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Dear All,

Those of you interested in knowing your potential Star Seed aspects can post your Natal Info of borth time, birthdate and birthplace. I will upload the aspects in this forum itself.

I have been giving free snapshot readings to thousands of people over the years [I do have a paid service as well when I find time from my day job] but of late I am focusing on Star Seeds. Have given dozens of snapshots of Star Seeds here:

So many Star Seeds have a strong 12th House  and exact Galactic Centre Aspects. Many have Sun, Moon or Ascendant conjunct a powerful Fixed Star Exact. Time to analyze this indepth so that silent Star Seeds can KNOW who they are using the power of Astrology. 

For learning Astrology:


I have put together a sequence of links to get each and every Star Seed, Indigo, Crystal or Joe Ordinary Terran like myself up to speed in Astrology.

I strongly feel that every Star Seed in the planet must know the basics of Astrology and Numerology.

Advanced Astrology involves the application of Asteroids, and they are absolutely important in special events.

Pls read my original research on Earthquakes :
Astrology is statistically a Science, and it shuold be taught. I have found many statistical evidences for its working.

One of the best is that 12 out of the top 14 recorded earthquakes with more than 100000 deaths had Asteroid POSEIDON tropically or sidereally in Capricorn. The odds of this being random chance are one in several million.

Let me also remind all that we have a challenging Grand Cross Alignment coming this late July and August. This will catalyze many changes. 

best regards,


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Not sure if ur still doing this... 11:26am January 18 1989, Toronto, ON Canada

Greetings Hadeho and Melithi,

I am on a bit of a break, will try to send your snapshot by personal messaging next week.

best regds,


Hi can I have a snap shot too please? 23 October 1978  7:07pm, Hong Kong

You are on an exciting Path. I will try to get back to you asap.

1968.7.13,0:58 beijing(china)

Dear Shan,

There have been many Star Seeds in 1968 summer. Will get back to you with any important chart findings asap.


Thank you very much for the mini-reading you did for me many months ago. I felt your words and began doing affirmations constantly as you suggested. My life has been growing like a fertile valley in the spring. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and insight freely and will pursue a full reading with you when I am able.

Wishing you a beautiful day!

Thanks for your kind words.

I have so much more to add and share for everyone, my new research is taking a lot of time for me to process.

There is very strong evidence for accurate Chakra Meditation in 12 Strand Etheric DNA Activation, am trying to find the fastest and easiest ways for this [without using weird symbols, weird sounds, external agencies and expensive CDs :) ]

I would love it if you could tell me whether my birth chart has any of the star seed markings. My name is Holly Bretschneider, I was born on December 12, 1964 at 6:14 a.m. in Sonora, CA. Thank you!

Holly, if you are born on 12:12, you have a Mission dealing with removal of harmful frequency fences that prevent mass awakening. You may already be doing service in your dream state. This is true irrespective of whether you are Star Seed or Indigo or Earth Angel.

I will definitely have a look at your chart, I have so many charts pending here and on similar Star Seed sites. Past couple of months have been very heavy for me but I will strive to buck up.

Thank you so much. Yes, I definitely feel like the 12/12 is very significant. In fact, on 12/12/12, I will turn 48 (which = 12)!

I have no doubt that you are being inundated with requests for this very valuable service that you’re offering. I have been told by an astrologer that she feels sure that I am doing astral travel at night. The “removal of harmful frequency fences” is a new concept for me. Fascinating!  I look forward to hearing from you when you have the time. Thank you very much!

Hello - I am still also interested in a mini-reading, if you have time sometime in future. Nice work. Thanks in advande.



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