“The Cosmos is within us. We are made of starstuff. The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars.” – Carl Saga


The term Starseed represents a soul that is not originally from planet Eart


They are highly evolved souls that come from a different star, planet or a solar system and has been planted here as a seed to help us collectively grow and bring awareness and positive change to humanity

How do you know that you are a starseed

@ https://simplecapacity.com/2017/11/seven-signs-suggesting-youre-a-starseed-here-to-help-humanity/

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  • Actually Roaring, What we call 'Starseeds' do tend to have differing characteristics compared to 'normal' ancient Earth souls, this is in-fact correct, but yes ET races also have differences, similar to the way human cultures may vary.
    Drekx and I both originated on Sirius-B the planet Samanet before incarnating to Earth. We do not say this out of being absorbed with the idea of being a 'Starseed'.. It is just factually true. We did not remember our off-world history in previous lives on Earth from the time of Atlantis until recently. It is only in this life that we have fully awoken to our pasts, as it will be the end of the Earth chain cycle. Some may become 'obsessed' with fitting into a certain Starseed types and completely lose track of HOW this information could be useful in the here and now, as we are here to transform Earth with our energies..
    However, I do resonate with some of what you're saying and agree that un-evolved types may become 'obsessive' or delusional with trying to fit into a certain stereotype, the truth is that you do not need to try so hard to seek answers because the truth comes to you at the divine time (when your wisdom can be of SERVICE), and if you knew it all then what would be the point of being incarnated as a human? As individuals raise in consciousness towards ascension we start to remember our past incarnations.. Unfortunately there is no short cut to this, it is only determined by consciousness, karma and your life plan. You only gain the growth, experience and wisdom from being here and living life. And yes, we all have the potential for growth so should not feel the need to ONLY define ourselves by the past, we are here now aren't we?..We make the change NOW with the wisdom we have gained..
    • Does this mean that if the 'old soul' from earth goes to some other planet X after death here will be different from every other 'old soul' from any other planet who similarly went to planet x? I mean will they not be 'starseeds' as compaired to those 'old souls' from planet x?

      It make sense if we rather say every planet has unique starseed and thus we cannot talk of 'signs that you are a starseed' before we specify what planet you came from. Yes 'signs of Syrian Starseeds' make sense. But 'signs of starseeds' in general makes little sense to me. It makes the earth like a totally different place as compared with the rest of the planets! It is a modern, yet another 'geo-centric' model!

      Well, we could say there is a difference that arises due to having switched from one planet to another, an experience that someone who have been only reincarnating on earth lacks. But these 'starseeds signs' don't make sense in such a case. The only one that makes sense is the 'feeling that you don't belong here'. I guess an 'old soul' incarnating here for long might have 'felt at home' here.

      But then, even so, still classifying pple only into two 'starseeeds' vs 'those from earth' is not a good categorization. Rather we should talk of 'multi-planetary starseeds' vs 'mono-planetary starseeds'. That is we should talk of 'those who have reincarnated in more than one star' vs 'those who have only reincarnated on a single planet' together with the number of times one has switched the planets.
      • Yes, to hit the nail on the head ;). Ancient Earth souls ARE indeed different to other ET races, this is because ALL Starseeds that came to 3D Earth originated from the 5D dimensional plane or higher, they have this in common so carry similar traits, yet they too have cultural and energetic differences among there own ET races. Ancient Earth souls have been in the 3D realm for much longer which is unique to Earth, they have had more time to adapt to the lower frequency energies and feel more at home here.. If they were to be reincarnated on a higher dimensional planet, this means they would have ascended so would not feel too out of place. Examples to ancient Earth souls who have ascended are; Master Maitreya, Yeshua, Kuthumi and so on.. This is proof that Earth souls too have potential for growth, it's just that 'Starseeds' as a whole notoriously have unique characteristics, due to them moving from the higher dimensions to the lower and not the other way around.. This is why people define the difference between Starseeds and Ancient Earth souls, but yes you could delve in further to difference types of Starseeds, each have unique traits.
        • So in summary, you are saying the earth is a unique place in the entire universe! I never thought anyone here hold such a view!

          To me, it makes sense to say the earth is just one in billions of similar planets!
          • Yes exactly! Earth is like a melting pot of variety! Very few 'ET’s’ inhabit the lower 3D, and the very small number who do are not in the GFL.. Another one of the few are the planets in the constellation of Cassiopeia, also inhabited by 3D humans yet still very much behind us in evolution, they are currently going through something similar to the medieval age in our history, lol. But our 3D experience is unique compared to MOST planets where they are on the 4D/5D and higher dimensions. We could think of this place as a 'prison planet' but with the unique variety in consciousness of it's inhabitants it really holds the potential for growth in all stages in evolution. The GFL think of Earth as holding a UNIQUE massive potential.. We are destined for great things.
            • It is good you say 'few ETs' rather than 'no ET'. So the earth is not the only one in '3D', but rather 'among the few in 3D'. Next, I would come and ask of the 'malevolent ETs', which I see pple here talking about. I would ask 'do they vibrate in 5D too?' Lol! But you have elucidated.

              But I will not accept such straight away. Using '3D' as one of the spatial axi, The earth sits in '3D' like every other planet in the visible universe! How does this 'physicial' and 'spiritual' play? Do God still leaves 'only up there in the stars' ?
              • No, I was referring to the 3D reality that we live in.. lol, humans on outer Earth do not inhabit the 5D because they are not ascended, those who are ascended move to inner Earth. There are VERY FEW ET's who reside in the 3D and Earth is the ONLY one of those planets that is currently destined for ascension, so yes unique in that sense. The point of this 'debate' let's call it.. Was to answer why we define 'starseeds' as being different to 'Ancient Earth souls'.. I think I gave you an answer..
                • Yes, you answered it by just admitting what I said the idea of 'signs of a starseed' imply: 'the earth is a unique place', which I though no one could accept!! After all the difference between those planets and earth is 'physical location' and 'spirit' is omnipresent!
                  • ET planets have various dimensions but the beings only RESIDE in the 4D/5D or higher, as they are ascended to these levels. Earth humans reside in the 3D as the outer planet vibrates on a 3D frequency ONLY, that is the difference..
                    • The inner Earth, named Agartha.. Is physically hollow underneath the Earths crust. The main physical entrances are in obscure hidden areas in both the North and South poles, ships can move in and out of the planet. It is a space which the Agarthans (ascended Earth humans) occupy on the 5D and higher.. But not all humans choose to remain on the Earth once ascended..
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