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While scrolling around and engaging the various aspects of this site, I took notice of something I saw repeatedly that I could never recall coming across in the lightworking community before.  I may have transcended it, so I have a keener eye, or perhaps it as an uncommon issue, isolated to the times I have witnessed it here.  I have observed repeatedly, one of the most unflattering traits of the lower human mind... Judgment and self righteousness.


I have never heard so much negative s** talk.  Several different members speaking of sexuality as if it is a filthy, selfish, and disgusting act that we should rid ourselves of completely.  I do understand that, if involved with someone desperate, controlling, manipulative, and fearful that sexuality can be a very dark thing, but in balance, sexuality is the energetic flow of love from the heavens.  I observed repeatedly, members using lightworking philosophies to justify negative, abusive, and jealous behavior.  Hiding behind spiritual principles to demonize sexuality and avoid looking at their sexual insecurities.  Because I am seeing it for the first time, I am wondering if I have been doing it and only now have overcome it, so I am seeing just how bad it is... But it IS bad and it IS common.  Sexuality is BEAUTIFUL.  DIVINE.  With all this talk of union and consciousness communion, remember... Sexuality is the ULTIMATE physical expression of uniting body, mind, and spirit... Of fusing consciousness. 


S** is NOT of the lower chakras and the 'lower' chakras are relative to our gravitational pull, NOT lesser or undesirable chakras.  If one BLOCKS the heart, BLOCKS, the crown, and repeatedly obsesses over the root chakra, perhaps they have lost balance, but sexuality in itself is a Divine expression of love, which is VERY MUCH a balanced and harmonious act.  I relate it to Christians who twist Jesus' words into a negative, fear-inducing, controlling meaning.  Plus, we are not here to judge.  In my travels I have discovered that many people like a little raw, human chaos in their sexuality, therefore it is natural. LIGHTWORKERS SITTING BACK IN THE SAFE COMFORT OF THEIR COMPUTER CHAIRS, IN VIRTUAL REALITY, USING PHILOSOPHY AS AN EXCUSE TO HURL NEGATIVITY, JUDGMENT, AND SHAME AT OTHERS IS NOT CONSCIOUSNESS RAISING.


I also saw it in other facets as well.  A repeated notion that the human mind is a curse of uselessness, futility, a shameful state of evolution.  The ego is so despicable, mortality is so pathetic, that it is a great shame to simply be alive.  Again, it is reminiscent of all religious philosophy being misinterpreted.  A hurtful ego that seeks to wound others in order to feel good about itself is destructive.  The entire message of the consciousness raising community is that its NOT like the terror inducing religions of the old world... The message isn't you must kill yourself for god, the message is you must BE yourself for god, because it is in fulfilling your nature that you work in harmony with spirit.  Ego is not opposed to soul.  If that were true, there would be NO PLEASURE, NO JOY, and NO LOVE in this life.  The only solution would be for us to all kill ourselves RIGHT NOW.  QUICK!  Escape ego any way you can.  Ego is what gives you the ABILITY to love.  If you transcend ego completely, you PERMANENTLY lose your MOTHER, your FATHER, your SIBLINGS, your FRIENDS, your LOVED ONES, your SOUL MATES, sacred life that brings such exquisite love to you that it makes you weep.  If the only purpose to incarnation is to die, we'd all do it by the end of our first year. 

Life is not just about consciousness expansion.  It is about EXPERIENCE.  You're not going to be happy SOMEDAY, when you reach a lofty state of consciousness.  You are going to be happy when you choose to live NOW.  Choose to ride the ride.  Choose to experience the myriad of infinite experiences that life offers.  Consciousness raising is a tool to help us enhance our quality of life, depth of love, and integrity of self, not a death sentence!  Mind is a Miraculous creation of the Divine, not a cage for the soul.  It is the negative programming causing the mind to work destructively that creates that illusion, but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.


So today, I urge you all to do what I am doing... Look at yourselves.  Is the negativity of self criticism and fear of our shadows and insecurities causing us to misinterpret the words that are meant to lead us to inner peace?  Are we turning lightworking into another Christianity?  A message of love, doomed to be twisted into an excuse to harbor hatred and resentment towards others, towards ourselves?  The goal of life is not to beat yourself into a new state, it is to experience the Divine, the Miraculous, the Wonderment of love, mortality, and this heavenly, exquisitely beautiful world, sharing this journey with sacred hearts we love dearly.

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Hmmm it's all about balance...
Well how did we all get into this world in the first place? S**? Yup,everything in life has a blueprint,your thumb,an apple seed ,an orange seed ,an acorn seed,and all the other seeds,so , s** has a seed or bluprint and when you seek the twin flame then you will find the blueprint for s**,of course s** will be around forever since it aint got no where to go,but if you aint got the blueprint for the seed of s**,then you are in a state of ignorance and you might as well whistle dixie!
If people stopped b******* and just read the it could end the speculations and mythology of s**. S*** i just wished people will bloody well read it. It is amazing how i found out this truth by synchronicity and through this i came upon the christs way speaks his truth. S** is a sacred union bewtween man woman and creator.....Without love s** is boring.....
Come on bro! You can do better then that,this is another 50/50 chanelling,50 truth 50 false and they want money,didnt Jesus flip the tables over on the money changers in the market? And getting rid of the ego? You cant be serious brO? I love my ego and we are getting married! Peace out bro!
Epic. :) Thanks for posting!
S** is a design that enables us to see further into the future :-)
Thank you all for taking the time to read my words and respond.
[email protected], the imbalance going unnoticed, masquerading as spiritual superiority startled me.
Thank [email protected] To describe my sextalk as epic makes me wonder how ud describe the event. ;D
[email protected], I have a song with the line in reference to high sexuality "(it) takes us up so high we can see beyond death). Indeed, sexuality has blessings other than pleasure.
[email protected] & Jason, let me view this site before I comment.
Again, thank you all for your time and thoughts.
[email protected], I am skepticle as well, though if you heard words on this site that resonated with you as Truth, then there is obviously wisdom contained within it, but do always be skepticle if anyone is asking money of you.
[email protected], since I saw no mention of ego on that site, I can only assume u are speaking to me and misinterpeted my comments on ego, as my intention is respect for a healthy ego that is harmonious with spirit. Like the other topics, its about balance. Thank you all for your time and input.
No bro,there was ego mentioned on that site,does ego exist so you can exterminate it? Or does it exist so you can marry it? Its your choice,now im going on my honeymoon with my ego!
[email protected] I only skimmed the lead page. I was gonna say... check my pics, I am very much NOT a brother! ;D but I understand now. Though I will point out... without ego, there is no such thing as marriage.
@Kathy thank you for an alternate and wholly valid perspective. Like I said, there is great diversity in life and through learning to accept alternate viewpoints, we are more able to fully enjoy our own. And thank u for ur time and response. Here is a woman who is able to enjoy her sexuality in and out of the temple. ;D

Captin likes to be funny.  Just look at what he says in a funny lenses, you'll get his humor.

Hmm... well, what I've heard is taht s** is a large exchange of spiritual energy, karma etc., and if done unwisely you might wind up with someone else's cruddy karma.

Eh.  It's just an issue to deal with, if one is afraid of it.  There's nothing wrong with it... done responsibly.



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