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What do you think is happening with you and all of us as a collective?.. after 21st Dec 2012 ?

So, in your opinion, what happened on the Solstice, in terms of your own growth as a spiritual being and what do you feel is going on, on the planet right now as a collective?  .. since the 21st Dec and inwards ? .. in the present moment continuous, the eternal NOW.

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Thank you Obi ..

I appreaciate every word you have written.. it is always a joy for me to sail alogside you and to learn and grow, I really do feel like Skywalker with Ben Kenobi.. I feel I have harnessed the force yet there is ever the letting go, the allowing and trust in it, a fine tuning and of course, so much to learn..

I feel no fear yet still have to iron out a bunch of creases here and there, or tie up loose ends.. even though weve crossed the rubicon, I could sure meditate more than I do..

but I have let go ... and whereas beforehand I was costantly searching, the peace I am only now begining to feel is likend to nothing I ever expierenced, at least not in this lifetime.. I feel great appreacation throughout my entire system .. on one hand I am really exausted, but on the other I am filled with energy .. if that makes any sense..

Today is new years eve 2012.. and in another today, it is the 1st of January 2013 ... I dont feel even one new years resolution appearing .. other than to stay as peacefull as the creator wishes me to feel for the rest of my days....

thank you for constantly being a brilliant guide for me my brother,...

and for helping me enable the way of the Jedi .. 

Love to you as always..

Luke ,

     you have done the world a great service by being here.when i joined this sight i was not sure what was going on,only that i felt at home with so many others who had expanded there consciousness enough to understand something wonderful was happening.we learned so much together,you surly taught me how to love unconditionally as we dealt with the never ending flood of trolls.i suppose that is there purpose.

when i pray ,i speak to spirit ,when i meditate ,i listen to spirit.and to be honest ,i will work with any spirit that shows up.when i realized evil dose not exist in the higher frequency ranges it became obvious the only evil there is ,is that witch go's on down here between people of lower vibrations.i remember a tale that explained evils plan was to make people believe they still had time.i feel now that we all did some things in 2011 to negate evils plans of doom and gloom for 2012.whatever the truth is really up to the observer,and that is my observation.

I must thank you for being Luke Skywalker ,after remembering the ways of the jedi and how they matched up with my own beliefs so well i just hat to be Obi wan here.and there ,so many spiritual beings call me Obi in the etheric realms(during meditation), it makes me wonder who i am more ,christy or obi.

i do believe that we are switching places with our higher selfs via dream land or meditation ,what i mean is we may just wake up forever in dream land or another dimension(s) wile our higher selves wake up in our bodies at some point so we can begin teaching like the masters before us.some thin like that.

i just hope we all stick with it ,whatever our growth demands.

endless and infinite Love and respect for you great holy brother

my mayan astrological sing sums up much for me ,i can not remember the link,i will see if i can find it again,it may interest you to know yours.

White Wizard is the Magician, whose powers are activated by wisdom that emanates from the heart. Such wisdom is not the intellectual understanding known in Western culture; it is the wisdom that comes from an alignment of mind and heart. An open, trusting heart is a refined tool of perception. Allowing yourself to 'not know' opens the door of the mind to a deeper understanding of the universe. White Wizard asks you to fully utilize this aligned mind to participate in magic.

White Wizard invites you to step into self-empowerment. Empowerment comes from self-acceptance, integrity, and commitment to your evolution. Self-empowerment is not to be found outside oneself. Anything outside that brings you empowerment also has a divine foundation within you. If you feel a need for the approval of others, look to self-empowerment. When you feel effectively engaged, doing what gives you joy, your energy naturally expands to inlcude more of who you are, and magic flows synchronistically into your life. Claim your alignment with the highest wisdom. Call forth divine action in all that you do!

Align your own will with divine will and your Essence Self. Be transparent, innocently allowing magic to come through you rather than needing to create it. Open to heart-knowing and limitless possibilties.

White Wizard is a tool of the light, a conduit for the work of Spirit. A wise magician is spontaneous and transparent, allowing magic to come in rather than trying to control it or make it happen. A magician dances the dance of love through offering gifts of freedom to others. This is real magic. Freed from the need to use power to manipulate or control, a magician uses wisdom to manifest liberation and love.

The harmonic wisdom of White Wizard is melody, the progression of signle tones within a composition. White Wizard symbolizes the sacred journey of your individual life. As a harmonic magician, you are a novel yet universal container for the expression of the Divine. While you play the melody of your journey's spirit song, the Creator provides the harmony.

Melody is to music what story line is to story. Utilize the elements you have chosen for exploration in your life - your gifts, talents, abilities, motivations, circumstances, and the other characters in your play. Orchestrate the most interesting and growth-engendering story line from this combination of possibilities. Understand that you are the player and the played in the melody in your life.

Hi Luke,

My experiences have been varied, A few weeks ago while watching a storm roll in, between lightning strikes I actually saw everything move sideways then flashed back. Very surreal.

Since the 21st I have been visiting old fears that have taken emmotional and mental hardwork to release, I Feel stuck like I haven't felt stuck for years.

I Feel very alone and at times Lonely which is something (loneliness) whick I haven't felt for years.

I am feeling like I want to shut myself away.

