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Seemingly Endless Delays in The Great Change Process.....???

Dear Awakening One,

Blessings and I do note that you seem very frustrated with your world and your reality....It is OK....It is divine discontent and will happen in all awakening ones....This is truly something being compelled and activated, within each person incarnated, by the incoming energies from cosmos...chief of which are the evolutionary impulses, from the central galactic core and also, the dominant constellational signature themes of Aquarius and Pisces, both possessing roughly equal effects on humanity, for better or for worse.....especially so, as the waxing New Age expresses a new dispensation, at odds with the old energies, which are there still, yet waning....and it is causing chaos in the human mass consciousness....

Many incarnated in this current epoch, are aligned with the 6th ray still and see the world as being taken away from them and their ideals and values....Be they materialists, capitalists, religionists, or whatever, those forces of the conservative mind-set...very much expressed in the established forms and leading institutions of governments, churches, states, central banks, corporations, etc....

But I will state here, for the record and to re-assure you and every reader, that it is the norm between ages, to have such dynamics in play....The same event of inter-ages conflict, existed between Aries and Pisces, some 2000 years ago...Likewise, the world had much turmoil, then, as now....

Now is such a period which leads to the new dispensation, which though increasingly present, has not been in existence long enough to have manifested the FORMS to define it's esoteric and exoteric impulses...Thus, those aligned with it, those awakening to it, feel much discontent, as it is known in hearts and minds, yet not reflected in the outer forms of planetary life, as yet.....That will change....It must and will change for the better....Change is inevitable and cannot be halted, even by the byzantine mind-sets of the powers that be...

There is evidence that slowly, but surely, the new forms are manifesting, which will assist the changes towards a world in which all may benefit from the great abundance offered by this world and not just a select few among the financial elites...One example of this beginning process are those new financial forms that challenge the current system, which is led by the IMF and Federal Reserve bank.....and I speak of the new infrastructures investment bank in Asia...
There are also other serious plans to change the forms of finance and politics, to better reflect the new impulses towards sharing of the world's resources among all nations and all peoples...These are below the radars of many, yet are there and they will surface at some stage to surprise and cause much wonderment....Indeed, they will cause a great deal of joy and happiness...relief and contentment....

But it is important that we all focus on the new vision and cease our focus on the old declining paradigm and that will include, ceasing our concerns for those who seek to maintain the status quo, either through deliberated intent, or through laziness in thought and mental dexterity, or a callous disinterest in the inequities present between people.....There are many who will not seek to move forward into the new dispensation and instead will cling to the rock of the old age, like limpets....We need not call these ones "sheeple." We need not condemn them for not recognising the need for new forms to express a growing divine discontent....Such ones are only expressing who they are....energies of the 6th ray and/or low light quotient unresponsive to the incoming impulses of the 7th ray....the Aquarian ray.....So we need not feel an overwhelming need to help awaken those who are stuck with deliberate intent...It is a freewill choice that they seek to remain upon a "flat earth..." and would only fear "falling-off," one shaped spherically....So, let them be what they seek to be...Do not allow negativity felt in so-called sheeple, to slow down our own enfolding moments, as we grow to the new ways...

There is a figurative sword of cleavage which cuts through the energies in conflict, between the precessional ages and expressed in humanity....Such a cleavage creates two great camps of people, across the globe...It is inevitable and esoterically understood...Thus, we do not need to feel discontent with those in the other camp, attached to the old forms and ways...we do not need to feel pity for them, either...It just is....and must be released to find it's own energy level.....Our focus of divine discontent must be channelled into aiding those new forms and helping them to find expression, in the world....Seeking to be a will to good, in service to the divine plan. One of these new forms is N.E.S.A.R.A........and it's global counterpart, which creates a blueprint for new global finance, education, politics and science.
Another is the externalisation of the Spiritual Hierarchy into the day to day world of ordinary people....people must invite it and it has already happened, but must become a mass popular movement, which demands change and another is official First Contact with our space kin...That requires an end to the UFO cover-up and a cessation of national secrecy classifications, on alternative advanced propulsion technologies.

So friends, my advice is for each and everyone of you, to simply use your energies wisely, thoughtfully and gainfully....Do not allow your concerns for so-called sheeple, not changing fast enough, upset your dreams. Nor concerns for the old forms and powerbrokers, falling from grace in sufficient time, upset, deflect or distract you....Let them be and do not fear...All is in divine order and under mandate, for evolutionary impulses for change...Change is inevitable.

Thank you and I hope that you feel more balanced in heart and mind, about this evolutionary process, now....

Selamat majon dramu kas.....!!

Col. Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (Eastern England Sector)

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Hi 1 darkstar, yes I wanted to explain the esoteric energies at work, behind the outer events and why confusion and conflict, seem to be so much in evidence across the world...Hopefully, my explanations give comfort and insights...Cheers, Drekx

Congratulations, this is the best work that you have done so far. Its completly selfless and to the point, such inspiration. Keep up the good work. L&L Adonai

Thanks rev, you make me blush, friend.....And will do... ;-)

Thought this spoke to you posting and thank you for sharing it.

"The entire sequence of Mother Earth’s Transformational Changes into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension may currently SEEM SLOW, but this is the illusion that Time delivers. 

Time is the movement of the Soul. If the entire sequence of any Soul’s transition from one state of being to another state of being were instantaneous no one would realize what happened or what, if anything, was accomplished. Time as the movement of the Soul allows for the Soul to learn, grow and expand with renewed momentum!"

Alexandria Kosmos

Like dead branches and roots turning into a weeping willow, I feel my soul flowing outwards, and it rains inside.

Life was absent, a distant dream in form of hope, and yet I kept struggling. It hurts to feel what's missing, and how much of an illusion I've become.

Riddled with so many things, that I didn't notice how much unconditional love was missing. My nature, when touching deep within my heart, I sincerely love myself. Embrace.

No more conditions between life and heart.

I'm disappointed at you, father, for all that you've shown me, holds little of myself within itself.

Oh, when I leave here, you'll see.

I feel such sadness loneliness in your writings they are so beautiful but filled with sadness.  It brings a tear to my heart that such a beautiful soul cries out in pain.... My dear friend what can I do to bring you some kind of joy a smile to your face.... 

I may not be able to fix the world but each person I encounter I can bring a smile to their face a bit of joy to the heart and a feeling of love within... I may not be able to fix the problems that plague man kind but for today I can say my friend you are loved in the greatest of ways.  Put a smile on that face stand your rightful place.... Shine bright you're a beautiful light it guides so many home so you will never be alone...

It does appear that the Globalist-Communist "Labour Party" in the UK, is on track for electoral disaster, on 12th December, which is splendid news, for Brexiteer patriots such as myself....I will focus on such an outcome, voting Tory, as Farage could never be Premier, under our FPTP voting system. So a tactical vote to keep the reds out of government and to get Brexit done with Boris' deal [not bad.] The thought of Labour, or the Liberals forming a government is too nightmarish for any sane Briton.....Of course, our adversaries in Brussels, such as Guy V, would love a lefty liberal PM revoking article 50, keeping UK bound, gagged and crushed by his evil EU empire. Guy V must not get his way with my beloved country....December must be glorious. Onerous for lefty turkeys who voted for Christmas in Parliament




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