Gone are the days when we accept everything we are told. Years ago faith in 'The System' meant we soaked up the latest news, believing what we were told and unquestionably believed, that our governments, whichever party they represented, would do the best for the country. 

Not anymore. 

We know for a fact that our own government, and many others around the world have staged events in order to garner public support for unpopular decisions they intended to make. We know this practice still continues. The question how do we know what's for real, and what isn't? In short, we don't. Only the perpetrator of a scam knows it's a scam unless he is caught and exposed during the scam. The same can be said of governments, unless they are exposed during the act we can never be sure what the reality of the situation is. We can suspect, but that's as far as it goes. 

While newspaper headlines around the world focus on France mourning those who died in the shootouts across Paris there are a number of people who believe this was another example of a false flag attack. I have no idea if they are right, and my opinions are not what this article is about. 

Those who have yet to wake up, increasingly live their lives in fear. They take in everything they are told and see the boogeyman around every corner, lurking in every shadow. They meekly accept more and more regulation of their lives in return for what they perceive as safety from the bogeyman, and this, I believe is the ultimate goal of false flag events.
To be able to get the bulk of the population to willingly accept more and more centralized control is the ultimate wet dream of governments around the world.
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