Surviving Clown World

Clown World is my new name to represent Earth. At least, right now it is. And honestly, I don't have a real reason for it other than well, facts.

Things like hypocrisy in charge of making decisions on behalf of a blind populous. As much as I want to believe this experience living as a human is what you make of it, well in this time, you essentially have to fight your way to be the best at something to make the most out of using it to fuel your success.

I don't remember taking classes on manifestation in the astral before incarnating here, because it just came to me. I didn't have to jump through dumb hoops to get smart people to find me who would otherwise be isolated. I never meant to be afraid of the capabilities of what others could do when being filtered by their own vibration. But that happened, and at times I feel like we're constantly at a crossroads between what our higher selves are wanting and what Gaia expects of us by knowing our non materialized soul or astral self in this way.

On top of that, humans who don't understand who they are, but are given anything they need without being seen to have worked for it, lets me know there's more than one system of authority vying for control here. Hence the clown status where the invisible circus lets you know, there's other actors on stage. Ones that would rather stay hidden, to sacrifice us by using others as a scapegoat for madness.

I feel like there's little chance of us seeing a brighter future without having to be the best at ensuring it exists. I mean I continuously ask myself what is the purpose for me being here in this time? Because I know it isn't my era. It's a place to accept yourself for being who you are. But everybody else from minority communities causing major harm to major communities causing minor change is doing the same thing. Is that not the definition of insanity?

People in this time think that to be aware of yourself, is to lose everything you have worked for and become broke as a result. Who are they to judge how riches supposedly change their form, when they have been with us all along, just forgotten until they're convenient to use as a symbol? When did symbolism portray something dead rather than something worth the breath of life?

What's intuition supposed to mean to us, something followed like a guide when you're confused by the fact that you're being led by something far further a field? Which is more closer to home now that I think of it. And that mystery object revealed itself to me as, spirit itself.

Not the concept of many spirits as one voice. Nor the concept of one spirit united by many voices. But spirit as a little voice of my own saying only go where your heart leads you to feel at peace.

Everyone's trying to seemingly not want to be stranded while warring with each other over who gets to be at peace first. Like somehow peace caused a sacrifice to be made at the pretense of thinking that there was no war to be made if people didn't have to change who they already knew they were. And change is something spirit itself fights us the most on, not because it's wrong or right, but because it's a fundamentally different person than whom you're expecting to see in the mirror of who you thought was someone that supported you. Like a ripple effect causing stability to alter itself into the illusion of what it thought it couldn't ever cause.

Why? All for a peace of mind which never came exclusively through anything else other than sacrifice. So where did all this black hole ritualistic worship come from? I mean that's literally the void of darkness everybody thinking they don't want to be stranded ends up in if they're not being addressed by anything other than happiness. And so when you can't manifest, start a sacrifice. Depending on what you offer, you just might get that wish you've been craving.

Why is it so hard to integrate into this time though? Well that's because nobody has accurately been able to portray the light or grey holes that make up society in a way that promises balance and enlightenment. True harmony comes not just from balance, but of the things that live to cancel out the effects of overwhelming gravity.

Air can sweep you off your feet if there's too much of it. But yet it couldn't do anything accept ruffle your hair if you enjoyed a light breeze every now and again. The same is true for any element. The ones commonly missing the most right now, are common intelligence and remembering spirit as a feeling inside of you, stronger than gut intuition.

So what's going on with Clown World? Are you like me, hating the fact that you have to interact with 3d? Are you like me, wishing that this world could smooth out before it destroyed itself? Are you like me, wishing that all we had was a way forward or out of here to escape to dream land? Are you like me, wanting to be conscious so that it feels like it could mean something because we're people who have dreams, two?

Are you like me in thinking that we're not alone in a shadow dimension? Are you like me in knowing just enough to keep us preoccupied with distractions that help us unite in a never ending game? Are you like me in wanting to love the world to ascension in 5d? Are you like me in thinking it's going to be okay if we just hold on another day?

Guys, what's wrong with a little suicide? What's wrong with thinking we're better off in the astral? What's wrong with ignoring those who made it out alive? What's wrong with ignoring those who sought to die?

What's wrong with ignoring people who tried to survive and or didn't know they'd have to? What's wrong with people suffering in silence because they had nobody to talk with about something they'd not be rejected for telling them? What's wrong with people making a difference then being told it's never enough? What's wrong with listening to a voice you don't pay attention to?

What's wrong with having a voice nobody hears no matter the volume of how loud you can shout? What is your worth to clowns who follow their own script to keep themselves in the game they likely didn't even create? Who cares about worth, when your own is something you never measured to date? What would it amount to if you tried to make it count?

I'm asking you. What accept for the fact that we are united for similar reasons, in the actual vessel we inhabit, are we doing here? This is life on Clown World as I see it. It doesn't have to be bleak. Because you're here to share it with me. It doesn't have to be unknown or a mystery, because we're here to solve it.

It doesn't need to be a hero's welcome the next time we see our family, because we won't ever need to deal with unexpected circumstances keeping us apart. We don't have to call on outside help that can't materialize here, because somebody else might get to us first before they could no matter how powerful the deity. See this is the thoughts of the vibration we are somehow here to escape from or fix by remembering who we were before it all went to hell in a hand basket. Who currently owns it now, remains yet another mystery to the clowns running the show. Enjoy.

Hey, wait a second. Whose show. Yours? Mine? There's? Who cares! This isn't us giving up on each other, now is it? You didn't think your star family or soul group would ditch you for a life in the clouds of their own making did you?

You didn't think source would abandon his own creation no matter where they are, right? Even if it's behind a veil that only lets in spirit and shadow? Even if it's behind a policy of non interference to cover up for the fact that spiritual materialization even as ghosts is almost impossible? So much so that haunting becomes child's play to spirit mediums who knows how trapped the other side and its connection to us really is?

How many dead people do you need to talk to to know that they have felt like they couldn't complete their life like they wanted? And who is here to give them hope when all we do is sit here broke?

What is our real wealth. I'll tell you. It's spiritual health. It's physical, emotional and mental well being. It's being the balance and love within the vibration we stand for.

It's becoming the person in the memories we look up to. It's knowing that to change who we are, we must become ourselves all we know. To embody our soul as it was meant to happen, to be the light in real life that ends this war.

I'm going to make a prophecy. Clown world will either leave us alone, or we'll leave it for good. We'll know as the veil falls and the spirits rise what change fate brings that unites the tides. In whose favour will we wager upon a shore however distant. What all we know shall be foretold as memories give us leaders by nature.

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"@deminorca, that is not strange. Catholic Church are all satanists. They do not support Source, Jesus or other beings of light"
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"Thomas 108 jesus said I will become that person and the hidden things will be revealed.

Thomas 7 foul is the man the lion will eat and the lion will still become human.

The secret is about manifesting jesus and becoming a scapegoat."
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"You can go on to look for other 'catchy' events recorded in one book and echoed in other books. Take for instance 'the parting of red sea'. We find it in Joshua 2:10, psalms 136:13, Isaiah 51:10, numbers 33:8 etc etc.

This is important because it…"
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