exposed too.

    And they'll also go into detail about how the Fear caused by the terrifying destruction and loss of those great civilizations set up the undercurrent that allowed the Dark to continue to dominate the planet too.


    Oh and we'll also find out just how staggeringly precise the planning has been to Set Up the society we have right now, specifically to keep the lower vibrations active.

    Because that's how these people think of us, and if they could have their way they would just kill everyone off but themselves and have the whole planet to their lonesome.

    Oh and as far as the Creator (God) is concerned the Illuminati are the biggest victims here, because life hasn't exactly been smooth sailing for them even though it seems like it has, and the massive Karma they've racked up also means they're going to suffer more because of it.

    The staggering amount of information we're about to hear about all of this is going to make our brains hurt, for awhile.

    This is truly the greatest crime that has been committed of all time on this planet - let alone the crime of the century. But this time it really is going to be a happily ever after rather than just leaving us with some sense of injustice that only feeds more negative energies later on down the road.

    Continue focusing on these Mass Arrests and the Disclosure that happens at the same time . . . because it only adds more fuel to the bonfire we've already got going.

    Whatever kind of Lightworker you are - this is the work you are meant to do.  Call it a crowning achievement if you wish. Many of us are here just to pick up the pieces.

    • Where can i find out more about this Underground?
      Btw, I usually like your posts..



  • Chemicals, the bodies every need. Every action is done with chemicals and these same chemicals gets things done. Know about what it is you want to do and it shall be done. Do not use LSD if you can help it, that stuff will seriously mess up your brain chemistry and knock you down to 3 dimensional, forever.
  • I agree with all of this, exept one thing:

    Drugs can have quite positive effects, too! They are not bad in general. It depends on every single user to handle them with care and responsibilty.

This reply was deleted.

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