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Returning Gaia's Christ Consciousness


Please go to you tube and type in: Mary Magdalene Singing Mermaid You Tube Channel

This you tube channel contains an entire set of you tubes that tell the complete story of Mary Magdalene re-opening the Ascension Portals and all of her dialogs with Yeshuwa ben Joseph and Elaika who guided her in this project. This you tube is the story of how Gaia's Consciousness was placed in a state of amnesia, and how the Ascension Portals will allow her original Consciousness to flow back into her. This is the complete story of what will cause the actual shift into a new Consciousness and a new time line, which is the only way that Gaia's life can be extended beyond this third dimensional time line.

The story of Gaia's shift in consciousness does include the return of the Photon Belt of Consciousness from Sun Alcyone in the Pleiades. However, the complete consciousness that will extend her life, shift her into an Eternal Life time line is the return of the complete consciousness from the original 12 Star gates. The work and responsibilities of Mary Magdalene and Yeshuwa ben Joseph together with Elaika has been continued since they were in the God World in the place many have titled the Melchizedeks. Yeshuwa explained to me that these names we use on Earth are not really what they were called. They didn't actually have race lines.

We didn't even need to split our Souls in half to do our work in these lower dimensions at that time. We have been creating, maintaining and securing this original God World reality which was established within the Elohim Race Line itself. It is now Mary Magdalene's responsibility to open the 12 Ascension Portals in the Pacific Ocean and to create the new Time Line of Reality that will Permit those from the other 12 Universes of our Cosmos to come to Earth. Mary Magdalene is the only one on Earth who can give permission for these Portals to open and to allow entrance of these Starry Beings. The Portals will not ever allow any one who is not of the LIGHT to enter in. The reason that Mary Magdalene's Soul, her Cosmic Twin Flame or Soul Mates returned to Earth at this time was to re open that first portal where she lived as a mermaid and a dolphin 400 million years ago in the Second Seeding.

This place in the Pacific Ocean was the most wonderful place in the entire universe at that time when we first created this portal. The area of the Pacific Ocean near Monterey, Santa Cruz and Carmel was the location of the Mary Magdalene Portal that was created when her Soul split in half as a male dolphin and a female mermaid. This Portal is the Female Christ or the Spirit of Mary Magdalene Portal. This is the reason that my Cosmic Twin Soul Mate and I were the only ones who could open it. That same place that was at one time the home of the Oraphim Mermaids and Dolphins is now the place called the Under water cities of Light and it is the home of the Clairs. The Clairs are not a pure Elohim Race line. They are a hybrid race line of many other races together with some of the pure Elohim Race Line. They are not the ones who are helping with the opening of the Portals. They do live in the place that was created by Mary Magdalene when her Soul split into a Mermaid and a Dolphin. We were called the Serres Konchan Race Line.

The Dolphins who are helping me with the opening of the Portals are the Fifth Dimensional Pleiadian Dolphins who communicate continuously with their Councils in Pleiades to keep the Light Flowing through our Ocean. These Dolphins are the Elohim Race line from Pleiades. We returned to this place in May, 2008 to re open this portal. The place deep under the Pacific Ocean, which can not be reached by our current Navy, exists in this area beneath Monterey.

The Navy in that area spend all of their time attempting to swim through the black holes that exist directly in front of the Condo where the Twin Flames were directed to move to. We used to watch these special ops Navy Marines dive into that h*** every day. Most of them never came back. They all knew they would probably die as a result of their mission. The Navy Base and the Marines and the Special Ops had underground bases that did connect with the Under water cities of light. However, the Dolphins and Mermaids have always known how to become invisible to those in the third dimension

. I was the only one who could see them because I have a very high frequency because I am Mary Magdalene. I travel to the Under water Cities of Light and to other areas in the Pacific Ocean each night to work on the Grids and to arrange communication with the Dolphins about information they gain from the Pleiadian Dolphin Councils.

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