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Hello folks,

Its such a beautiful day isn't? The snow is out. (My part of the united states) 

Its not that cold out either. Perfect weather to take the kids out in and build snowmen and have snowball fights right? I know one thing I look forward to when I step outside everyday. The sun. We all know the sun is a very important part of our lives as it is needed for life to flourish. We all been to school. We know what the sun is made up of. Gives off tremendous various types of energy and that's what this topic is about and of course the human as well. Since the dawn of time the sun has provided the energy need for life to grow and flourish with time. I won't bore anybody here with the science of the sun. However it does help to know what types of energy it gives off. 

We humans depend upon the energy of the food and water we drink to sustain ourselves. What isn't known to most that all the things we put into our bodies has partial sun energy trapped in all the cells of the body. We absorb not only the carbs,proteins, vitamins ect... But the energy as well. Then I started thinking, since this is to be true then couldn't we absorb the sun energy itself just by being in it? 

Turns out that there is. After some researching I came across this method called sun gazing or sun eating. Know I know what you are thinking is this guy crazy? Staring directly into the sun would permanently damage your eyes. Yes that is true. But, with this method there are rules and strict directions that have to be follwed right or you will damage your eyes. 

Let's go over the rules and instructions so I can explain better what the benefits are.

Beginners will want to wait until sunset or sunrise to go outside and gaze at the sun. The at those times are usually red or orange. Those colors of the sun are easy on our eyes.

Gaze into the sun for 10 seconds on the first day. Then increase the time every ten seconds each day for the next 4 months. 

This should bring you up to 4 to 5 minutes standing out side gazing. 

Now what are the benefits and why do you do it this way. 

What happens is that when gazing into the sun the rays are being absorbed through the eyes and carry on into the brain and stimulates it with this energy and its like a light bulb just lit up in your brain. Its quite refreshing. You will want to be calm and at peace when doing this and just focus and imagine the rays flowing through you. Filling you up like a bottle of bright orange or red energy. Both if you like. The idea is to hold that focus for 10 seconds and increasing it 10 seconds each day. 

For those who might have some trouble with these techniques I highly recommend practicing meditation. There are plenty of topics on this subject and are encouraged to take it up as it will greatly help you sun gaze effectively. :)

Now what happens doing the training, the energy is healing any ailments, injuries., pains, including illnesses, diseases, even cancer. You will feel energized. Charged up. You will have more energy. Your mind will be sharper. Faster. Focus much much better. After a year of training. (The 5th month you shouldn't be staring into the sun no more than 10 minutes. Also it would be wise to have your eyes checked by your doctor once every week or two to make sure you aren't damaging your eye. I ASSUME NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE RISK OF DAMAGE TO YOUR EYES. YOU READ THE DIRECTIONS AND THE RULES. GOING OUTSIDE THOSE RULES ARE PURELY YOUR DECISION. NOBODY TOLD YOU TO DO BE AN IDIOT. ) 

I'm happy to have shared this knowledge with the community as it has helped me tremendously increase my over all power level. Thanks everyone. 

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  • Hi! I'am surprised there are no comments on this subject and the homeless would benefit from sungazing greatly.As much as learning survival skills from the man know as,"Survivorman,"on TV right now,"Namaste!"

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