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June 27

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Well, I am into anything to do with the paranormal and any mysteries. I have had many psychic experiences such as Seeing Ghosts, UFOs, Crop Circles, (was there the day of formation, Drawn out of the blue and only once.) Visions of the future, Astral dreams, out of body experiences and seeing someone elses head chakra as a bright pale blue orb! I am also into every type of mystery, I am also drawn to powerful places and have caused certain things to happen by non physical means.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein

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  • Thank you Brother for the greeting!

    I hope you are well and back to 100% real soon.

    You are in my prayers,


  • Hey, Charles my friend....very much appreciated that you would share my latest blog on both MS and FB......thanks, Drekx

  • Met my ex and kids mom in Okinawa.

    Glad to be friends,


  • I  had to be careful when I had my children ie injection

  • I am also a Rhes neg O blood type what does that make me ???????? lol

  • Hi Charles,

    What term would I search to see the Mars lab. Observed a computer scrambling of a NASA lab and the two seem identical--the scrambled image and the one seen by an amateur astronomer. What of triangles meditation? Thanks.

  •   There is alot to be learnt from the royal family they have a very strong bloodline and try to keep themselves and blood strong check out David Ike he seems to know how they work but dianna was the most beautiful soul a lightworker for sure

  • Do you think she may be reptillian mmm i think so Im not sure if she is evil but

    she is powerful i feel,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, her bloodline shows in her face she looks like a royal blood they call them the blue bloods

  • hey Charles blessings love and light

  • I see orbs too they amazing I saw a  pic of an orb around kate Middleton mmm Il try and find it

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"Cheers Happy Person!  Only by knowing what is happening can we ever hope to change the rotten and corrupt system.
Love and Light!
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