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Dear All,

Those of you interested in knowing your potential Star Seed aspects can post your Natal Info of borth time, birthdate and birthplace. I will upload the aspects in this forum itself.

I have been giving free snapshot readings to thousands of people over the years [I do have a paid service as well when I find time from my day job] but of late I am focusing on Star Seeds. Have given dozens of snapshots of Star Seeds here:

So many Star Seeds have a strong 12th House  and exact Galactic Centre Aspects. Many have Sun, Moon or Ascendant conjunct a powerful Fixed Star Exact. Time to analyze this indepth so that silent Star Seeds can KNOW who they are using the power of Astrology. 

For learning Astrology:


I have put together a sequence of links to get each and every Star Seed, Indigo, Crystal or Joe Ordinary Terran like myself up to speed in Astrology.

I strongly feel that every Star Seed in the planet must know the basics of Astrology and Numerology.

Advanced Astrology involves the application of Asteroids, and they are absolutely important in special events.

Pls read my original research on Earthquakes :
Astrology is statistically a Science, and it shuold be taught. I have found many statistical evidences for its working.

One of the best is that 12 out of the top 14 recorded earthquakes with more than 100000 deaths had Asteroid POSEIDON tropically or sidereally in Capricorn. The odds of this being random chance are one in several million.

Let me also remind all that we have a challenging Grand Cross Alignment coming this late July and August. This will catalyze many changes. 

best regards,


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I was born on Sept. 19th 1989 at 13:44 (1:44pm)
Vancouver B.C. Canada

lol,can see see why your No.9,I
mpressive, even the birth time.Does your name have a 9 value too? I have 5 fives in my birthdate,but 9s in my name.synchronicity lol
Wow. My birth time I didn't even notice that or that Sept. is the 9th month.
The maximum percentage of Star Seeds are Sagittarius Rising like you. There is a powerful Pleiadian Link, you have Moon conjunct Pleiades, with SUn trine Moon and a powerful Pluto in 12th House Scorpio aspect. Sizzling sexuality/strong Kundalini potential as Venus is also Scorpio.
Another potent Star Seed aspect is Mars conjunct INTERKOSMOS exact whilst trining AURA exact.
That's all! Sizzling sexuality....lmao.
Very strong Earth Angel link, heavy past life Karma as Ascendant conjuncts retrograde Saturn exact in Capricorn, 12th House. You have had a very meaningful Ancient Sumerian Lifeline as Sun conjuncts Asteroid SUMERIA.
Jupiter and Chiron are exact conjunct in 6th House. Even Sun is in 6th. This means you will somehow be led, "fated" so to speak into doing great acts of social service. Uranus and Neptune are also in 12th. You might willingly bear huge burdens to help others. I detect A strong link to the Christ Consciousness.
Moon and Venus are conjunct exact in Taurus, blessing you with an ethereal beauty. You also have a mystical YOD formation of Pluto quincunx Mercury and Mars exact. Mars sxtile Mercury will give you great dexterity/hand eye coordination/reflexes as well.
A very rare breed :) born 1967.One of the greatest astrologers in the world [much better than me in Planetary Analysis] who writes as Geocosmic Valentine in the Linda-goodman Forum is the only Earth Angel or Star Seed I have analyzed born on 1967 other than yourself.

I think you can be termed a very Psychic "Wise One", one who has been a High Priestess or Sorceress in her past lifeline. KAALI conj PALLAS exact, Pallas in the degree of Chanting Magic. Saturn in 0 Aries, no karmic debts? Cancer Ascendant trine Mercury exact with True Node bisecting this, excellent intuitive mind, Mercury and Sun in Pisces [industrial Strength ESP skills...] the only thing to be watchful is that yuor Mercury is Retrograde. You must resist the temptation to think negatively of others [eve if they deserve it] as your thoughts are powerful enough to make
them ill. Focus must be on magically shielding the innocents from physical or Astral attacks.

If I have to put my money on a Star Origin for you I would choose ALDEBARAN. Your Secondary Moo conjuncts Aldebaran exact.
Dear Stargazing,
Mercury, Moon and KARMA all aspect the Galactic Center, you are certainly a Cosmic Wanderer Soul. You may have existed on Pleiades but your most powerful link is with the Lyran Constellation.
Your AURA is in the degree of Tantra, you may have mastered occult Yoga in a past lifeline.
Capricorn is packed for you, Sun conj Uranus exact, Neptune, Venus, Saturn, True Node and SPIRIT are all in Capricorn. Moon conjunct Chiron opposes Saturn and Venus exact. You may have predicted disasters/Ice Age Epochs eons ago. Why am I saying this? Because your Saturn opp Chiron-Moon axis is the same as the 2004 Tsunami. Perhaps you have incarnated to warn humanity to not err like Atlantis again? You also haev Mars conjunct ALGOL. Algol is a Malefic Star that rules Genocides.
Aries Ascendant and Jupiter in 5th will help you lead a prosperous life but your Soul Mission is way beyond just leading a normal happy life on Earth.
Thanks very much for your offer, I have a keen interest in astrology, mine is 20/04/1959 2pm (ish), Preston, Lancashire, England, (Aries born on the cusp with a Virgo rising sign)
I think your Ascendant conjuncts REGULUS on 29.5 Leo, [ unless you have the quirky Virgo traits of counting all the steps in a Staircase :) ].
In any case , you still have the powerful Regulus Connection, Mr. Pluto is right there on 1.4 Virgo.

There are many Cosmic Wanderer Aspects:
DNA conj Galactic Center, this has a trine with KARMA in Leo as well. Atlantean DNA inherited perhaps?
CHiron sextile GC, good for learning occult wisdom
ANGEL conj INTERKOSMOS whilst squaring GC, this will trigger learning about Starseeds

Powerful Psychic Skill Aspects:
Venus trine SPIRIT exact
PALLAS conj True Node exact
Jupiter quincunx Sun
Venus quincunx Neptune
Mars trine Neptune exact.

Simply Astounding! Lucid Dreaming should be a snap :)

Plus you did incur karmic debts in Atlantis like most of the other gifted people born in the 20th century.... you have ISIS opp ATLANTIS exact. Possible misguided application of Divine Feminine Power in that epoch.
Hey,TMS Thank you for your insight. Your accuracy is breathtaking and I would be interested in pursing a paid reading, my time of birth is between 2pm2.35pm, my mother could not remember exactly. So this may change some things slightly.

Interestingly enough I am a staircase counter, counting has always been a part of me, whether it be stairs or just cracks on the sidewalk, when walking. Yes,I am a Cosmic Wanderer, I have strong feelings regarding Atlantis, I am aware of my debts incurred in this time. My mother is LEO and has tormented me all my life. I am paying off a debt here! I have strong connections with fire and have been burnt several times in this lifetime. I fear water and have an irrational fear of drowning. My death was either through water or fire. Lucid dreaming is a breeze as suggested, and I have struggled in this lifetime with men and relationships, "almost dying in my quest for love"

Wonderful piece of work for which I commend you and your generosity of spirit

Love and light!
Counting = Virgo Ascendant :)
You could be 0.3 degrees Virgo Rising, giving you more proximity to Regulus.
The most evolved Souls always face the sternest of Soul Tests. The Twin Soul for most of us exists in the Immortal Star Lifelines. Love is assured after Spiritual Ascension.


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