I Am not sure what I want to eat.

As far a s the Collective goes somewhere inside I know that We are in this together, on the other hand everyone seems to be in 'I' mode.

There are many inconsistances, much confusion and a Feeling of 'Waiting for the next penny to drop'

Love n Light to You All <3

Hey Anne .. 

you are never alone.. I feel the same way my sister..  I've gone more within myself and I don't like going out as much.. 

I see people all walking past each other in the streets with real serious faces.. nobody smiles much .. and there is zero eye contact on the bus or the train with other folks .. but its always been that way.. strange isn't it? .. considering we all come from the same seed !

Hey Lori ... 

its strange, people are strange.. that's for sure .. I was in cafe the other day paying for my coffee and the waitress was just standing there with a real serious look on her face.. a real expectant stance.. and so I payed for my cofee and as I was putting my jacket on to leave, I went over to her and offered her an extra 2euros as a tip, I handed her the money and I smiled and I said.. this is for you.. she just took the money from me and walked away without saying a word... she didn't smile, nothing .. it was as though she had no connection.. no heart connection to herself.. I thought.. what a rude b**** .. lol .. 

but I have seen her there many times.. she looks like she has a bee in her bonnet ..

In fact, I have always been nice to her.. but she blanks me every time.. 

I have learned to stay real close to myself.. if that makes any sense.. you get a sense of people by experience.. or their energy should I say .. it would be ideal if everyone was nice and pleasant to one another.. but it just aint happening.. unfortunately.. 

but when it does happen, it makes it all worth while.. the whole of our lives are spent trying to sort out the difficulties of getting along with each other .. when all the while, the answer is so simple.. 

its easy to speak about it here .. but I bet tommorow will be just like any other day .. with everyone no really paying much attention to anyone else ..

the Ascension ... it sure is a long, drawn out and very gradual process ..

Lori .. I understand, but the moment of mourning for the loss of connection is sometimes a blessing .. because for me, I would rather not be near some folk.. I think, they don't deserve me .. LOLOL.. 

but seriously, take for example, some of the folks in this website who have given you the bird, so to speak.. the Ones who have been rude to you or purpousfully tried to bring your energy down .. I say stuff em..  so there aint no sadness in me when it comes to missing out an opportunity to connect with a detractor.. water off a ducks back always..  and let em float away.. in life and in this website .. 

as the old saying goes.. if its meant to be, it will be.. 

yeah well said indeed indigo .. I find I'm waiting for critical mass overflow ! .. its like waiting for paint to dry ...

As a collective, we are letting the light in. I have had many visions in dreamland and direct messages given to me. I know what associations I have to stop contact with-that was the message given to me. Also, to not be so dependent of others due to disabilities. My disabilities lessened and my strength is improving. I think as a collective, that we are all seeing our inner strength. Unfortunately, I have let others sponge my energy from me and I will not do it anymore.This is where I find strength. To rid of toxic people.

hey Bonnie .. never allow anyone to sponge off you again .. you don't need it .. there is a great sense of freedom when you shake off toxic people.. I support you... 

Some of us have been speaking TRUTH all along. But the real lesson here is perhaps that we must begin trusting in YOUrSELF. Plus, now that all those half-truths and partial-truths channels are all being called on their crap, well that will sort out all the confusion quite readily now, won't it?! ;)

Here is a scribe I posted on 12.21.12 in answer to someone asking me this very question:

Yes, well that is an excellent question and fair indeed. So, let me ask you, dear heart, ARE YOU in the same old body? Please take a moment and ask this from within your heart, ask your Higher Self and you will surely be filled with a breakthrough of understanding and wisdom. You see, as we are in meditation/prayer, we are all feeling specific sensations, individual to each our own experience. These are upgrades to your DNA and to the physical make up of your body, changing the density of ALL that which makes up your body. Ascension is not a magical place or time in which we pass through. 12.21.12 marks a "place" in linear "time" in which the energies in our solar system are now fully into the Age of Aquarius. These energies will allow for an accelerated journey for all those initiates holding their Deliberate Intent and Divine Willpower towards returning fully back to Spirit in living form, eventually transcending those lower vibrational frequency patterns of the 3rd and 4th dimensions, moving beyond duality and fully grounding one's self into the 5th dimension here on Gaia. Ascension is an individual and personal experience that is vastly different for each and every single individual.

Do not fear, you are loved, you are looked after and you will succeed exactly as intended by THE ALMIGHTY ONE and precisely when your higher self has determined for you. Do not worry, you will not miss out on anything, dear one. You are currently living your mission and you are well on track with your individual ascension. Have Faith in addition to your hope and watch as your love for all that you are and all that is manifests into everything you have been dreaming for. All in due "time" as the eventual ascension into the 5th dimension will be of an expanded awareness, that of which ALL time is experienced at once. Through the Mastery of your own Heart/Mind, you will soon move forward, backward and even sideways through time. So do not rush, as in the grand scheme of things, dear heart, you ARE already there! Congratulations! Stay your Deliberate Intent and your Divine Willpower and continue to ask the Angels and your Guides for assistance and your individual linear pathway will lead you exactly and precisely where and when you desire. love and adoration for all that you do and all that you are!  Jacob


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