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Steven Greer Presents: 'Sirius' The Documentary - It is time for the truth to be known

It is time for the truth to be known: we are not alone in the Cosmos…and WE ARE NOT ALONE — HERE ON EARTH.

The Earth has been visited by advanced Inter-Stellar Civilizations that can travel through other dimensions faster than the speed of light. What we have learned from them about energy propulsion can bring us to a new era, but those in power have suppressed this information in order to keep us at their mercy. It is time for you to know…and this documentary will let you in. - Dr. Steven Greer

April 27, 2012

Please post and circulate widely
Major Disclosure Announcement from Dr. Steven Greer
Dear friends of Disclosure,

The Disclosure Project and CSETI has teamed up with Emmy award winning filmmaker Amardeep Kaleka to make an historic new documentary on Disclosure, Contact and the suppression of New Energy.

The combination of the extensive top-secret witness testimony and evidence collected by The Disclosure Project will be combined with the highly accomplished filmmaking talent of Mr. Kaleka and his group to make a film that will change the course of history.

No major studio or media group will touch this story : It is simply too explosive and world- changing for large corporate interests to embrace.

For this reason This will be funded, produced and distributed through the support of people like you.

You can make a contribution at:  Each contribution comes with great incentives ranging from a free Director’s cut of the film to attendance at the Red Carpet Premiere, to a week long Contact Expedition with me and the CSETI Contact team.

Please let all of your friends and contacts know about this major new Disclosure initiative by providing links to us on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

It is time for the next big step in Disclosure. Since 2001, dozens of governments have opened up their UFO files- and more is coming. Now the entire world must know that we are not alone, and that the secrecy has been driven by greed and corruption- to hide from humanity the earth-saving technologies behind UFO energy and propulsion systems.

The proceeds from this film will go to fund the research and development of New Energy sources. If you can help us make this film a success, we the people will do what neither the government nor big corporations dare do: End the era of oil and coal and usher in a new, abundant and sustainable civilization on earth- capable and worthy of traveling amongst the stars.

Please help us in any way you can- if all of us pull together the result with be a Global Spring and the renewal of human civilization!

Thank you for your help and support!


Steven M. Greer MD

Founder and Director

The Disclosure Project and CSETI


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Thanks Ben,

I urge everyone to donate if you can. :)

Shared on Facebook, forum and email. Good luck!

I am going to donate for this tomorrow.



Could yoou please let the organisers know that the registration form does not recognise other countries by demanding the person to live in one of the US states, while not giving an option of entering or choosing one's own?


Until then, I have settled for sharing the information.

Ben sometimes when you look into the depths of words spoken in this presentation it makes us feel good that something is happening ,,Our basis for our new world is simplified and is on this basis of this film ,,,They hide form us everything ,,Is it the they that we need removed. We with tell they, thet they have no place in our future, I personally have had 600 hits on my site for this one ,,,that is in my small terms Mammouth



good pick

I'm really sorry to bear inconvient truths but Steven Greer is either a 4d shapeshifter or is working for cabal forces serving the Annunaki

The hermit

I had my doubt's about Steven Greer 12 months ago

I can say that I have had no more reasons to doubt his intent since I was suspicious

Project camalot it was that raised suspicions 

I must confess he does look like a shapeshifter from another Dim just look at him 

He was in the military and nasa if i am to be beleived so he must still keep himself fit 

I do not know if he is like Tiger Woods who is definately a MK Ultra clone

I have no insider who can prove this or deflate it or other wise

Leave this open and see if any others have comments and hard proof

Thanks for the comments



I went with him to mount Shasta to meet the Lemurians. Steven Greer had a soul matrix swap once project starlight became the disclosure project. This is so vital since the cabals only power is deception. But never restrict yourself with fear, because the heart of Lemuria, is the same heart that beats in you.

I personally asked if he goes to the bohemian club, he replied "I go there all the time". It doesn't add up since dFoch had heard him say all the time "the bohemian club is one of the many disinformation networks used by the cabal."
I do not like Project Camelot due their unprofessional behavior in my past. Remember to always have an escape route.

The thing with Jesse Ventura stopped me going there  and her interview with brockenback was low quality

However on a happy note her interview with Benjamin Fulford was a fantastic insight into the man

What an interesting Guy and what an independant life form young

He really has been put on the spot now 

But by and large he is giving a great account of himself having followed him now for some time and his words are ringing true from years back Like David Icke in many respect

What do you know about Dr Steven Greer David?



Finally!!!! We have the opportunity to see something real about life in the universe and things to come......Not just the big scary and untrue story that usually we see on the big screen. I can not wait for this movie to be available soon.



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