Well, I sungazed after reading HRMs unbelievable tale of surviving off the sun for 12 years with no food, reading about it pineal gland activation among other things inspired me to do it, so I did, it felt crazy at first and when I first gazed I was blown away by the brightness, the article said start off with 10 seconds and advance 5 seconds a day, but when I started feeling the pleasures in my crown chakra I was like uhhh forget that, I could feel the energy coursing through my body, I was hooked on it, I probably stared at the sun for about 5 minutes on that first day hahahaha, in retrospect not such a good idea because i've had this spot on my eyes for the past 2 days now. Not fully understanding, i'm not exactly worried, even if it stays there it's a minor annoyance but at the same time it's like my vision is impaired and I haven't sungazed since because i'd rather not damage my eyes any further but i'd also rather live off the sun. I was just wondering if anyone here is familiar with this ancient practice, is this spot going away? I'd find consolation in knowing I can resume this new practice at some point.

Also on a miscellaneous side note, anyone have any experience with the sound current? I've been listening to the current daily now for about a week and i've noticed that i've felt led to do certain things like sun gazing,I even had a dream about it after the first night, but all I remember about the dream was "the sound current is..." then memory fades, I assume someone of an ascended status was teaching me in my sleep, however it's disappointing that I couldn't remember the dream. Sharing any sound current and sungazing experiences and information would be fascinating on my part, so please feel free to do so.

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  • Don't worry Your spot should vanish within less then a week :)

    I did the same on the day of the lunar eclipse and it vanish within a week

  • Could you send the link please? And yes I noticed ha, idk what his problem is but best to ignore. And alright, i'll find HRMs site and get started with the practice when this spot fades, thx for the help

  • Lucky you live in south carolina there are plenty of sunny days there and a good view  of sunrises and sunsets near the beach. I live in new york right now its always  cloudy and raining during the summer  and during the winter theres no sun  at all so i should move to south carolina to sungaze with you. Lets start a sungazing group.

  • You know you are only supposed to gaze during sunrise and sunset so you wont hurt your eyes right? Lucky you live in florida there are plenty of sunny days there and a good view of sunrises and sunsets near the beach. I live in new york right now its always cloudy and raining during the summer  and during the winter theres no sun at all so i should move to florida to sungaze with you. If you gaze during the sunrise or sunset theres almost no uv rays so you wont hurt your eyes.

  • Go to an occulist as soon as possible.

    • Go where? What's that? lol.

      • Medic specialized in the eye... or any medic would do, do you still got it?

  • Sick? What kind of sick? :S lol. What happened?

  • Good news :D lol, and in retrospect I agree, the blur is fading away at this point, and this kid be where the dream came from maybe, but i've had my spirit guide burst into my dreams before so idk. Not enough memory of the dream.

  • Thanks i'll have a look.

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