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in the art form that is you.....

in elevating and connecting with everything......

from moving from one level to the next.....

from moving from fear to faith.....I find that the more faith I cultivate the less fear that I experience in this shift in consciousness......It is interesting I find myself reacting to 3d stuff, but it is weird the way I feel about it..... around me energetically feels free expansive but then I notice myself reacting to things and I watch myself react. It is is like two polar opposites.


what recipe do you use to move yourself forward and to gain higher consciousness?

from 3d to 5d what is the recipe?? what tools of the trade do you use to ground elevate and move forward. what works for you......


if i have ALL the fixin's for my recipe what goes into my soup is as follows....(now this is if I have all the fixins today has been busy thus far....)

5d recipe for me:

20min mediation 2x day. 


yoga (anytime)

going to the local zen temple sometime during the week.....




What do you do??





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the recipe is "Be Love".....however you do it is your choice

thank you!

Hi TTT ... :) to me it's not to react at all ... and not to fight any emotions nor feelings that are coming ... by letting it in allowing it to move faster with awareness of it source. Conscious decisions are different from reactions ... it's like you may have a small glimpse of the outcome of some choices that are present at the moment. for example if i have a disagreement with my family ... some times i may predict the outcome by 'choosing wisely my wording' ... and of course as you said any practice is a tool to help oneself ... but also there is a time to practice what you've learned as well. I think that is why we have some 'test' dropped on our lap ... just to see who far we have come.

thank you ara. that is so wonderful and true indeed. great advice.... thank you always appreciated!!



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