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January 9

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music is my life...The Seraphim are regarded as being of the highest Order and are most closely associated with the work of the Archangel under whose guidance and direction they fall. They represent the highest level of judgment and punishment. Symbolically, their Sound is represented by a cord of condensed flame (called ‘fiery serpents’ by some) that is constantly coiling and in motion. The Seraphim bring the intensity of heat and direct the focus of Archangel Khameal’s transformative energies to burn away what is no longer needed. One of the functions is to remove the useless clutter within our mental and spiritual realms, to make ready for the final release of the human ego as connection with the Divine is pursued.

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  • Jamba - How are you ? 

  • Jamba?? izitu ? oramiontharongpth

  • 8113801080?profile=originalTodays and this weeks blessings.



  • You are precious to me bub, i love you. :)) thank you for the beautiful images! :D and your light and heart and celestial music.
  • 8113769458?profile=originalLOVE
  • Thanks for the comment! Your aunt lives in my town? Wow! Small galaxy :)
  • Awwww, what beautiful words D., I miss and Love you!! Hope all is well. Sending waves and light of Love your way... kisses.



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Nov 8, 2011
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"Many European orchestras tune @ 444 Hz...the color change is noticeable to trained ears...
i think in old days ears were more sensitive..these days we are bombarded with so much 'noise' that most can't hear a difference... it would be cool to tune…"
Jun 20, 2011
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"yo bro...thanks for the 100 monkeys info etc...collective conscientiousness, quantum physics...the plot thickens...dave"
Jun 18, 2011

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"The reason Ashtar Command is here. There are no spaceships on SHAN/EARTH/TERRA. If humans or reptilians had invested the mental energy they invested in building fighter jets in building spaceships, it would be possible for humans to ascend to the…"
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"This could have been a certain way of 'arresting' lighting. Note that touching things anyhowly was said to kill pple!

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"The Ark is as powerful as ever and can be "found" in the church of mary of Zion, in Axum, Ethiopia....On the Eritrean border...

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"Bible quote:

"Exodus 25:10-22
New International Version
The Ark
10 “Have them make an ark[a] of acacia wood—two and a half cubits long, a cubit and a half wide, and a cubit and a half high.[b] 11 Overlay it with pure gold, both inside and out, and…"
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"When people were still living on PHATON, the cradle of mankind, they even had a 12 strand of DNA. So-called supermen. People can no longer reach this state. At least there will probably never be a 12-fold double helix again. I think the Human Angels…"
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"This idea is jazzy; that the ark of covenant was a capacitor, like Leyden jar. I have tried to check the specification. It seems the lead could short circuit it, and the handles were actually not insulated.…"
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Join God, Vanaja and yourself in a healing event to bring your dreams into physicality - romance, health, finances, success, leadership and any dreams you passionately want.  Here are the steps... 1.  At 11:11AM (morning - all time zones) on July…
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