Telling friends and family?

Hey there!

I'll start by saying I'm still new here, and this website has been such a source of inspiration and guidance for me. This community is amazing. I wish that everyone could log on here and find what support I've found in it, but needless to say some people are just not ready. Which leads me to my concerns about telling friends and family about my beliefs. My mom is Catholic, my little sister and boyfriend are full on atheists, the only person in my family who might be open is my older sister, who is I guess agnostic. But I worry about telling my mom and my boyfriend who I do love, about how I'm feeling. I think they would basically just tell me I'm crazy and worry, or they might even be hostile about it. It makes me guilty because I really am proud of how far I've come, and that I truly do believe and feel I know the truth.

Will it hinder my ascension if I am not open about all of this? I mean, I want to help people learn and get closer to the truth, but they are just not open to it. I just want to know what others think, should I feel guilty that I can't be open about this? Or, are they just not ready and there is nothing I can do?

Thanks again guys.


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  • Wow thank you so much everyone for reaching out to me. I've really been struggling because I am trying to stop taking the western pharma I've relied on so much throughout my life. It is another reason I find it hard to share with my friends and family, they will assume I am being 'brainwashed' or something into wanting to stop taking my medicines that I use for emotional and mental issues that plague me. They worry I can't be okay without them, and while I understand and appreciate their worry (because they love me!) I know that with the light I can be okay and I honestly feel the only 'brainwashing' that is being done to me, is the forced belief that I need all these whacked synthetic chemicals to be okay.

    Just, thank you so much everyone for being there for me and being supportive. It really makes me comforted to know that I am not alone and thank you for welcoming me with open arms. Just the way that we will welcome my friends and family when they are ready.

  • Shirley McClain's Out on a Limb is an excellent intro to all this for the unawakened. It's mainstream enough at the start to not give mainstream people a heart attack. But slowly draws one into the subject, with some very nice human moments and important questions. That's one way of doing it. Though a film/documentary.

    Excellent responses by everyone else too.

  • I hear you, all of you. I think it's always good to be able to feel people out and to sense if they will be receptive to your ideas and beliefs. Some people just aren't ready, especially if your ideas go against the belief system they have become ingrained in. It also seems to me that it is much more effective to SHOW someone what you believe by being a living example. Sometimes our words get in the way, but the fruits of our lives bear witness to the truths we have faith in. Your fruit can offer a window of opportunity to share your beliefs with those who are ready to hear them. Sometimes, I have to remind myself, nobody has to believe what I believe. It helps me be patient not to force my thoughts onto somebody. After all, it took me years and years for my beliefs to grow into what they are today. I can't expect anyone to catch up overnight :)

  • well i definiteley dont run around spreading my beleifs nor do i think it your mission. on the other hand i do have a facebook account with my whole family on it and i do post what i feel is vital information in this movement or if i run across what i feel is an inspirational channelled message but nothing so out there (i have different accounts for that :)). what i beleive though being around your family and friends and shining your light is good enough- light is information -whether they can decode it now doesnt matter but when the time is right it will be of great help and you have assisted them in far more ways than you know just by being in their prescence.and when if the time comes where they have questions well lucky them - they have someone to turn to for answers!
  • Don't worry about telling them. When the "Event" happens, they will start asking questions, and the Main Stream that they have always looked to will have NO answers. That is when you fill them in. It will take a major life changing Event to wake them up enough so that they will listen.
    I know, I have family too. They won't even listen when I tell them to lay in a weeks worth of food and water...
  • Welcome. Telling people will only increase your chances of being supported during your shift and in life. If they are unopened to your beliefs then you just keep going along your path and be a good example of what you can be and they will come around.
  • all ur answers  are inside of u they are waiting for u to ask the questions have quiet time and ask ur heart what u want to no,every one on here can offer u info and guidence but u need to be able to no what ur truths are ,there are som great books out there which can trigger u and answer alot of questions rattling around inside ur head,there is no right or wrong in spirituality just lessons and continued learning and growing as a soul ,ask ur heart if u should tell family , friends ,etc..... about ur beliefs and how they make u feel,look for a spiritual group in ur area and go check it out u may meet like minded people who u can talk to and get support from when u are spiritual u need like minded people around u , also keep it simple at all times i will leave u with my favourite authors there  books help me on my spiritual journey and still are

    sonia choouette,diana cooper

    love lite always

  • welcome ashley,

    i'm feeling you have awoken alone and need to share this joy...we are here and love and except everyone here, great debates go on, alittle sarcasim, but most of all i feel alot of love here

    much joy and peace

  • No i dont believe it will hinder your ascension if you dont tell people... but of course telling people around you can remove a heavy burden off your shoulders... but if they are not open to it, what good will it do to tell them,,, some simply dont accept these things!

     at first, i didnt tell anybody; but as soon as i was in a comfortable place in my life; i told those closest to me... yea they first thought i was whacko, lol

    (but on the same token, they knew i was extremely intelligent and never lie)so they paused and listened to me.

    when i had told them everything (i gotta admit they didnt take it too well as expected)

    i had a few argues with my closest...  then finally they all calmed down, we all talked it out....and they  ignored everything i said anyway,,, lol

    i accepted that,

     by being honest it felt like i removed a huge weight off my shoulders... yay! lol

    my nick name from my 3d pals is *mysterious girl*... cos they will never understand this deeper way! <3

    • it is your experience and your truth. you may share, if you wish to but you should not expect others to connect with it.

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