Special Novus Galacticus this Friday!

...Greetings Galactic Citizen!
The Ashtar Command will be giving a special and very important broadcast this coming Friday night.  This session will present a thorough examination the multifaceted ET agenda/awakening unfolding here on earth.  Who they are, where they come from, what they look like and what their various purposes are will be discussed.  In addition, information on their lifestyles, mental processes and their connections with each other and with their human contactees will be explored.  This will be an incredible transmission and infusion of high energy for all in attendance! Click on the link below for more information.
Looking forward to the future, Bryan
Novus Galacticus

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  • Sounds interesting, the link to the site is very cool, and I like the music :)
  • More or less everyone agrees that the financial system will collapse and we will hvae a new currency so why does all these places that gives us these messages still require us to pay in standard 2011 Earth currency to get the full messages??. Am I the only one who find this contradictory..??
    • thats a good question put forward,even in the land down under,the push is still in progress to implement the Carbon Tax,so where does this financial collapse fit in,and a new currency implemented,a bit confusing????
  • idea of paying 25$ for someones truth seems kind of silly, so I'll trust my intuition instead
  • Thanks for giving us this information.  It is really exciting.  I wish I could afford the 25 dollars that it cost to listen to this....If anyone participates in this, can you share with us after  and tell us what it is all about?  I would be most interested.  It is too bad that such vital information from the Ashtar Command that is crucial for the whole human race is up for SALE...Not everyone has 25 bucks to spare I know I just live from hand to mouth and I am sure I am not alone.  So Please anyone that hears this broadcast pass the information along, make notes ok?
    • HERE,HERE.
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Krishna Kalki posted a discussion
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