After Dracos post i started thinking.


Who ever said suicide is against certain law? Especially if we are supossed to have free will.

Also the fact that we die from the moment we are born.

Al the parts of your body die and re-generate al the time, so who says this is not suicide?

Your thought and personality change al the time so where are you and who are you?


What is the diference between a act of a few seconds to kill one self and the slow dying of over eating-smoking-drinking-going to war etc etc.


Why this need to condemn a person who wants to leave on his/her own terms the way that person wants?


There is no death so where is the sin in this dying from your own free will?

When i drowned and after that i had my violent car crash, i died...did i die in vain? Did i die by accident? Did i not deserve to die?

There is no death only transition so why judge the suicidal person.

What if part of his life lesson and those around him has suicide as a base?


I hear a lot of people screaming Coward to someone that kills himself...they do not know what it takes to do so.

Why do people who live a lie judge a person who wants to get out of the lie?


Your body and the Ego attached to it is not YOUR SELF.

You can not kill the Self.

It is worse if you limit the Self to stupid asumptions of laws that only govern this plane of consciousness.

I have died 3 times and i have no problem doing it again.

If i do not kill my body by suicide it is because i think it is of no use right now, but we al die at the end and move on, i for one being a free Self shure would like to die when i believe i am ready to, and so i will choose my own death the way i want it and not the way some law invented by people dictates.


Just some thought on the matter.



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  • Or it put us on another, more intricate lesson.
  • My father committed suicide when I was 12. It is my feeling that suicide carries a very dark energy, I have heard the voice of it many times telling me to do myself in. I don't judge my Dad but I can tell you as someone who is a full body empath that it absolutely destroyed me for a very long time. I carried him around for years.. Some souls feel compelled to abort the mission they came here with, it's too unbearable. I get that. My deepest gratitude to those who can fight the voice and keep the light. We love and need you.
    • In our past lives, perhaps we have committed suicide many times... just to learn from it.
    • I agree with the dark energy, both my grand-fathers commited suicide, one hanged himsel the other used a gun.
      I have felt the presence of one of them in my Aunts house when i slept there a few years ago, it was weird when the bedroom turned into a freezer en it threw an object at me. Needless to say i never stay long in that house.
      I am not mutch into these things so i have no way to know what it was for shure.
  • Thank you for your kind words and it was so nice of you to respond...I hope that this might help someone that has been touched by a suicide help them heal. There is another side...their all this. I feel there is so much stigma attached to a suicide that "understanding where that person is coming from" is so important to the ones left behind. Yes, hurt, anger and grief is part of the process but understanding and sympathy is part of the healing process as well.
    My dad was such a influence in my life...always positive, upbeat and a very brilliant man. Another thought....In his flying days, he did see UFO's...said they do exist.
  • I agree with Cedric on the subject of suicide. I think we should have a choice how we want to end our lives especially if we have a terminal situation. Please read and make your own decision.

    Cancer runs on both sides of my family....both parents and grandparents are deceased as result of it My mom died at a very early age of 40. She was beautiful and a very vibrant person...loved life. She became ill and didn't know she had terminal cancer until it was too had spread. Here's the kicker....this was in 1962 and the treatment at that time was cobalt....well she took the cobalt treatments as recommended...suffered horribly (morphine was not much of a relief from the pain) and still died. I just don't understand the justification in this....criminals get something to calm them before a lethal injection and they go to sleep. That's it....well my
    mom who did nothing to anyone in her life had to suffer a horrible death.

    My dad was a WWII pilot and was a retired military officer. He served our country well and lived a full life until he was in his 80's. He first got prostate cancer... followed by kidney cancer then... lung cancer. He never smoked or drank and lived eating healthy. He knew at the end when the lung cancer came back (after having a lung removed) and the
    Dr's said this time it wasn't operable... that was it. He chose to take his life as he knew what was ahead and refused to go there. We always had a wonderful relationship and were very close. We live acrosss the USA from each other and I didn't know about the last diagnosis until after his death. He was very detailed oriented and left his wife with full instructions how to handle everything. I do not advocate anyone committing suicide but I fully understand my father's decision and I don't have any regrets. He didn't share this with anyone and just "took care of business." If anyone says this was a cowardly act, I totally disagree as my dad was the
    bravest man I had ever met. I knew where he was mentally, I still have his farewell note to us all and he was ready to go....he left loving us very much. So here we have two without and the other making that choice. I have very strong feelings about ones own choice and I don't want anyone making a decision for me.
    • He sounds like a very brave man and that you were very lucky to have him as a Daddy. (:
    • Aw... what a story. Thanks for sharing.
      • Wildflowers, Thank you...You expressed your thoughts so beautifully, better than I ever could.... I picked up on you and felt your positive response before I came back to this site.... Don't think I have to explain much....I was born psychic ...the gift came through my dad and his side of the family. The picture is lovely and comforting ....
        Again, thank you for sharing.
      • Amelia, thank you so much for your response and it was so sweet of you to take the time to reply.
        This was such a deep and personal experience that had never been shared before...I just hope this helped someone else..
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