I had subconsciously referred to Jesus when I talked about Obama and never thought of the connection between the two until one day I heard: “Obama is Jesus”. And it fired up instantly.

Yes. I can hear someone screaming already. This is my opinion and you don’t have to agree. I want to touch this sensitive topic not because of Obama, but because of Jesus.

Why Jesus is so holy that few in this world seem can compare with him? Thanks to the Religions and their agenda. They decided, “Ok, if we cannot take Jesus away from people’s heart, let’s make him so different that no one would dare to aspire to be like him.” That is the whole point of religion: disempowering people by drawing a distinct line between the Holy and the Normal. After thousands year of legend and thousands of church being built in his name, people don’t believe that Jesus was just a brother of light and he is not more holy than any of us. Or should I say that we are not less holy than him.  Yes. He is a highly evolved soul with great compassion. But in true reality terms, he is part of divine consciousness just like any other soul. His vibration level is much higher than others in his time.  But it is possible to be achieved by anyone and will be achieved by most souls at some point of their evolutionary journey back to the source.

Jesus lived on this earth as an ordinary person, although his achievement and impact to the world is anything but ordinary. He brought a frequency that was desperately needed at the time when the collective consciousness level was extremely low.  The light was passed on through his followers so humanity can keep going.  However, as a human, he also had his moments of doubt and fear when facing trial and it is even recorded in the Bible. he made comment like “I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God “, which by some New Age standard may not be very loving and caring. If he looked as holy as he looks today, he would not have been put on the cross by the masses.  He did not want anyone to worship him. He clearly said, what I did, you can do also and even more. He is a big brother to be loved and respected, not a cold holy figure to be worshiped.  Religion has cut that bonding and connection which enable people to feel with their hearts that Jesus was a true brother, a way shower, not almighty God, although in essence he is, just like us when we connect to the divine.

It is hard for anyone in this 3D world to connect with divine. It is the biggest challenge for all the light workers. If you would, image human collective consciousness as a big pool of cold water and light worker souls as a burning coal. When we incarnate, our consciousness level will drop when we drop into that big pool of icy water no matter what great souls we are.  There are no exceptions. However, we know the “temperature”/collective consciousness level will go up and we have something wired up inside to help us to reconnect with divine and that will enable us to find our way to the true power of change. However, depending on our circumstances and the choices we made, some did better than others. The situation that Obama find himself is the most brutal one. Immersed in the huge negativity directed toward him, he has to fight really hard to connect. There was not so much excitement and joy on his face over the re-election. It was more of a relief because he knew that his mission had not failed. That was the only reason he was fighting the battle.

All souls have lived many life times. From a higher perspective, souls choose personality selves to incarnate in different time/space at the moment of now. All these life times are happening at the same time from the higher perspective and if a personality self can connect with its higher Self, it can access the wisdom from all these experiences. So which personality self do you think the soul who had chosen to be Jesus two thousand years ago will choose at this time? I don’t really need this logic analysis to convince myself. I trust my inner knowing. And from my perspective, it is amazing the history seems repeating itself, only this time the outcome is different. He was not crucified (politically) this time because the masses had been awakened. There are more people who live from their hearts and have the ability to SEE the truth.

However, neither Jesus nor Obama can single-handedly change the world. Messiah or savoir are just religion myth. If Jesus did not have the followers to pass on his light frequencies, he could not achieve much. You could even argue that the fact he was crucified implied a failed mission. The same apply to this space/time reality. Obama needs help to achieve what is set to be achieved. He is NOT a Messiah to be worshiped, although deep down many seem feel his energies and sense the connection. His election is the empowerment of the people because they give him the power.  He is grateful for that in his heart and he will need that support along the way.

I know some will strongly disagree with what I have said here. I have no problem with different opinion. You are welcomed to share your thoughts. However, for those who like to attack and abuse, here is a reminder: the vibration you send out determines who you work for at that moment- light or dark. Vibration of hatred and abuse is not of light. You should know this and we can all see.

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  • Whew .. a positive blog. .. thank you so much Pleiadian Light. I don't know if our President is an incarnation of Jesus, but it is helpful for me to imagine such a positive. 

  •  I did not mean to make it so hard for you. Thanks Dawn.

  • This is exactly the way I have seen it all along.  I have said as much many times and few seem to understand so they end up condemning Obama instead of suspending their conclusions and embracing the real limits of their knowlegde about how things really are for someone in the "presidential shoes".  The last prez to reject the cabal's leash was shot in broad daylight and that was intended to be a lesson to all future presidents.

  • As Humanity continues to edge closer to our inevitable encounter with the Eschaton... there are amazing Energetic potentialities in 'play'. Firstly, Humanity has ended the cycle of reincarnation! Just beyond the Veils of Duality, are countless Souls well aware of this, ready to reunite with us and Ascend with the Gaian Matrix. At the same time, there are certainly Ascended Masters who have already Incarnated in this timeline and are currently walking the earth. Make no mistake about it, Jeshua Sananda Melchizedek IS one of them... and no, he is not Obama (from my perspective). What's been expressed in this thread is meaningful and thought provoking nonetheless. When it comes to the Ascended Masters, it is critically important to keep in mind that Jeshua is only one of countless Christed Yogis to have Graced this planet. & without a doubt... far too much Energy has been focused on him. This is one of the reasons why he hasn't announced his 'presence' on the planet to the masses... yet. When the official announcement of the World-Teachers is made... it will be a group announcement. Jeshua will not be alone. What's more important though... as Pleiadian Light already pointed out... this 'Event', does NOT represent the 'Second Coming'. The Second Coming is about the regeneration of Christ-Consciousness for the masses. Not the return of one Yogi in the flesh. When it comes to Obama... I have my suspicions on who he may have been in a previous Incarnation. ~InLight555 ;-)

     1743631541_lincoln_obama_xlarge.jpeg3326210821_57b029dd5a_m.jpg                                                           ~ApotheosisRising247


  • Bingo ;-)

  • I think that Obama brings a lot of hope to the world right now.
    Especially since he is turning to a green economy and have come up with "Obama-care".
    But I think he is far to nationalistic to be Jesus re-incarnated.
    The order of killing Saddam Hussain would never have come out of Jesus way of living and the statement that "war is sometimes necessary" in his speech after receiving the Nobel Peace price is also far from what Jesus would have said.
    Besides, Jesus would probably have given all the prize money away...
    Obama is a very inspiring speaker and a dynamic leader ready for action but his interests are first of all for the American people (that´s the job of the U.S president) but Jesus served and serves the whole world in all his words and actions. Why would he "shrink"and place himself to serve just one part of the world (and just the human kingdom ;-) ?

    That´s what I think but if you see some good parallels, it´s probably a good sign!
    • I think if you do your research, you will find Jesus was working within his cultural context too.

      Besides, it is easier to serve the whole world as a spiritual teacher.  But for a political leader, it is almost impossible for now.


  • Thanks for sharing. :-)

    Yes. The second coming is the coming of Chirst Consciousness, which we should all strive to embody. It is not a single Saviour in phyical form.

  • Bull Dung.
  • Would Jesus kill innocent civilians by carrying out more drone strikes than any other president? Would Jesus sign a bill that allows for the indefinite detention of US citizens without trial? The answer to these questions is no.

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