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Hi Everyone,

I have been wondering lately about being pure. And feeling like I cannot live in the city life I'm still caught up in. The lights don't suit me anymore. The sounds. The feelings. I don't know. I have had these urges where I just feel like running into a deserted place, or at least be with likeminded people. I even started looking at 'living without money' video's (has always attracted me this kind of freedom)

It is probably a task to be with these people and to still see the beauty of life and every soul and thing.

I was just wondering how you feel about this. Do you feel the need to change for example diet, habits, living environment?



Ps. Don't mind words like Western, you know what I mean right ;)

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Thank you Kelly!

I have gone back to the most rural place available for me, a little town in the country where my parents live. I go into the woods and walk along the waters a lot. But it's still not enough I feel. I am very spontaneous and feel like packing my bags. Don't know. Might just do it when the urge get's unstoppable (my urges always get unstoppable, or dissolve, so that should be easy).

Even the sound of a refrigerator nowadays. Just upsets me. Grrrrmbl ;)


Same here! That's my problem too... I would probably die from eating a poisonous mushroom LOL ;)

Yeah probably so. It's just unrest or impatience I guess. Can't wait for stuff to happen, this has always been so. Not that I'm thinking a lot about it (actually not thinking too much of anything lately, and that's a change!), just my body is ready. Feel it vibrating sometimes as if to say... Come on now! My dreams also lead me to these gorgeous places lately. But no clues to food, so I'll just stick here with some comfort food to make me happy for now ;)

I know what you mean, I always have this desire to run away into some mystical forest or mountains.

Yeah thanks. I ran away in the past. When I was 15, and then again when 19 and I still move every couple of years. Lately it has increased to every couple of months and now I have been living here for 6 weeks and already feel trapped. I'm not at the place I should be. That feeling.


Aw now you got me all curious! ;)

Thank you! I guess I just might. Just wait to see when my heart says go. It will if I should. Feel like I'm still waiting for something though... Just sitting it out for now.


I sort of felt this way yrs ago. I quit my job of working for same company for 17yrs, changed my diet ( one of best things I did to myself ), left big city and lived in back woods of Arkansas, Missouri and northern California, living on $5000 or less per yr.

Life is a funny thing, I had moved back into big city but my parents failing health is one of the reasons. yea, it feels weird to be back in Chicago and I don't know how long I'll stay here. I'll find out sooner or later but I crave living in backwoods again so I go to my local Forest Perserve to hang out there by small running creek. it's not the same but close enough for now.........

Thank you. I have changed my diet as far as possible, but am dependant on other people for that too. And by being in the 'Western' world you are always intoxicated by it, whether you want it or not, even people just talking about stuff. I don't watch the news anymore for example, but I know everything that's going on due to people just talking all the time. Another thing I have not been able to cope with as well as before... People talking. I like quietness nowadays. Just birdsounds and air. So now I choose to live at night mostly. Feels better for me and I don't upset others by being so quiet (they don't understand).

Another thing is there is no uninhabited space in the Netherlands. Crowded place. Not a meter of land unoccupied so I would have to go somewhere else in Europe. Which I could do. And might do.


In Russia, not living in the capital, the money can be quite comfortable to live. Owning your own home, a car, a modern computer, mobile and internet access. We can say - everything is relative, right?

Definitely so! I love relativity. I am so happy with what people in my environment would call nothing. I can't believe I had this period where I thought I actually needed stuff. If everyone would just ignore negativity the world would be one happy love palace. Soon!


That has also been my experience. And I see it around me as well. People searching for a place (or person)  instead of looking into themselves. What I mean is getting off the map. Leaving everything behind including money. Living astray you might say. So no contact with the Western world, eating whatever you can find, living to whatever comes along. Just don't think there are places like that, at least not nearby. And... If the ascension dates are right it won't be long until we all know anyway. Just feeling the restlessness in my body. Guess it's just vibrations.

Thank you!




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