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is SPACE FORCE going to be good. or is SPACE FORCE going to be bad. what do u think?

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sorry wrong photo cant delete

Yes you can delete it.. go to the top of the page where it says  +ADD.. next to it there's a box that says OPTIONS,click that and in the drop down push edit discussion, you can then remove the photo by clicking on it and deleting it,changing the photo to the right photo,then pushing SAVE  again..simple..

thanks! what do you think about space force?

sure lets have the murdering chinese commies rule space!!!

This is only one instance of evil corruption from the Chinese commie billionaire murdering cannibals.

Weird how the hard left /progressives embrace a radical ideology, promote it during crisis-1940s China-gain complete control, turn ultra conservative, complete control of the population enslaving them, torturing them, murdering them, cannibalizing them, and in some cases literally eating them. 

Image result for pics of chinese flag burning

“Mass Murder” Is the Missing Piece in the Chinese Transplant Industry

In China, mass murder has been taking place under the name of “Organ Transplantation”.
Here, I interview three individuals who have been researching this issue for over 10 years.


David Matas

Born in Canada. UN General Assembly Canadian Representative, Member of the Board of Directors of the International Center for Human Rights and Democratic Development, Chair of the Canadian Constitutional and International Law section of the Canadian Bar Association, Gandhi Prize, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

Former Secretary of State for Canada

David Kilgour

Born in Canada. Canadian MP (Lower House) from 1979 until 2006. Former Secretary of State for the Asia Pacific Region. Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

Heart Surgeon

Jacob Lavee

Born in Israel. Member of the Declaration of Istanbul Custodian Group (DICG). He initiated the introduction of the law that prevents Israeli people visiting China for the purpose of transplant operations.

Transplant operations are taking place in a horrific manner in China now.

The waiting time for transplant operations is 1–4 weeks in China. This is unusually short if you compare it with the waiting times in the US, which are several months to years. The high number of transplants should be looked at as well. While there are 25,000 cases per year in the US, it is said that there could be as many as 60,000 to 100,000 cases per year in China since 2000.

The main recipients are top executives of the Chinese Communist Party, followed by wealthy people in both China and abroad. It is thought that the transplant industry will bring 1 trillion yen (roughly 10 billion US dollars) in revenue to China.

Why is it possible to carry out so many transplants in China? This is because they remove organs from Falun Gong (*1) practitioners who are detained in camps due to religious persecution. Prisoners whose body organs match with the recipients are executed. In other words, this is murder on demand.

Two individuals who have researched this issue since 2006 and a doctor who is committed to stopping transplant tourism came to Japan for the launch of the Association to Consider Organ Transplantation in China (SMG Network), and held a press conference. After the press conference, we had an opportunity to interview them.

Image result for pics of American flags

Hmm no one said anything about china you might have jumped to some conclusions due 2 laziness or orientalism or both idk. not super relevant to space force though. Also Falun-Gong sources routinely lie and manipulate less perceptive westerners and the article is full of holes. The sources are all neocon regime change globalists with vested interests in geopolitical struggle with china. It has been discredited over and over again by independent parties. I'm not really a big fan of china . But seems strange that you would propose our medical system which kills people everyday through poverty and debt and the inability to get treatment is better than theirs because the efficiency/quick wait times for treatment there.  China certainly has authoritarian and imperial tendencies, but america makes them look like a stronghold of peace and freedom tbh.  more importantly, what do you think about space force tho?

yeah I'm a racist, and a h***-phobe , and a xenophobic nazi bastard(nazis were 3rd way economic socialists)-Chinese school uniforms-and natuarally you know better then the men above with the doctorates and nobel prize-anyway, soon the commie scum in China won't have and extra 800 billion a year trade deficit with the US to build their war machine or space force-lol 

I didn't call u any of those things my friend, i'm just trying to have a good faith discussion about space force, no need to spill those beans everywhere.  I think we at least share excitement for the impending global trade war.  Def a lot of potential for destabilizing american capital/accelerating the imperial death spiral. more importantly i think we should all join space force, it could be a force for ascension and higher understanding.  we could vaporize elon musk's little toys in orbit.  just spitballing here but yeah sounds like a good idea.

not going to happen to my country -we're done MLW

I think that there are things going on that we know nothing about.

......................there is an opening for job , Enterprise ship is looking to hire few brain dead imbecils . with donny as your supervicer , maybe forman if hes lucky...........................

It could be a good chance to release some of this hidden technology, like free energy, etc.  Russia is working seriously on creating several new technologies to clean up the space junk, so, it should be cleaner when we get up there...



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