Spiritual but uneasy with it

Greetings to all crew members.

Have not yet figured out the idea behind the name of this community, but it sounds like some kind of a spaceship.
I consider myself a passenger on Spaceship Earth sharing a responsibility for how the crew (members of the various national governments) manage our ship. I also believe that the universe has other than material dimensions. So we do live in a reality that is spiritual. However, the label "spiritual" seems to imply for many people something unclassifiedly good and perfect.

This is why I am uneasy with that word spiritual. The "spiritual" world can be as much like a jungle as the darkest regions of phisical earth. Nevertheless, I believe that humans are spiritual beings with a mission in the physical universe.

What about me as a person? Well, I am defined by my beliefs, I think. So I am the person who is indicated by the statements above.
OK, let's not be so metaphysical. I am a 73 year old British citizen with origins in Hungary and a working class social background with minimal (eight years) formal education. Everything I "know" now has been acquired in spite (that itself is a long story) of those eight years of enforced boredom.

The images attached sum up two futures for our species. Which one will materialize depends on the choices we collectively make during the coming decade or two.
Paraphrasing Buckminster Fuller, we are in the midst of an evolutionary examination with a 50/50 chance of earning a pass mark.



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  • Hi, janosabel. We haven't met yet. =)

    This website is named after a supposed group of extra terrestrials led by one among them named Ashtar. The way you envision being on an "earthship" is pretty much just as good.

    Sometimes, I find that I am most uncomfortable about the things I end up learning most from. Perhaps your inhibitions with the word, "spiritual," have somewhere to take you. Language cannot translate fully all these intangible things about existence.

    For example, what the blond woman says a few minutes into this clip:


    I have been to England and found it to be the second most beautiful place I've ever seen. =)
  • Grateful thanks to you all for commenting and engaging with this deep interest of mine, "what does it mean to be spiritual?"
  • I use the word spiritual, to let people know they need to be open when speaking with me.
    Not dogmatic like in the word religion. needless to say i do not use it al the time.
    I am not a fanatical person neither am i here to change people to what i might believe.
    I tend to learn and asimilate everything while i go along with my earthly life.
    So what i knew yesterday might wel be something totaly diferent today.
    And because it is up to me to say stop i have learned enough wel...that might never happen.

    The only negative about al this is the loss of being part of this society that is totaly based on assumpsions that things do not change and that we al need to walk around like scheep.

    I remember when i was a kid they used to tell me that being religious or spiritual ment you had to be like Jesus.
    Poor, mis-understood and helping people untill they hit you so you can give them the other cheek.

    I am still strugling with the poor thing...seems i can not connect money with spirituality...it is kind of stupid because they do not seem to undermine eachother at al. I am the one in my mind that makes it this way.

    Being spiritual is not some flying around in the clouds great thing, it is hard work and it takes one to the edge
    of sanity more than once a day. especialy if you are on a cleaning frenzie like me.
    • Sometimes I wonder if I am becoming a completely different person every few moments, watching my motives change...
      • I, too, like that alternative. It is also somewhat more modest.
        However, it can trigger awkward investigations like the difference between being interested in awareness and seeking to be aware. Then, aware of what? That, for example, children are dying by the dozen while I am writing this and unnecessarily?

        This, and questions like it, are not just trick questions to start arguments. What we believe drives what we think and do. So awareness of the contents of our own deep consciousness is dragged into the meaning of awareness.
        All this is not just head-stuff for me, but a passion for developing a hear-mind.
      • Sounds good, i might just start using this myself.
        I am aware or conscious would be good statements if one wants to atrackt just that.
        Might be that i am spiritual might just give you only that.
    • Thanks for responding, LoveDove, and explaining the reference.
      I am not new to spirituality (I had the year with ACIM, for example) so that does not explain my misgivings.

      It is the general assumption that everything spiritual is good and full of light that I think is mistaken and can lead people astray into the dark regions of the spirit world (we can see hints coming through some comments here).

      Yes I, like many others, have woken up some while ago. The question is, though, of what have we become aware? For example, are we, humans on earth, "saved" (not mean in the Christian, but in the evolutionary sense)? Or is there something no other power can do for us but we have to do ourselves to regain paradise and qualify for further development (on earth in incarnation)?
      I thin these are pressing metaphysical questions.
      • I must ask, why do you think striving so purposely to light leads to darkness?

        To answer your question, what I have become aware of is the vast manipulation of the populous, and the vast power we have as human beings.

        Sometimes I wonder if we are already "saved," because the now we are living in is projected from the future, to make sure things go okay... but this is just a passing theory in my idea bank...

        Who knows where mankind will go in his inquiry for truth...
      • hi janosabel...

        ...so far from your posts here, and in other threads, i agree with what u say....
        and yes....nobody can do the work for us....and "pretty words/talk and rainbows", never saved anyone...
        ..we need to do it by ourselves...

        Greetings, and welcome to the forum... :)
        • I've always wondered if we are God, and if so, must the "acts of God" come from our willingness to act?
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