This is directly from my higher self, Reikara Eiskel as I'm known "up there". Who I am or where I came from is completely irrelevant. I used specific terminology in this message, as my ability to know who I am "up there" makes me no higher or no lesser than any other being . I still share the same equal status as all else.  


"A call to all self proclaimed Light Beings, Light Workers, Messiahs, Angels, ETs, Gods, Indigos, Crystals, Dragones, Elementals, Blue Rays, Rainbow Beings etc to re-evaluate what it means to be "spiritual", "enlightened", or the responsibilities the titles and statuses they claim to own, actually carry. This is entirely rhetorical, I encourage everyone to ask themselves what it really means to be what we claim we are. Do we really act accordingly to our title or status?


Anyone can claim to be spiritual or enlightened, but how many of them actually ever step back, and think for a moment, what it actually means to be so. Buddhist Monks spend years and years of trials and tests to achieve the levels of enlightenment that allow them to exist solely off the energy that surrounds their bodies, instead of having to attend to third density bodily needs. So why do we think that boasting around a spiritual title instantly bestows upon us something we never worked for? We never put ourselves through such tests and we never re-evaluate how we treat people who choose to follow different paths to us.


We think that owning a spiritual label instantly clears us of all our karma and makes us beings of purity and perfecting, incapable of ever doing or being 'wrong'. Then we happily pass down our judgement to those who follow "lower" or "darker" paths. But.. lower and darker according to 'whom'? Us? Doesn't the above contradict itself? Or do we not like being told we are wrong, because owning our light labels means we can't be, according to 'us'? Did it ever occur to 'us' that the ones we judge, those who follow different spiritual paths, or materialist ones, have a reason for what they believe? That from their perspective, perhaps, they see us as 'wrong'? 


We know we don't like being told we are wrong. So why do we do it to others? Because we are 'righteous'? What use is it to us, to create such division among ourselves, when we preach 'oneness'? Aren't we being hypocritical in that? But we think we are 'righteous'. Does it hurt us so much, that others choose other paths? Does it really affect and threaten our own way of life so much that we must absolutely prove to them that they are 'wrong', simply because we are 'right', because we believe so? What use is it to cause fighting amongst the ranks of those who have the common underlying purpose of freedom, and a desire to be loved, when we are still struggling to free ourselves from our captors?


Are we truly unified in purpose when we still argue who must die or suffer, for whatever reason, because of our own beliefs over certain issues, when it is not even our place to decide over another soul's karma or life path? What good do we really think comes of this, when we do it knowing it only causes a reaction from those we argue and judge against, and causes more separation amongst our ranks in the face of a common enemy? How can we consider ourselves as 'love and light', when we are killing and hating each other in the name of enlightenment, gods and spirituality? 

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  • I feel the best way to express yourself is just by allowing the Love within your Heart to flow through and out into all around you, observing how you feel when you become resistant and taking a deep breath - breathing in Love and again allowing yourself to relax, always seeing the highest good in others, seeing everyone in the deepest loving way you can continually, always loving non stop. Its like a continual process of surrendering to Gods unfailing Love and building your awareness of it in your self - putting aside ego and truely Loving yourself and everyone, all the time. Giving in, letting go, trusting, accepting, forgiving - surrendering completely and absolutely and expressing your I AM Presence, really seeing each other without barriers anymore - Loving one another .. feeling it.. feeling it very deepy. Embracing each other in our deepest Love once and for all.
  • Thank you James, I enjoyed that read very much.  I feel the same way.

  • I am not a Lightworker yet I like illumination, for it shines knowledge. I am a woman and very simple in many ordinary ways. As I read this channeling I could not find one thing that I do not agree with. What I found so very wise was the statement concerning being unified in purpose why is there yet arguing-judgement which I agree leads to seperation. Unity eludes so many. Perhapes as shared there is yet a struggling to be free from our captors. In reality even this is part of what it takes to form lets say a better understanding of who each is and their purpose. Or if you will it shapes us.  Old adage- no pain no gain. ahh and one needs resitance to a muscel to strengthen it.  To the best of my limited an gracious understanding When it is time for Unity it happens, when it is time for any given thing it will happen. As I shared I graciously acknowledge I do not know everything yet everything I know allows me to be very at peace with what is happening no matter what that may be in our world the universes etc. Do not mistaken this for not caring to the contrary I care so very much when it comes to injustices on all levels. I know that the very essence of my being is to be in service to heal to guide if so honored to be who an what I am.  Once I heard that a warrior is actually very well equiped they know what to do an how to incorporate all they have access to they have generally by experience lost the fear of loss. for one battle is only that a battle not the war. Today most important wars in my belife are the wars within the minds an hearts of each individual unique being. Conqure here an then again I share most graciously I sence All will be well indeed.   
  • Light Workers have already been given their assignments...and agreed to them...and are already carrying them out.


    Confusion about, or advice concerning responsibilities, is futile, as ones purpose is the decision to assist has already been made and defined before arrival at Birth, or as Walk In..or as i call it Stumble In...


    If one is utilizing negativity as a tool...they are most likely confused about their lite worker status.


  • This is a true lightworker for me:

  • Fee Fie Fo Furkle

       Is this all just a Vicious Circle?  :)

  • I agree with you, indigo1955. Despite viewing myself as a light worker, I never, for one moment, thought that I was this perfect, pure being, free of karma, who could do no wrong. If that were the case, I wouldn't even be on this Earth, we are all here because we still have lessons to learn in soul growth. I am highly aware of my imperfections, and what lessons I still need to work on. Impatience with others, and myself, being at the top of the list.

    I honestly don't think there are many light workers at all who view themselves as perfect. One of the main problems we, as humans, face is we are too hard on ourselves. I feel most of us are actually far better than we give ourselves credit for. We are just taught to believe that we are these lowly beings, or born sinners, or that we aren't worthy of love and respect because of this or that reason, we take these beliefs on, and draw to us experiences which match that vibration, so we can transmute that flawed belief and evolve to a higher vibration. That is soul growth. And, in all honesty, all of us still have soul growth to do, or we would be ascended already.


  • Sorry about the confusion on the wraith statement, though it was you :)
  • Wow, indigo, thanks for posting this.
  • Who?  Im curious :)  People all seem pretty humble and down to Earth to me here and on other sites.

    Then again Im sure we can all use a lesson in being humble.

    It's like I say, if you were to actually "get to know" the people you say "act" like they are better than others because of their "Spirituality" you may even like them... and understand where they are coming from.

    That is if you were interested in actually getting to know them on a deeper level...
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