Taiwan halts rollout of second Pfizer dose for teens due to widespread heart problems

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Image: Taiwan halts rollout of second Pfizer dose for teens due to widespread heart problems

(Natural News) So many young people are developing myocarditis and other associated heart problems from the first Pfizer Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine dose that the government of Taiwan has halted administration of the second dose.

Unlike the United States which cares only about money, all human life be damned, Taiwan decided that it is simply too risky to continue injecting teenagers with Fauci Flu shots. And the country is not even considering injecting children under the age of 12 with the poison.

Until this issue with the second dose is officially settled, Taiwanese health officials have indicated that children aged five to 11 will not even be considered as candidates for the injections.

Dr. Anthony Hinton from the U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS) warned about all this, suggesting that 20 percent of vaccinated children will die after two years, and 50 percent after five years.

This is a medical holocaust of unspeakable proportions, in other words, and Taiwan is having none of it (if only Americans could be so lucky).

“The public health frenzy to vaccinate kids is the ultimate example of process at all costs, the flywheel spinning ever faster, unmoored from reality,” writes Alex Berenson on his Substack about the insanity of what is taking place here in the United States.

“Imma say it again: if you let your healthy teen – much less your healthy child – get this vaccine, you are insane.”

Injecting your children with COVID vaccines is akin to murdering them

Keep in mind that children have a zero percent chance, statistically speaking, of dying or even just getting sick from the Chinese Virus. Heck, prove that said virus even exists and then we can talk.

Until then, parents really do have to be nuts to subject their children to this madness. Taiwan gets it, but many in the West, as demonstrated by their elected (selected?) leaders, are still woefully in the dark about what is taking place here.

How did we get from “two weeks to flatten curve” to inject every last child on the planet with experimental gene modification drugs? And more importantly, why is the general public putting up with all this in the first place?

Sure, some parents are fighting back. But they are the exception rather than the rule. At the same time, some parents are actually lining up as early as possible to get their little ones injected at “warp speed,” believing that these drugs will “save” them from Chinese Germs.

The dumbing down process appears almost complete, and the mass genocide that follows will certainly teach everyone who bought into this a much-needed lesson about why it is never a good idea to give the government total power and control over your body.

“I know we disagree on the topic of abortion,” wrote one commenter on Berenson’s blog, apparently supportive of abortion.

“However, consider that once a political party not only endorses, but celebrates (shout your abortion) the murder of the most vulnerable in our society, it is clear that they will sacrifice children of any age for power and control.”

Another responded to that comment saying that it is “absolutely correct” and an astute observation, if only more people would reflect on this.

“We are in this mess because the belief in the sanctity of life no longer exists even within the Catholic Church,” this same person added. “This belief is the only thing I remember from all those religion classes in Catholic school, but apparently it’s not a doctrine the Church even teaches or speaks about anymore.”

The latest news about injuries and deaths caused by COVID-19 injections can be found at Genocide.news.

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  • Hi Pet Rock,
    I thought I should share this vid with you, as very interesting case example of a woman who took the vaccine and has suffered multiple symptoms afterwards...

    The conversational presentation is a useful format, as Dr Campbell, investigating the matter, chats with the woman about her symptoms, her treatment, her stonewalling by the health service and several other angles....The number of problems she describes are mind blowing...

    She describes all the classic symptoms of post vaccine, including neurological and cardiological problems. Plus many others.

    It's a bit long, but worth watching.....And I'll post it above, as it's not posting correctly, in this comment box....
    Cheers, Drekx
    This domain may be for sale!
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