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Yes I have pictures of orbs,... It's quite common...

the eye cannot pick up these anomalies as well as a digital camera can...

there are many types of living beings...

the whole cosmos and space is full of living beings...

but we fail to recognize them..

when we se a tree or a bird are they also not a living spirit...

be we see only externally

here is a graveyard in salem mass on halloween....

Salem Graveyard Halloween 2010

That looks like my little nephew lol It's an's amazing how there's spirit beings watching our every move lol

Its not dirty lens, its an orb, and the first pic is a guardian / guide of the child ;)

Orbs seem to like parties :)

Are you kidding?

Those spots are in the same relative position and have the same configuration on each photo. They are OBVIOUSLY spots on the lens (or Adobe effects).

I'll believe that when you post the originals so we can verify that argument. :)

"The first pic is original..."

That's not what the filename says. The filename says the file has been saved from a website that have automatic numbering and naming of published pictures. I.e a website optimized for publishing of media.

"the second is the same pic converted to black and white...."

None of the files are original. I can see that in the file-info alone.

"I am not saying that you're wrong I.M......just that is was a man and wife doing the photos....switching off nights with different cameras...."

Please don't feel that I am attacking you here, but when people are trying to peddle normal stuff as extraordinary on a site like this, I get VERY ... well .. I can't even say it.. It's.. simply .. BAD!

"and I couldn't understand why colours would show up in photos converted to black and white....."

They can't, not even when they're GENIUNE. A B/W cam simply can't catch those frequencies of light.Nor can a clean conversion present colors that aren't compatible with the conversion-process.

"I know the photographers and they didn't add this in for effect....they couldn't explain it"

Ooo .. Just give me .. hmm . 2 hours with them in a room with loads of witnesses and loads of cameras.. I promise you, I'll get a confession out of them before they can say "incriminating threats" ;)

"if it was dust or dirt..."

Either dust nor dirt. That's fat on those pics, probably from a smoke-machine (or from storing the camera in a home where there lives some SERIOUS jazz-tobacco smokers.

"Why would they be congruent with colours of chakras? "

I see no chakra-colors in there, + .. why are they not positioned where your chakras ARE? Why are they OUTSIDE of your chakra-fields?

"I know that you are a talented techie..."

I'm a talented ALL OF IT.. and I'm getting sick of the posts on this site where normal things are portrayed as extraordinary.

If people could only get to see what I get to see every day, there would be NO RESISTANCE whatsoever to the validity of spirituality and interdimensional beings.

It breaks my heart that I'm not able to share that with more people than what choose to come to my house and spend time here. The things I experience is TRUE WONDER.

The first thing I had to learn tho, was that WONDER couldn't be shared in any other way than to share the WONDER itself, in its PURE form (i.e I can't tell people of my experiences, all I can do is to invite them to share the wonders WITH me)

I have yet to meet a HUMAN who can handle all that. Most people who get to experience my world run away after a while... They simply can't handle the form of self determined destiny the Humans actually HAVE.

"These photos were shared with me through my facebook account....originally posted on a website for a Singing contest that I was judging...."

Thank you for clearing that up. I had REAL trouble trying to locate those pics originals thru the img-recog-functions I have. I was getting VERY frustrated about that.. :)

"I will accept your technical knowledge as valid as I know nothing about these things...."

As an anti-materialist, I kinda get offended by that ..
But, I also know I really shouldn't.. So,.. I'm not offended (or well, I am since you don't trust my spiritual knowledge but goes directly to my material knowledge and trusts that instead which kinda makes me vomit, but still ... Your words could be construded as a compliment as well, so I'm gonna go with that conclusion and simply say: ok)

"and I posted the pics as interesting to me....."

And yet you posted them in a thread were the general conclusion about the phenomenon were "this is orb's" (spiritual beings who rarely would choose to exist in an environment like the one you were in at the moment)

"couldn't see how a dirty or greasy lens could do this...."

How many pictures (in total thru your whole life) have you taken yourself then?
I've taken thousands, with all kinds of cameras and lenses and in all kinds of environments. With your age you should have taken twice as many, and still you haven't seen that effect in any of the pics you've taken? I find that preposterous.

"the order of the colours still seems a bit freaky to me....and as far as them being outside my body.....human energy is not contained within the radiates outward...."

But when the chakras are photographed either with a Kyrillian photo or one of those new laptop-based systems, the chakras are alawys where they are suppoed to be. (a photo is 2D, i.e the world is FLAT in photos)

"There were smoke machines there during the contest so that is definitely a possibility..."

We can break that down further to exclude contamination. How far into the smoke-machine-usage were the photo's taken? (I can debunk myself as well, I'm that good)

"As far as my saying "original"  I only meant unconverted to black and white....not that they were uploaded directly from the camera to my computer...."

As a hardcore media-critic (and music-analyzer as well as criminal evidence-debunker), anything less than RAW ain't original. :)

"Hope this helps clarify I.M.."

It did clarify more than what was originally clarified. :)



"also....just an are a very intriguing mix of kindness and nasty lol...."

Oh yes, and I am VERY glad that you can actually SEE that.

Most people can't, and that actually bothers me :)

I've had (and have) people in my surroundings that see me as some kind of God.. However, spending some time with me usually cures them of that illusion but those who don't spend time with me, are at risk of keeping that illusion up. I don't really know how to cure them of that other than exposing myself as The Devil, and play into that role as well :)

The US military and government around the world in the study of remote viewing have uncovered this as well in joint triple blind studys --- times adding other country’s and languages into the mix, none knowing each other came up with the same results and pictures of orbs showing up in an undisclosed underground vault in the dark in different temperature’s, atmospheric pressures, or the lack of an atmosphere all together ----- when given to remote viewers this is exactly what shows up -- energy orbs of all sizes and color’s.  

More than UFO are being down played by those in the know.

I so agree with you well said John, I believe there is more then meets the eye as it were when it comes to Black Opps and the Military.

I recognise those effects. They mess up my photos all the time, and they come when the light is hitting the lens and there are fat-spots on it .. The light gets bent and creates those little "effects". Clean the lens with alcohole and they'll go away.

PS. I've NEVER EVER tried to catch a spirit/orb/interdimensional being on a camera.. Perhaps that is the reason for why I get to see so many all the time. :)



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