Thank You For The LOVING feedback.

Thank You For The LOVING feedback. We have floded this "energy" with Love, lets spread JOY and meditate together IN SILENCE. NAMASTE* I read every Reflection in this forum and Im glad for every word and energy you put into it. Ben-Arion

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  • you are num one in ten million ben dont that sound better boys and girls
  • Dear Ben,
    You are doing a great job connecting all of us and brining more light to the dark world. Those from the dark side are very desperate, they are loosing power and control. That's why they send this useless messges. I am so happy to visit your
    special websit where every one is free to express his opnion. Keep on moving and bring more light to people.
    Love and peace,
  • Ben keep up the good work you're doing on this site, I don't think there's a single person who can say they haven't learned something new and interesting on this site, I for one have discovered many things on this site that has helped me and that's all thanks to you and all the wonderful members on this site. No one is forced to be here, all who come here do so out of their own free will.

    Forgive them Ben for they know not of what they speak of!!
    Fight the good fight with all thy might...(or should that be light?)

  • dear all,in my heart i dont beleive this is from god,i think its from the dark ones who dont want the light to succed,they are doing their best for the truth to not come out,its fishy i wouldnt worry about it,god,jeshua,astar are all of un -conditinal love,love you all,brenda
  • Some peooke are onnsumed with fear, especially when new information is presented to them.. Obviously this email sender is such a person. I feel no Love in their message. Higher-vibrating beings are much more connected to Love than Humans are at this time. I can only bless them for the journey they are on, and know that their message is a cry for love. It is all good.All of us are children of God, trying to remember the love that we are. God bless us, every one.
  • I know I don't post much but it seems to ME that the person who wrote this email and did not sign it (cowardly move in MY opinion) really doesn't know what they are talking about! If you are actually guilty of what they accuse you of, then they prove their intentions are hatefull and cruel and you should go on doing exactly what you HAVE been doing! I have encountered absolutely NO nagativity on this website and have enjoyed my time here.

    Ignore them! They are not worth your time, dear.


  • I think there shouldn't even be a discussion about this...

    What we all are doing here at the site is wonderful! And THANK YOU Ben-Arion for giving the opportunity to do so.

    Eternal Love and blessings to all of you!
  • salutation a toi ben,
    I find this so ridiculous, the negative test any means, but you and we and me galactic brothers we are to put the light in this world then its bless beings who do not know what he is talking about. Car ben you are divinely protected.

    your sister the light
  • Love and light dear brother! xxx
  • Dear Ben Thank you for sharing, this message with us.
    You have spoken your truth well, DECISEVELY AND PROFOUND.

    Blessings and much love to Ben Always
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