True Legend ..Great Actor as James Bond ...women loved him and men wanted to be like him ...great personality... unforgettable...True Legend 


All Miss Him.

Like Mohammed Ali to Boxing 

Like Bruce Lee to Martial Arts 

Like Sean Connery to James Bond 

 Actually he would have been great as Captain in the StarTrek movies ..he has been beamed up now 


My choice of New James Bond is  

Colm Keegan a singer, songwriter and teacher from Dublin, Ireland. He was formerly a principal singer with Irish music group, Celtic Thunder,




The people's James Bond 

I am sure he would make a very good James Bond plus he could the first Bond to sing some songs in the Bond movies ...he is handsome, good looking and his blue eyes hypnotise you  ...I am sure women will love him and men would like to be like him :

Watch him singing :

He is on the right hair blue eyes 

I am sure he would make a very good James Bond 

Much More On Bond Here ...Yes James Bond @

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  • Sean Connery as Bond had all eyes on him in all scenes ..he took over the screen completely by his magnetic personality which none other actors have accomplished...hence one of the greatest actor that ever lived
  • No Place to Hide 

    I heard drones are being built for military purposes. They are equipped with cameras and weapons (lasers). Laser weapons are being researched right now. Scientists and the military are working on it. However, I don't know which countries are participating.

  • Name for next new Bond movie  ..NO PLACE TO HIDE

  • My name is Bond....James Bond . ..don't mess about with me 


  • Feel like a powerful light has been extinguished from planet earth .... same like when Mohammed Ali, Bruce Lee, Elvis Presley ( though some say he is still alive but transformed ) Indian actor Rajesh Khanna  all left extinguishing a very bright powerful light from Planet Earth 

  • 8115860281?profile=original

  •   The woman back in early 60s were real women and they were taller and slim then. My favorite bond movie was in the early 60s all of them.

  • He was a great personality on screen and also in real life ...a mega star 

    • ''yes,'' he was

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