SkyderALERT Hair sample test results

Appreciation to Joy Mahurin posted on ConTrails.
All of us have an urgent personal incentive to shine the light on GeoEngineering
and SRM (Chemtrails)... our lives and the lives of our children may depend on it.
Last December I introduced a personal friend (and doctor) to the science of GeoEngineering.  When he found a primary ingredient on the Patent for Solar Radiation Management (SRM) is aluminum he suggested that i have my hair sampled. 
$55 and a week later I found that my hair test revealed High Warning levels of Aluminum at 5 ug/g... ( healthy range between 0 and 2.20) along with some other bad heavy metal analysis findings.  I got concerned. 
A week later my doctor friend invited me to his home for dinner... and to share the alarming news that i my latest hair sample showed OFF THE CHART Aluminum contamination that is beyond critical.  i went from a high rating of 5.0 just five months earlier to a staggering 18 !!!, also noted are my now high risk levels for Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Silver and Titanium.
We have seen the GeoEngineering (chemtrail) spraying complaints grow as people are using the SkyderALERTmobile app and website. I asked myself if this is just a growing movement and awareness, or increased aerial may be both.


If you are interested in getting your hair sampled. its easy, and $55.. Contact Dr. Doug at he will send you more information- its a mail-in type kit- you get everything you need in a packet.
I started a natural prescribed detox regimen immediately under his direction. 


We need your donations. Skyder is possibly the most important 501c4 Not-for-Profit organization out there today.Please give what you can today.


Thank you for doing everything you can to join the fight!




George Barnes 




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  • Thank you for sharing this information, confirms my worst fears.  The chemtrails are playing havoc with pools here in Florida....had my pool water tested, and no surprise to me, there were all sorts of heavy metals that should not be in the pool and that is why keeping the ph right in the pool has been an ongoing and almost losing battle.  On days of heavy spraying there is a glistening skim on the top of the water that the pool filter cannot keep up with...Have to hose down the filter daily and you should see the goop slime that rinses off...  Not surprised at all the chemtrails here are ferocious..Thank you for sharing this info.  If I had the money I would get my hair tested too, but I already know the answer and don't really want to make it official.  

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