Spiral of light in Norway skies

Check this out!!http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1234430/Mystery-spiral-blue-light-display-hovers-Norway.html#ixzz0ZCMxXNRWSomeone cleverer than me might be able to post the pix. Apparently it lasted for 12 mins, and according to channelled sources was the opening of a stargate. For interpretation of this phenomenon go to http://www.galacticroundtable.com/profiles/blogs/stargate-opens-in-cosmic-burst.

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  • hmmm, less magic all of a sudden ... but still pretty


    not planet X, not a cosmic portal, not santa's portal, but ... ??? Eiscat facility with HAARP tech...
  • Thanks for this post Kalindi .... just my thoughts right from the start! They want to continue to disillusioned and maintain control over us. These "creatures" they warned in history and maybe next time they create a great Masters of Sananda and Ashtar there, how will we react then? Just a thought ...
    And the pyramid gave me only a sense of discomfort.
  • think it was something to do with richard branson n his launch.....projection into the sky...notice how flat it was? love n laughter..
  • The following email message dated December 12, 2009 from James Gilliland of ECETI (http://www.eceti.org) was transcribed verbatim:

    Paola Harris on Coast to Coast talked about the strange light phenomena over Norway, Russia, China etc and said there have been about 13 of these events. Lisa Renee said she had a vision of this before it happened and it was a star gate or portal opening with 13th dimensional beings. At first Russians disavowed any knowledge of a missile test, then the astronomers gave their explanation of a meteor entering in a large spiral doing their best to make the unknown known to appease the masses. Then Russia mysteriously claims it was their missile test. Probably after a serious bribe. I have seen many rocket tests that went wrong and there is no real symmetry matching what appeared over Norway nor were the colors right. The beautiful turquoise elongated spiral emanating form the other anomaly just does not add up. Two major events of world significance were happening, the Copenhagen Climategate where America just lost its sovereignty to be governed by the International Banksters through carbon tax and the Nobel Peace prize given to Obama for continuing the war in Iraq and escalating the war in Afghanistan. The nobel peace prize is the good old boys, oscar for acting opposite as your word and doing as the elite tell you. What an opportune time to deliver a message on high. It looked undeniably like a wormhole often a precursor to the entry of a ship from another time or dimension. A meteor or rocket just does not fit what appeared in the sky over Norway despite the official version. Does anyone believe the official version anymore considering the track record of officaldom?
    http://www.paolaharris.com/home. htm
  • Nobody in here can say "This is a...." because we do not know, and whatever anyone says it is, they have heard or read it from somewere else and you can't trust hardly anyone. People will use this as a confirmation to what ever they believe in. Some people who are interested in UFO's will say it's a UFO, some people who are into angels will say it's some angel thing and people waiting for the end of the world will say it's some sign that we are all going to die soon. People who don't believe in anything will say it's a natural phenomenon. Even if you knew you would still be you and still have you life, problems and things to deal with. We need to look down from the skies too some times and not keep our heads in the clouds all the time. I say this with love.
    • I agree with you totally. Thanks for your comment here. You are a voice of reason amongst so much speculation.
  • The spiral light mystery has been solved. It's in this link - http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20091210/sc_afp/russianorwaymilitarymis...
  • wow, incredibly amazing ......
    I am wordless .....
  • The StarGate Love Portal of Winter Solstice 12/21/09 (Metatron)

    We are moving through the Triad of Portals 11/11/09, 12/12/09, and 12/21/09. The 11/11/09 StarGate portal was about individual change. The 12/12/09 StarGate portal involves changes within Groups. We have seen on 12/9/09 a vortex open in the sky over Norway which is a Celestial Sign and also a StarGate portal allowing in vast StarShips from another Galaxy. These Ones are here on Earth from the Cosmic Forces of Light to assist the Galactics already here in massive joint operations for completion. This Operation will last 72 hours and then this portal will close.

    Simultaneously and Synchronistically there is a burst of love energy pouring onto Earth and everything on her which will effect a shift in change point. It is wise to embrace this high energy time and allow as much love as possible into your system to raise your frequency as high as possible. Also, turn away from troubled thoughts, even if just for a day or two. Take a Holiday from worry. Meditate more, go inside and be in touch with your true identity. As you raise your thoughts you release old programs and become prepared to meet your Twin Flame in the physical.

    The 12/21/09 StarGate portal is about Completion.

    This is a time when we will be living on an Ascended Earth. This takes place 9 days after 12/12/09 when all who cannot sustain their vibration here will project their physicality somewhere else.

    12/21/09 is when the Earth will be fully prepared to coexist with the Galactics. This portal opening will happen to allow in more Ships from other Dimensions who will come here to live on Earth side by side with all who are here. They will be carrying the massive equipment and technology needed to change Earth, to free her of pollution, bring water supplies to dessert areas, medical technology for healing, and training facilities where Mentors and Advisors will work with those living here. These Ships may come in cloaked or decloaked.

    That depends on when disclosure takes place.

    We say no dates, no nukes, no flukes. That signal will come from Admiral Sananda and Captain Ashtar. This portal opening will be close to the time of decloakings and decloakings could happen before or after this.

    A week after decloakings there will be landings.

    These Ships will enter through this portal and be in place for landings and the very quick conversion to Terra Nova. There are already millions of Ships surrounding Earth and in place for decloakings.

    The 12/21/09 portal opening marks the time when the vast MotherShips from our Universe and beyond will be ready to lend support and be here physically for landings, when the time is right. The 12/21/09 StarGate Love Portal is about completion of the old and new beginnings.

    ~Metatron, through Mark and Beth www.GalacticRoundTable.com
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