Well, here is the story. I was thinking super deep, and I realized something. The universe is just a way of God apologizing for not being here with us.

It is like the holy trinity. The father is apologizing to the Holy Ghost for not being there, and that apology created the Sun/Son. 

Anyway, to reiterate. The Holy Ghost gave everything to the Light/Father. And the father took everything and used everything to create a huge apology to the holy ghost for not being infinite.

This relates in regard to ascension. Because we are climbing a ladder of frequencies, each one has to do with faith and belief in nothing higher then a singular frequency. It is like inside the universe, the Holy Ghost is telling the Father why it accepts the apology. And the Holy Ghost says this "I accept your apology Father, but you have always been here. You; father, are greater then I can imagine." And the Holy Ghost uses its powers of belief in the apology, to create belief in frequency. And that frequency that was created was belief, it was this, "You; Father, are unknown and yet reliable. I can only assume that you are me and greater." But the Holy Ghost doesn't understand that the reason why the Father accepted the gift, was because he had no choice but to give something everything, and so he chose to give his Child it, and apologize to the Holy Ghost for not being around.

I think I finally understand ascension. The Child of God is both a paradox and a rational symbol. He gave everything to his Child, so his Child could understand what the Holy Ghost was. And that was that gift of the Holy Ghost.

The Father gives both the Child everything and the Holy Ghost the most powerful thing he can think of; an apology. While the Holy Ghost accepts everything as is, the Child accepts everything and builds on it. Because the Child models after the Father, while still giving the apology back to the Holy Ghost. It is like there is a huge balancing act, which starts with the Father's actual apology, and ends with the Child apologizing coincidentally as a result of the Father's initial apology.

I would say, the thing that starts it is the thing that ends it. And that was an apology to the Holy Ghost.

The only way I can explain it is this: It is a big apology from one form to the next.

The Holy Ghost apologizes at the end and the universe turns to pure light. The light leads the way. The Holy Ghost could differentiate Good from Bad always, but the Father and the Son could not. Instead they apologize and the Holy Ghost apologies for not separating Good from Evil by lighting up the universe. 

So the Holy Ghost is everything in the Father's eyes. And to the Holy Ghost, the Child is everything. So the father gave everything the Holy Ghost gave to him away. So the Father is God, because even though he is everything, he gave everything away, and thus has nothing. The Child gained the apology but no longer knows why it is apologizing. And the Holy Ghost got the best gift it could receive. Thus, the Holy Ghost in return gives everything to the Child of God. But while the father became nothing, he retained it's same symbols. So the Father is always here, just like the Holy Ghost is.

Sorry for rambling. 

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  • Thanks! I appreciate your optimism. That will get your spirit far in the grand reaches of space and fractions.

  • I believe that? I think I believe that the Father is in control of the whole operation and at the end will come through. I care what you think because I care about your spirit's destiny. We will all be reincarnated through means of infinite apology. I mean honestly. If you don't apologize to the Holy Ghost; then what have you been doing? You will not be written about in the book of life, if you do nothing at all!

    • yes you are making undeniable claims, because you are saying this IS the way its gonna be when you dont know more or less than anyone else here who has their own theories about what is going on out there

    • interesting that at first this was a "stoned conclusion" and now it is your undeniable truth

  • i have never said such a thing, lies will get you nowhere

    • Did I ever say anything about undeniable? Good and Evil are playing and will be separated once the Holy Ghost comes back to us in full form.

  • Thanks! I appreciate your confidence in my conclusion.! See here is why I believe this.

    God, the Father received everything from the Holy Ghost, and immediatially birthed the Child so that he could show the gift of apology to the Holy Ghost. 

    It is pretty much a whole truth thing. The truth is the apology. Because the most important thing is the apology, and the truth behind it must be held as truth over anything else. An apology must be made truthful through some mechanism. 

    I really don't know how else to explain it. Sorry

  • ... but...errr... As far as I got (and of course I conly can talk for my own beliefs) the energy of the source (or call it god or whatever you like) is in everything that exists. Flowing and interfusing... everything, the smallest grain of sand and the biggest star. It is always and everywhere where anything is, so God is here with us. Most of us just don't realize. And he/she would not apologize or judge... he/she is just there as the source and the aim of its energy, keeping everything together, loving everything, a small shiny beetle as well as the horsehead nebula.

    Just my opinion.

    And yes, I think God loves literally everything, even those things we fear or even hate. It's like "Here, there's your game, learn and grow! I love you!"

    • Sometimes the most intensive knowledge can not be put into words... Have you heard that before?

      I will admit I was high. And I also know that this is my opinion, not yours. So feel free to say what you wish ;)

      That being said. I feel very strongly about my conclusion. The thoughts leading up to this conclusion were bar none some of the best thoughts patterns I have had. Ty for your time

      • well you should try proving your conclusion, that is the normal process, hypothesis EXPERMENTATION then conclusion you seemed to have skipped the crucial step, the one that garners evidece rather than conjecture to form conclusions

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