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Dear All,

Those of you interested in knowing your potential Star Seed aspects can post your Natal Info of borth time, birthdate and birthplace. I will upload the aspects in this forum itself.

I have been giving free snapshot readings to thousands of people over the years [I do have a paid service as well when I find time from my day job] but of late I am focusing on Star Seeds. Have given dozens of snapshots of Star Seeds here:

So many Star Seeds have a strong 12th House  and exact Galactic Centre Aspects. Many have Sun, Moon or Ascendant conjunct a powerful Fixed Star Exact. Time to analyze this indepth so that silent Star Seeds can KNOW who they are using the power of Astrology. 

For learning Astrology:


I have put together a sequence of links to get each and every Star Seed, Indigo, Crystal or Joe Ordinary Terran like myself up to speed in Astrology.

I strongly feel that every Star Seed in the planet must know the basics of Astrology and Numerology.

Advanced Astrology involves the application of Asteroids, and they are absolutely important in special events.

Pls read my original research on Earthquakes :
Astrology is statistically a Science, and it shuold be taught. I have found many statistical evidences for its working.

One of the best is that 12 out of the top 14 recorded earthquakes with more than 100000 deaths had Asteroid POSEIDON tropically or sidereally in Capricorn. The odds of this being random chance are one in several million.

Let me also remind all that we have a challenging Grand Cross Alignment coming this late July and August. This will catalyze many changes. 

best regards,


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thanks for the concern, but if someone really wanted to target me or anyone else for that matter, they could...without my birthday info. Even the crudest of hackers can find peoples exact IP addresses, track their keystrokes, and even activate their webcams/microphones. "dumb" is subjective now isn't it?

I choose not to live my life based on fear.

Have a great day!

im v interested in knowing more, as i seem to fit in with a lot ive seen but i would love some insight.
1.50 am, glasgow , scotland
Aah, Glasgow! Beautiful city in a beautiful country.
And a beautiful birthdate, 12-12, during an interesting year, 1966.

You do not have specific Star Seed signature but have very powerful Psychic Gift potential, something like a "Wise One" or Ancient Priestess type.
Born on a new Moon of Sagittarius, PALLAS and KAALi are conjunct, that is natural Kundalini Current Rising to Pineal Gland regularly.Mercury and HYGIEA are exact conjunct meaning you can grasp healing concepts and heal others with your Mind Power or verbal commands. Mercury trines PALLAS as well to boost this gift. Neptune conjunct AURA exact show a very empathetic nature, a sort of being able to read Auric Signals of others. With practice you might easily see Aura Colours.
Best is Jupiter conj KARMA, a harmonious fate involving spiritual growth.
Red flag is Saturn in Pisces 6th, karmic debts of the past lifeline may enforce job difficulties, mental stress etc. You need to consistently work on your SPiritual Gifts, and "do your Saturn" i.e master the nature of Pisces.
many thanks x I am a Spiritual healer and can heal using various energy s . xx namaste xx
Neptune-HYGIEA aspect in charts has never been wrong in spotting spiritual healers :)
There are also good odds that you know some secrets of Stonehenge/Glastonbury, and have had an ancient Celtic Lifelines [Did you know that Atlantis Survivors colonized Ancient Scotland?] as well. That is why you have been born in Scotland in these important times.
You may even know the esoteric significance of King Arthur and the Grail Mysteries.
yessss, i am a druid, study the ancient myths n legends, King Arthur ect, I have been at the Tor in Glastonbury sending out healing on more than one occasion . This august i was at Avesbury s , Wiltshire triangle, which apart from the huge stone circles is also a visca pisces and conencted to the GT Pyramid. Which i didnt know till i came back as i do sacred geometry, still a novice as it s a long journey with them.
Atlantis n Scotland yess lol, ancient artifacts confirm ancient intelligent race there .
V interesting. Again Thank You. xxx Namaste
Bonus piece of info for you dear Druid:
You have a very very very rare alignment of what I call Camelot Theme Asteroids.
MERLIN T-Squared exact by an exact opposition of GALAHAD and EXCALIBUR.
And Mercury exactly conjunct Asteroid STONEHENGE.
LANCELOT conjunct True Node.

What are the odds of that?
And... ISOLDE conjunct Neptune exact.
Plus a synchronicity: Asteroid TRISTAN's number is 1966....
My whole point is, these things could be put in a private message. Not on a forum for the whole world to see.
"I choose not to live my life based on fear "
Genuine Wisdom at a young age is a Star Seed Trait :)
There has been a "wave" of Star Seed births in 1985, many from this year have enquired for readings compared to 1983,1984 or 1986 or 1987. I will post my findings on these waves [I think the biggest waves were 1968-1969 then 1992-1993. And the most sophisticated babies could have been born in December 2007]
intrigued to find out more

23 - 01- 1963

2.35am glasgow scotland
Seeing your icon, dear ex-Atlantis Opal1, I thought of Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I get these weird hunches when making charts. So I put up Asteroid INCA as well. And voila...
INCA exactly opposes Galactic Center. Now this need not be a Star Seed signature, infact you do have more of an Earth Angel trait, starting on Earth itself during one of the three Atlantis Epochs [ATLANTIS conjunct True Node exact].
But you will get amazing interps and ideas about the Mayan Prophecies and anything South American dealing with New Age concepts.
You do have KARMA opposition INTERKOSMOS. You are fated to know more indepth stuff about Star Seeds.

Asc trines Jupiter, lots of luck
but dampener Saturn squares Ascendant as well. Mixed bag.

Asc conj Neptune is a very spiritual aspect to go with the dazzling insights of your Aquarius Sun.

You have a wealth of knowledge to share.
Very interesting ,, and many thanks for taking the time to interpret,, I seem to have certain very vivid memories which point to atlantis but am still trying to decipher them ,, must look into this more as it truly is fascinating ,, Namaste !!!



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