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  • Thankyou eversomuch Azuba.The feeling is mutual.Stay Blessed my freind.
  • Blessings back Star sister

  • Greetings to you in return Catharine (Azuba) it is always wonderful to connect and reconnect with you, time and time again. Yes I am having a very insightful time, exciting, but it is also a time to intergrate energies from past lives lived in the areas I am visiting, into myself in this lifetime. I have visited 4 crop circles each one with completely different energy which I had a real connection to as well as many sacred sites, seeped in history. How is life for you my friend? I send you much love - Janine
  • Hi Azuba

    Great to meet you on here! And to meet another kiwi with similar interests!

    Say, if you really did want the Ashtar Command plates i would consider selling them - just let me know. And they would not be for sale for more than the same item as it you could still purchase it from - i'd sell the pair for less than the replacement value to you if you do want them?

    Bright Blessings
  • I am living in Belgium, Europe!
    Not as beautiful as New-zealand...
  • Love and light to you too! You remind me a lot of my grandmother! Love it!
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December 1

About Yourself

Too many things to mention but Iv'e been channelling spirit and cosmic brothers and sisters for many years and have been subjected to close encounters with Solar Lords and their crafts etc. I became avidly interested in UFO's and "Alien" (as I called it then) contact from the age of 7 after a visit to Stone Henge. Also became aware of "Spirit" and of being a channell.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Sister Veronica. Djawul Khul (DK) St.Germaine, Chan, Madame Blavatsky, White Eagle, Alice A bailey, Betty Shine.

Azuba commented on Karma's Helper's blog post The Arcturians ~ The Call ~ Suazan Caroll Ph.D - May 14, 2012
"Thank you, thank you - thank you!"
May 31, 2012
Azuba replied to Ben-Arion's discussion New Zeeland
"Hi Janine. There is an amazing crystal 'hot spot' on co- joining ley lines over in Wainui. Also at okain's Bay.

Almost on our doorstep!

Love Azuba."
Oct 10, 2010
Azuba commented on Martin Askey's blog post Worship of Trees
"Very interesting indeed. I myself have had an amazing affinity with Trees as far back as I can remember. My Dad was in an organisation called 'Men of the Trees". Apparantly in a 'way past' incarnation I was a Cathar who took refuge in the forest and…"
Oct 9, 2010
Azuba posted a discussion
 When one first becomes aware of the inner urge to seek a higher Truth, he is compelled to find that Truth at all cost. He /She  is driven by an inner compulsion which cannot be dissipated or from which he can be distracted. Thus, as one persues the…
Oct 8, 2010

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 How to Receive Up-to-the-Moment Info from Arcturians ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.We are letting ourselves be available to so many humans…
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THIS is the translated transcript* of a presentation entitled ‘Uncovering the Corona Narrative’ by the German author and journalist Ernst Wolff, which he delivered in late August. It can be viewed here in the original. There are subtitles.Wolff is a…
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