I SUDDENLY have zero tolerance for things of which i didn't feel as strong just yesterday~ as I do today~ EGO~ SELFISH~ and self-serving intent~TO NAME A FEW~HOWEVER SO BLOCKED OR REPRESSED BY THE INDIVIDUAL they may be! WE ARE ALL ONE~ & I love all~ but am not happy with many today~ I am not able to hold back from speaking my mind` at this moment~ whether the person wants to hear it or not~so I am MOST~ apologetic to whom I have spoken to at this time~ and will refrain from getting on here til...I am able to control my reactions again~ I am so sorry~ for being me for the 1st time in my life~IN THIS MOMENT! MY HEAD IS EXPLODING AS WELL~ & I AM IN SO MUCH DAMN PAIN~TODAY~ My shoulder has dislocated ~TWICE~   ~Johnny

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  • The one you are actually feeling intolerant to is yourself. The fact that you feel not tolerant to other people is just a reflection that you have intolerance to different aspects of yourself. They really have nothing to do with how you feel....and you have everything to do with how you feel. Look within instead of without for the reasons of feeling anything. Physical reality is just a reflection, a mirror if you will, of your inner state of being.

    Look within to find why you feel as you do. The world outside has nothing to do with it. The outside never have anything to do with what you feel. It is all you.

  • I think it's part of the process, everything that was held within is now coming out, and we are being...pushed I guess...to be truly authentic. Deep seated thoughts and feelings are coming out now. I went through it the other day, ask some people here lol I just vented everything I had felt deep within but ignored. And it was good, I'm glad I got that off my chest, I feel lighter, and those feelings aren't there anymore. Sometimes it has to happen...and I don't feel sorry for it, so I don't think you should either, see it as part of the process, it's over now, it's time to move on and hopefully those feelings won't come back. I think the worst thing to do is just ignore them and pretend like they're not there, venting it is the best way to release it.

  • We're always spread apart, Johnny, loneliness is a sort of creed amongst us because we are usually the only ones in our family, the odd balls at school, the rebels, the nonconformists.. this site is growing by the hundreds, the daily views are through the roof, they ARE awakening, but you are the engine of that awakening... it's up to you to pull down cosmic fire through your shoulders=angel wing chakra=back heart (which is your cosmic antenna opening up- I know it hurts like a DAMN) and ground it into the earth.  You have until March 12 to manifest Light, after that, I really don't know what will happen but damn we gotta ride these crazy solar flares!!! 

    PS If you're having trouble with someone in "real time" it super helps to have an astral "sit down" with them during meditation; in your mind, you have all the tools you need to make change :)  I believe in you! 

  • Hey Johnny D... I saw you on yahoo chat and thought I would talk over there. I think you've been on my messenger list for a really long time actually, I just didn't realize it was you. (if you didn't get a message earlier, then I guess it wasn't you after all).

  • i have had shoulder problems from years of exercise, and so can understand the shoulder pain issue. I think it is a poorly designed joint as well as the knee. I have done different things with my shoulder from seeing a chiropractor to theraputic exercises, to treating the joint like a baby and not doing anything with it...I have also tried to do visualizations with my shoulder and direct my attention to the shoulder area in hopes of healing it. I have tried to visualize the joint and the tendons being healed, and the bone spirs going away. I have tried to visualize color in the shoulder area (like in an adam dreamhealer visualization) the color taking away the problem. I heard that the shoulder area is also (energetically) related to the heart area, so you might be dealing with some heart stuff. Also being in physical pain and discomfort can aide in helping someone feel angry cause hurting is not pleasurable. Love and light to you....forgive and try to let go...no one is perfect....ICE IT...:) 

  • you know what i have been using the violet flame (well last two days) of St. Germain and I have to admit it is an easy visualization and it works... I used it today when i noticed myself becoming lower vibrational. I used it a few times and it worked wonders for me.....From the book: Ascension by Tony Stubbs"Use it whenever you are dropping density of any kind or when you encounter low-frequency energy in your enviornment. Do it several times a day if necessary. For personal use, visualize the violet flame of transmutation(mixed with the silver ray of grace to form a beautiful iridescent violet). Then see it pouring into your physical body and filling every cell. Then bring it through your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies seperately."

    I also sometimes take a visualization and 'make it' my own. Like with the flame I sat in the flame and let it transmute everything. never really been into st. germain much but now i am learning some about him.....:) love and light

  • Rock on soldier, rock on.

  • I understand more than words can say, Johnny :)  All I have to offer is a mental hug and the knowledge that you aren't alone in this :)  You're doing awesome and putting into perspective what many are feeling. 



    Good luck :)


    • I gather that very few folks have-know anyone who understands=believes this stuff.

      And many-most who do, are afraid to say what they believe, for fear of ridicule.

      I've no doubt there are other evolved folks in your area, but their upbringing prevents them from acknowledging or

      talking about it.

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