As you all our great of Florida is plagued with danger and has been for years and this greatly has to do with the effects of 2012 on our state and no one wants to face the truth of the matter, Hurricanes and sinkholes and these two things are very scary factors for our state and when the poo does hit the fan , our state is in trouble I've done alot searching on the possible outcome of florida after the 2012 event and found nothing but climate change safeguards that end in 2012 nothing about what our state can expect from the events. My opinion is with the sinkhole factors that it's not good, many parts of the state are under heavy water restrictions because the aquafer is drying out and with that limestone deposits are washing away.If you know anything about sinkholes then you know i'm speaking the truth. And if a Earthquake was to strike in FL we would all be in some serious danger ,parts of our state would be swallowed up by mass sinkholes. So I think all floridians NEED to get a plan and leave the State ASAP. I would like to see survival groups in our state form up and get a plan together.This not to Scare anyone but to make you aware of what the goverment knows and its not telling florida residents the picture i have included shows past sinkhole report spots and the link I have added is for everyone to educatethemselves on sinkholes and this not just limited to Florida but other states that heavy sinkhole

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  • trus t me i know how you feel I'm the tampa bay area and we have plenty here , And i agree with you
    I was born and this state and perhaps i'll die here lol
  • Oh great!!!!. I just spent over a year trying to sell my house in Maine to escape the brutal winters and bitter cold that makes my crippling arthritus much much more unbearable and finally it sold ifacilitating my move to Florida last week to Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda area! Now the advice is to leave Florida or be sunk into oblivion????? Go figure, lol. This post gives more meaning to the feeling "getting that sinking feeling." I feel this may be an upcoming event however, if there is an earthquake any time soon. I was just reading the Punta Gorda newspaper today and they were talking about how the aquifiers are all drying up and all the havoc that will ensue, not good at all.

    But I guess at the end of the day, when I a buried alive I would rather be warm and not aching when I do meet the demise than to be full of agonizing pain and buried with snow like I was last winter. Life is a sell off - crapshoot, yes, but it is a fun process. I love the drama and mystery of it all, and am UNAFRAID no matter what my fate. I will love no matter what and fear will NOT be my companion. I will go down that sinking hole loving my life here in Florida, even if that life is about to be shortened to end by 2012 in cateclysm . At least I will pass with balmy bay breezes and beautiful sunsets and exotic wildlife and sceneries as the last earthly memories that I will remember. This fall into the depths of the earth will be a pisser but not as bad as the crash landing at a location who knows where, haha. Maybe I will come to realize that the hollow earth theory was indeed accurate. Just hope I do not end up in an unfriendly alien underground conclave and end up as supper, haha.

    Thanks for sharing this (I think, haha)
    Love to you
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