Shamanic people all over the world believe that all things are alive and have a spirit that reside in the middle world.  So if objects are alive they should of course have an existance of their own apart from that of the human world.

The birth of an object

If an item is to live, it has to be created, then born into physical existance.  All Items begins their live as something else, like a wood bowl started its life as a tree. A stone carving started its life as a stone.  A clay pot started out as clay.  In essence it already has a spirit, a clay pot has the essence of the clay and added to that was water and fire, or paint.  In the birth of a object the elements added to create the object, the intent of the creator, and the creators essence get added to the creation of any object.

It is important to be mindful of how the creator uses the essence of all the elements with the intent of creating.  All these elements, has an influence on the birth of the object being created.  Ading symbols to them makes them more powerful, and sometimes are used to embue the object with the intent of use of the creator.  Most of the time the creator will use certain symbols on the tools used to create objects, or on the furnaces or carving tools, this for the person laying the intent is very important.

It is vitally important to lay down the correct protection where you will be working, as you will be working with spirits, and if you don't have the right protection, it can happen that you or the object might get possessed or affected by a rogue spirit.  Shamans understand the dangers of working with spirits and know the best ways to use protection to stay safe.  The same go for birthing a object.

The life of objects

If an object is born, then it mean, that it also lives its life and has an individual biography in the same way that you do.  Some objects lives get affected by what happened to them in the same way it affect you in your life.  The lives of their previous owners affect them as well, and it will affect you and the way you use them.  So selecting objects to bring in your home, is somethign that is truly important.  It can affect the energy in your house and may bring in energy you truly dont need.

So just like walked your path a object walked its path that affect its essence too.  When acuiring new objects always cleanse and bless them before you allow them in your home.  Its a good idea to talk to them and learn their stories, and help them heal what is needed to heal.  In the end they are becoming part of your family.

The death of an object

That which lives will eventually die, its spirit leaving this world and returning to the otherworlds, and this is as true for objects as it is for us.   In our currant life mass production and mass trash is a huge negative energy that is affecting our lives without us understanding it.  To most humans you just buy what is pretty and throw it away when your tired of it.  Our culture of trowing away are teaching our children to not value anything, so they learn that nothign has value not even life and their fellow humans.  We teach them this!!

This is why when you acquire something the intent of use and the way you treat that object is just as important and a reflection of how you treat those around you, including your family. (never thought of it like that have you, its just stuff worth nothing)

When you as creator take on the task of creating something your giving it life to it it become your responsibility. Throwing that away, mean you do not value life or yourself.

Now lets get to work:

8110795653?profile=originalToday we will be working with this object.  Its a stone bowl.  This bowl was given to me by a friend, they did not want it. because the stone lid broke.  She asked if I wanted it because she will trow it out, and she know I love stones.  I gladly took the bowl and it has become a very treasured tool.

On the last full moon this month, I placed all my stones in the pool under the full moon to cleanse and charge them after the move.   The bowl insisted on being in it too.  I tried explaining that its porous and that being submerged in water that long will be harmful... it insisted that it need to be there and that I have to place my large crystal in it.  I finaly complied.  As I expected... the bowl cracked, and the top portion of it broke off unevenly.  The bowl was very pleased as it now no longer feel that its missing a lid. It felt compleate... letting go of the part that made it felt it needed a lid.  (yes it taught me something I needed too)

8110795295?profile=originalThe break was uneven and it asked me to make it pretty, this is why I started this project.

First I set about blessing my work space.

Readying and laying out the stones and bones called for achieving this.

8110795456?profile=originalHammer stone.

This is the tool I use for crushing things and shaping rocks.  It has come to me and was used as a milling stone for food, by native African lady.  She gave it to me, so I have been using it for a various usses.  This side has a sharp edge that will be perfect to shape the rouch edges and to sand it down to a smooth consistancy.

The runestones I placed:



8110795866?profile=originalHorse knee bone and horse teeth.  The tooth has no symbol on it but for this its important in itself

8110796079?profile=originalSheep knee bones and Ox tail.

8110796261?profile=originalA Bear created a previous time from a rock I found in NY, while visiting there, it started to crumble when I got home, so it was remade into a bear.

I lay out all the stones and bones and start shaping the rock.

8110796454?profile=originalThere now I will comense in crushing the fragments.

8110796475?profile=originalIt need to be a powder.

8110796496?profile=originalThere should be no rough bits in the powder so the process is tedious and it take a lot of time.  So be mindful of your MIND at this time, do NOT let it wander off.. it will influence your intent.

8110796667?profile=originalI use the stone bowl to hold the grounded powder.  In this way acknowleging the stone bowls new purpose, allowing it to be a stone bowl and not a stone box, and also shielding the powder from the small breeze that came around at times.


When this is done I cleared away everything I would not need.

8110796878?profile=originalWork area set up.....

The creation process started....

I wanted ot use Juniper oil, but it turns out that it is empty.  So I selected Ylan-Ylang for this object.  I had no idea what this will become, so I let the clay tell me.

The first shape I made the bowl shape was to aknowledge where it origionated form and to test the consistancy of the clay for shaping.

8110797066?profile=originalA new object has been birthed!

I will allow it to stand till it is dry, then fire it with the bear statue.  At this point I have not added any symbols to it, because its still new born, it does not have a voice yet.  So I have left it to sit with the object it was made from and various other stones, like Rose quarts and white quarts, also a selection of semi precious stones.

This part in creation is important, its been birthed into the community of stones that is tools I use in my Shamanic life style. (yes, Shamanism is not a religion its a lifestyle.)

It will now be left alone for a week with no interferance from me, it will receive knowledge and teaching from the other stones. Positive energy and love.  In this I will nto interfere as all my stones understand the flow of eather, its somethign I do not have to teach any new creation.  This part is called the laying of the foundation, and its a part I take very serious even for new oravle and taro cards.

All new tools are cleared and then allowed to learnt he foundation teacings form the mature tools that has been around a long time.  Before I will even use them in any ritual or even do readings with them.

This is also the time the objects personality can be seen, and i pay clear attention to each of them.  Its important to know how far i can push a certain object and how much I can ask of it.  No use in over facing them when they are not ready.

They are your family your essence and your life, will the day they ask to move on on return to nature.   Some even select others to move to, whent hey feel the calling.  Though that happen rarely.   I have had stones ask me to place them in certain locations, where they can become a beacon of positive energy.

The object also has no name yet, but its got a purpose, is a altar piece and it was imbued witht he essence of Spirit horse.  Its name will be revealed when it matures more. and are ready to take on the duties it was created for.


When a object you created reach the end of its life, there is diferent ways to honour it:


Returning it to powder and remaking it in a new object.

Returning it to powder and scarreting it into the wind.

This is something you will have to discuss with the object, when its time come.

I hope this will give you a peek into the intricate live of a Shaman.

Feel free to ask questions.

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