I was out 3am very early in the morning. I drove through Central London then took the motorway heading to an outer London beautiful country side Temple donated by George Harrison the famous Beatle.

I stopped at a 24 hr Tesco and bought some food and it is very unusual that i fancied an ice-cream so i got Swedish Glade ice cream and had it at 4am in the morning. I then stopped at a 24/7 motorway welcome service station where i had a 2hr nap and and then continued my journey to the temple. When i got to the temple i had a nice vegetarian feast and meet some of my old devotee friends and made new friends. l told them it is a special day as Worldwide Group meditation is on plus end of the Mayan Calender. I walked around the Gardens of the temple and connected more with nature. Next l left the temple around 6pm and drove to Central London and had a cup of Chai tea in Starbucks and met some friends....... later l drove home and got home around 11pm.

I do sense that more awakening of humanity and unity took place on this day....and i thought to myself there should be no darkness on this Planet  but only light all the time and there should be no such thing as time on this Planet and no such thing as money on this Planet......what are your views and do you feel any different?





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      • ..lol..ok..i will not say what happened to me, (long story) but i will say at least what happened here in the whole country....

        since 28th Oct. is the National Day here.. they have celebrations military and student parades, etc.. in most, if not all, cities around the country..well, this year, for the first time in Greece since the end of WW2, it did not happen...

        people who are angry at the government, politicians, and the whole corrupt international banking system who is leading the whole country to poverty, went out to the streets, where the parades where to happen and they starting yelling at politicians and other state v.i.p's..lol... big panic... :)))

        and not only in capital...in many cities around Greece was the same... eggs and other 'vegetable stuff', was thrown to political figures, the main military parade had to be canceled...lol... the student parade had students looked the other way when passed before the politicians stage, and some student groups also raised their right hand holding a black scarf as a sign that they dont approve the whole governing system...

         this had never happend before in recent Greek history... big upheaval...

        ..as we can see, even the common people are starting slowly to question the system...

  • I noticed large numbers of people were getting sick.

    I got sick and will be up and healthy on monday or tuesday.

  • my day was simple as always.....

    woke up @4am

    went up the mountain to local coffee shop to get on line with my lop~top and check bunch of videos

    around 9am I had a job to do for local person

    came home around 4:30pm

    made a meal

    watched a cute movie

    went to bed @9pm

    slept awful

  • well i joined some friends for a halloween party and took some delicious volevonts filled with egg mayonaise and prawn cocktail, it was quite a good do but not a lot turned out so ........ i felt a little bit alone and detached from a lot but i made the effort and went out, i got home just after 11pm gmt, and then had a glass of wine then went to bed but was awoken at 2am gmt, by a friend of mine who lives in manchester USA, he had finished work and called me on the skype which is on my mobile phone which is next to my bed, so i chatted with him for a little while then drifted back into a sleep ........................
  • yeah i went to sleep because i was tired i woke up and did not even think about it the next morning i had such a good day without any reason for it to being so...
  • I slept in until noon, made a pot of coffee and drank 3 cups and ate 2 bananas and did my emails and fed the cats.

    Meditated and did some some chores. Took may vitamins.

    Watched MSNBC Hardball with Chris Mathews.

    Meditated some more.

    Mafe a pot of chili.

    My wife came home from some errands and I opened the gate for her and unloaded the car.

    Had a beer.

    Had a tote of tequila

    Watched the 7th game of the World Series and it was a good one. Ate some nachos, 2 bowls of chili and  spianch.

    Pretty exciting.

    Went in the studio and read 49, 50, 51  & 52 of the Law of One .

    Sent out some more emails.

    Realized that it is now Oct 29 2011 and I'm still here and feeling good.

    Checked the forums.

    Thanks, One. Nice day.

    Love, B

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