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October 1

About Yourself

I'm a easy going happy go lucky man who enjoys life and loves being himself. Just being happy. I lived an incredibly hard life. Being on my own since i was a child. My powers manifested when I was a teen. I trained in martial arts for years to develop my ki. These are things I can do. For one I can detect your ki presence even with my eyes closed. Heal myself and others. Increase my speed and strength, become hard as steel. Calm agressive people and animals. I can use ki attacks mainly charged up body parts through my punches and kicks. I can recover lost energy by drawing in energy from the air, plants, animals and water. I just want to fulfill my destiny

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

None. I have natural talent in these art. I never had a teacher

J.D. posted a discussion
Hello folks,Its such a beautiful day isn't? The snow is out. (My part of the united states) Its not that cold out either. Perfect weather to take the kids out in and build snowmen and have snowball fights right? I know one thing I look forward to…
Feb 18, 2014
J.D. replied to Laura's discussion Signs of a break through in meditation?
"I have hit several break tbroughs if you will. Some examples listed:
Higher state of awareness of my skeletal, muscelar, cardiovascular, and nervous systems. 
My elaborate explanation. With contoled breathing and focus I can harmonize the energy and…"
Feb 18, 2014
J.D. replied to Mara Tree's discussion Rainbow aura
"I had to guess you are in balance with your chakras. It indicates your mind body and soul are in harmony. Good for you. :D my aurua is predominated by two or three colors mainly. "
Feb 18, 2014
J.D. replied to Meindert Arends's discussion 6 POWERFUL TECHNIQUES FOR CLEANSING THE AURA & HEALING THE SUBTLE BODY Teacher: Cyndi Dale
"This is some great stuff. Very useful and I'm always striving to seek more knowledge and methods of channeling my energy. This is essential for maintaining a very healthy spiritual existence. Thank you. This knowledge I will add to my own. "
Feb 18, 2014

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"The deep state (seeking population reduction) have been promoting the vegan diet, knowing that it promotes ill health....For example, does veganism cure, and/or prevent cancer...?? The answer is NO....

The globalists want us to give up meat eating…"
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