Shane, My Wolf Warrior

I Am a passionate animal lover. They are sentient, spiritual Beings just as we are, they are teachers, guides and friends. When I was a child I asked for a Wolf Friend, and several years later when I was 18, Shane answered my call and came into my life. He is my Wolf Warrior, we're Kindred Spirits and have been companions in other lives before. Shane has walked beside me for 16 years, exploring the woods and snow parks together, he's been with me through broken hearts, losing the Love of my life and my Mom, who we both love so dearly. Shane has always been with me, as my friend, my protector, and my Spirit Guide. I've always admired his love for Nature, like me, and his strongmind, his iron will to be free and have his way, his unique intelligence and Houdini feats. We are so alike, like two parts of the same spirit. I have many memories of him that make me laugh and beam with pride, so many memories that is his gift to me. He's always been very loving, a gentle Being without temper, viciousness or anything like "the big bad wolf" stories that have caused such unfair discrimination against his Kind. I never "owned" him, nobody can truly own one's spirit, and that's why I wanted him to have a say in his life, that when his time came, it would be his choice and not mine to decide when he leaves this earth. And he told me, in his own way today, that he's ready. He's very old, and our time together in this life has come full circle. My human heart is grieving, it's so hard to let go of one I love so much. But my Spiritual Heart is rejoicing for him, eager to help him return to his Family, I see his Wolf Kin ready to greet him already, there with my Mom who always called him her "Baby Boy." I'm spending one last day with Shane before I let him go, it's my human heart that needs this little bit of time, that doesn't want tomorrow to come and see the dawn of the next day yet. But It's his time, and I love him so much that I can't hang onto him so selfishly while he suffers in his physical form. He'll be there waiting for me when it's my time, he'll be with me in Spirit, and I know there's no such thing as death, only Life. I just wish someone could convince my human heart, the small part that doesn't want tomorrow to end. I know some people don't understand, but that's ok. I'm sharing this piece of my heart with those who do understand, because Shane has touched so many lives along the way, not just mine. He has never been my "pet," he is my kin, my family, and my Warrior. He's taught me to be strong, to go after my Freedom and let no boundaries or obstacles stand in my way. To be true to myself, let my Spirit shine and most importantly, he's taught me how to truly Love. I'm going to miss him so much, I feel scared and alone to walk my path without him by my side, in physical form. But I know I'm not alone, I'm strong enough now and there's no death, Life and Spirit lives forever, and I'll see Shane again and we'll know only Love, Joy and Harmony. Like Old Friends, our Kinship between us. I just wanted to share my thoughts, and for those who love wolves, a couple videos too. Peace Light and Love to everyone <3


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  • I just realized the other night when I looked at the calendar, that when I let him go and set him free on Wednesday, it was "Freedom Day." (Africa) He was meant to leave on that day, at that moment in the morning <3
    • Thank you Shelly, your words touched my heart. Yes, Shane is finally Free now, this morning was hard but also a time to celebrate for him. We're still connected in Spirit, I sense him and hear his messages in a way that's difficult to describe. He's Free and Himself again, and that's more important to me than hanging onto him in his physical form that had become nothing more than a shell of his true being. I'm filled with joy and relief for him now, that he's Home and Happy, even if it isn't right here with me. Our Spirits are still together, and nothing could ever change that. I'm smiling through my tears for him, I can already see him with his kin looking so young and healthy. I feel so much better now, even in those small moments of missing him and grief. I'm Happy he's Home again. <3
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