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To be with the one you love, or the ones (I.E everything and all that is), is truly indescribable. To have one day for this lies on your own choice, however never worry, for it is a day for all in the array of love, just ignore the marketing and material side of it if you must, I know I do.


When many see this day in a mind of pure excitement, they may see something like this:


Although I would have no idea what they would be getting at (hehe), it reveals passion in sharing an undying or at least active and healthy bond to a desired mate, or partner, or even everything... Don't know if I will get into that though.


Here we see now the typical outcome of luckily being a relationship with Chaka Khan.. or something:


Since pretty much every single 'Mainstream song' that has ever become a hit in the existence of Earth and a mass population of music lovers has been linked to or been all about a romance or love and such, you certainly wouldn't have to look far for a wee story in the genre (not to say they will all be exciting), but you can always count on them (these days) having a lot to do with s** or physical compliments directed at the other half, which is rather odd seeing as how we all just listen to what we like and the highest bought or viewed songs become hits is it not, not like 'our media' could care.

You can always count on the odd few nice things coming out in my opinion, charming and harmless songs such as these:


These should at least bring a smile to your mind, maybe even luckier your face hehe. Thank you very much for reading this.. I'm not sure what this was, but thank you anyway, I guess I have really missed being here, since this is like my first forum post here of 2011, yay!

Remembert is important to laugh, very very important, where would we be without it?


Love, peace, light and joyfulness to you and that you are! I love all of you so much x ~*


Regards to many helpful YouTube for the videos, owned by their rightful Artists and co.

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such days are meaningless to me since I Love everyday, including my partner and kin but on the other side it's nice to be part of global, well western part of it, energy.

It's like thanksgiving ; I need no special day for it since I give thanks everyday.

Absolutely, but as you know this is a different type of love altogether, the business love, where we must buy buy buy, for our special someone, or else we are scum who thinks about loving someone none more than a bat cares about a screensaver. Other than this day, love is just new age, hippie talk or for romantics, celebrities and the rich who can afford a Jacuzzi so big you would be trapped in bubbles for eternity on days like today. After today (not that it was much different) no way shall love be used or show, over getting the work done and helping the businesses compete and going by every day feeling more miserable unless money is passed onto the proper place and returned in a similar manner, then happiness is abundant. During this day people break up with relationship stress, struggle to afford the gift for their significant other whilst they expect a new diamond house, divorces seem appropriate, marriages seem strict, s** seems strict, illnesses are laughed upon, Kids are starving on the streets trying to get donations or learning to even speak, people are dying from diseases, nothing much changes apart from the levels of expectations and the bankers and businessmen's pocket size....... Behold folks... Valentine's day!


"Just smile and wave boys, smile and wave." - Skipper

I'm happily single but forgot to buy myself a present. How forgetful of me! Haha


I used to partake when I was involved, because it was expected, but the commercialism of the day is getting over the top and I'm glad I don't need to partake.

I don't need romance, I'm happy as I am!


Actually, after being single for ten years (my choice, I get offers every day), I feel I would be too selfish now to bother getting romantically involved with anyone. I like my life how it is, not having to conform to others ideals.

Of course every day should be a celebration, so any excuse to share love :) Bless, Oen!



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