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Do you girls look good in burkas?  At least head scarves-I saw young fashion designers at NY Fashion Institute modeling their designs for 2013-ankle length skirts and head scarves-

Christians are rapidly disappearing from the region of Jesus Christ’s birth – the modern Middle East – and are being persecuted in many other regions of the world where their religion is viewed as “Western” and foreign.

The new study, reported Sunday by the British Telegraph newspaper, warns that Christians suffer greater hostility across the world than any other religious group. It also claims politicians have been “blind” to the extent of violence faced by Christians in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. 

The most dangerous threat to the religion is militant Islam, the report by the think tank Civitas says, because oppression in Muslim countries is often ignored because of a fear that criticism will be seen as “racism”. 

Converts from Islam face being killed in Saudi Arabia, Mauritania and Iran and risk severe legal penalties in other countries across the Middle East, the report says: “It is generally accepted that many faith-based groups face discrimination or persecution to some degree.

Decadent west going down!

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Although a vast majority of the US population has given itself over to a wholly materialist and self-serving worldview, I feel there is more to the picture.  What exactly lies under the thin surface of materialism?  What do americans really believe about themselves and others, if anything at all?  Have these undiscovered, hidden beliefs had an influence on why we have the society we now live in?  A collectivist, capitalist/greed centered social construct where the elite feed themselves off the misery of the disenfranchised?  Why are we being called decadent, when it is the very forces that are creating this appearance the ones influencing other nations to say and think this about us?  We are the ones responsible for all the illusion and drama we create and export in the name of "freedom".  How absurd.  And of course no one can see that it will not be the people from other nations who are truly disgusted by our spineless, selfish attitude.  It will be the elite's minions, the armies fed by the puppets who run the illuminati's fear machine.  We (truthseekers) need to act now, if just placing our thought energy on a better world.  I think this fear structure is much weaker than we've allowed ourselves to imagine it to be.  I would suppose it's simply composed of what we fear, and the elite know exactly how to use this against us.  After all, they themselves are held captive in the very world they wish to create - PlanetFear.

U.S. fire ignited ethnic and religious conflicts in the Middle East in pursuit of their mercantile interests. In general, what is going on out there entirely on their conscience (which they had no and not).
False ideals of tolerance, as a result, leads to inter-religious and inter-ethnic issues already within own of the Christian countries.
And , as a result, the abolition of "well-dressed Christmas tree" in Brussels, for the sake of a handful of Muslims have become is the norm of life in the Europe.
There is a good, but long-forgotten proverb - "To Rome with its own law do not go". And as long as you allow strangers to come to your home with its own law, so long you and will suffer.

I would love it if Christianity disappeared, and if Islam and the rest of the Judeo-christian religions followed, even better.

Pet-Rock should thank me, if it weren't for my first reply this would have likely faded into obscurity with the rest of his Fox News-esque ramblings.

Grumpy cat meme aside however, I'm no fan of violence or persecution of any group of people.  I don't hate Christains, not really.  I just wish their vile oppressive religion never existed.

Syrian Christians flee civil war, say they face a bleak future if Assad regime falls

Read more:

We got their backs on that one.

There's no way we'll allow NATO to intervene in Syria, and for as long as NATO stays out, the Assad Regime won't fall.. ;)

The US supply the rebels with arms and training tho, and that's not so good.. But You are american so all you have to do there is to stop your govt from .. well .. helping them to create hell down there.

Well, who arming militias and give them money? Who provides them with information support?
The answer is simple - it the U.S. administration makes!

Syria is screwed either way, the rebels are almost as bad as the corrupt murdering government they're fighting.

I'm just worried all those countries in the middle east will somehow come together and blame the West for all the s*** that is going on down there, since that'd immediately create a platform from which Illuminaughty could launch WW3.

There are many people in the middle east and the west IS very guilty of many things happening down there, so the probability of there actually becoming an "invasion force with the strength of 3 armies from the east" could be increasing as we speak.. ;)

Well pet rock, go and read , and you will understand why religions are being turned against each other - an important step towards NWO.

It´s all about to educate yourself PR

64 pages .. Since you have obviously read it all, can't you make a quick summary here?

I doubt more than 1 or 2 people here will actually read that thing, so.. A summary could raise that number a bit. 

I don´t spoonfeed adult people.

It´s important for ALL to read this

If you are to lacy to study and wants a summary - google it

(beware, I use metaphoric reasoning in this reply)

"I don´t spoonfeed adult people."

But all serious salesmen ALWAYS gives free samples of their products. You don't have to give me the entire product for free, just a taste.

If you can't do that either, I must conclude that you don't really have a product at all and I will definitely not buy it ;)

"It´s important for ALL to read this"

I can list a couple of million pages of text i KNOW you MUST read, but I also KNOW you won't.. Therefore, I extract the most important info and puts that in my replies here instead.

Why can't you do that also? It's a good method of getting thru to people and if the info is as important as you say it is, you should have done that a long time ago already. ;)

Insulting people while trying to spread the truth is .. well .. a MAJOR FUCKUP if the goal is to interest people in your information.. If the goal is to make people doubt and bash it, you can go ahead and keep acting like you always have about questions like mine.. It'll effectively accomplish those reactions ;)



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