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YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT...if you can't understand English get this translated to your does not matter how educated you are does not matter if you are very wealth..YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT AND TO BE A GOD CONSCIOUS HUMAN BEING YOU NEED TO SHOW COMPASSION TO ALL LIVING ENTITIES OTHERWISE YOU MAY LOOK LIKE A HUMAN BUT YOU BELONG TO RAKSHAS ( DEMONS ) AND YOUR END IS IN HELL 

Someone once made the statement:  "As long a there are slaughterhouses, there will always be wars".

There should be no slaughterhouse really living entities should be put through torture and suffering.

We need to get this message out to thick headed uncompassionate flesh eaters also know as murderers. 

I have known Sivaram Swami for a long time and he has iniciated a number of devotees and written quiet a few books. 

Check his amazing website @




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