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Symptoms of Soul Growth Part 2. (Channelings from Djwhal Khul.)


When one first becomes aware of the inner urge to seek a higher Truth, he is compelled to find that Truth at all cost. He /She  is driven by an inner compulsion which cannot be dissipated or from which he can be distracted. Thus, as one persues the goal of Truth,as his vehicles become attuned and aligned with the Soul  - many will be the manifestation of impulsive (impulsed by the Soul) response which seems to the seeking personality to be completely beyond and without his control. Therin lies the cause of the fear.

Many have astral projection experience, for lack of a better term, and to some it is frightening. Though this may be quite normal he is without current reference point to explain such happenings within his rational, logical mind. Thus, avoidance of such ' Soul travel' is the result of his lack of comprehension of that which is occurring.  Too many are yet identified with the form and though they give lip service to the 'fact' of having other vehicles, when such demonstration is provided for them by the Soul, they shrink back in fear, back into the limited confines of the physical plane body.

It is such concepts that must be abandoned for the wider scope which entails various planes and subplanes upon which you must learn to consciously function. Fear is a great barrier. It is a leaden weight upon the wings of the Soul. It has forged chains which bind you to the Earthplane,when indeed you should be able to experience the freedom of the higher planes.


What is it exactly that you are afraid of? Are you afraid you will get lost and not find your way back?

Are you afraid that the emanation of power that you may exhibit will burn out your vehicles? Or is it that you are afraid to learn the Truth that would shatter all your crystallised concepts accumulated over many past lives? You will not be left void and empty for the Truth will fill you and make  you 'WHOLE'.

The powers of the Soul can indeed stagger the mind of the little personality, so conditioned to its physical plane limitations, but when that Soul is seen as the' Higher Self 'seeking expression through the vehicles of the personality the resistance 'should' evaporate.It is a conflict within one, a fear of the unknown, and a fear of wielding power that causes one to strenghten rather than dissolve his limitations. But Chelas , if  indeed you lay upon the Alter of Sacrifice, all personality limitation and allow the Soul to control the outer form, there will be no harm, no injury, no misuse of power, for the Soul in its Omniscience, knows exactly what can be handled in its vehicles, without causing undue stress. It is only the personality that sounds the alarm and becomes frightened when IT seeks control instead of allowing the Soul to work freely and unimpeded by personality restrictions.


When you can come to terms in your mind with the fact that the Soul and the Power are ONE, then will come the realisation, but only with permission, with acquiescence, with relinquishment, that the Soul and you are indeed ONE. It is the same. It is only the modifications of the mind which seek to constantly categorise the form and the Soul, Light, Energy and Power into separate differentiations. These must be seen as One, as manifestation of the Light.


To Be Continued.

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Beautiful wisdom. Led me to this phrase: "You have my permission All That Is and my Soul to merge with me for we are indeed One."



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