Seeing through realities.

Seeing through realities.Looking through the trees as a medium, gazing at the branches and the leaves, the form and the movement, faces of various species will appear to show their faces. Visions occur that describe the essence of the tree in ways the seer can understand. A bundle of seeming random textures transforms into an ordered circle of people holding and harnessing a ball of energy, or a crowd of people at an event.It is about seeing the infinite possibilities at every point. About seeing things for what they are without preconceived notions of what one is supposed to receive. It’s about letting the forms sink and blend and move through the unconscious and back to form an image of the moment in which time is crossed.While seeing, one can see many visions in a particular spot so long as the gaze and intent are constant. The mediums can vary quite so. A ceiling wall can transform into a castle or the overhead view of a town. The trick is to let your mind wander and let the moments be without trying to control them. You can broaden your range of vision to include as much of the ceiling as you can as a method of seeing. You can also contract your range to see as little.When you get a certain point or stage of involvement, you will begin to see the visions move and dance before you. The more you let the infinite time/space before you blend, the more fluid and vivid the images become. It will at times seem like a video is playing before you on the wall. Tuning-in to the image will bring out unseen colors and light you didn’t notice before and they will move with your gaze moment by moment and transform at your pace. If you try to look at it, it will disappear.It is that all realities and timelines and spaces intersect and interplay with one another. The trick is simply by adjusting ones mental and visual tuning to receive.

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  • Hey Fabricio, I'm glad to hear that you are seeing the colors also. This was one of my initial steps and a very important step in realizing a new dimension or perspective on seeing and thinking.

    Just last night, I was outside looking at the stars again and was seeing the stars energy reaching out to a central point where there was 3 interlocking rings that appeared out of slight color variations. It's very subtle and elusive, yet worth my efforts in practice.
    • hey joseph i know what you are talking about i seen also this i been traying to get some information about other people with this experience it seems we are not many, i tell some people they need to adjust there mind and eyes it took me some times to see other realitys but is so wonderful to see those reality is hard to explain this to some people they think you are crazy i am glad i found you i know i am not along on this i which some day in the future there is some kind of school to teach people how to see other realitys or dimensions now i know the you dont need a special machine or special equipmemnt to see thi realitys we humans have more things we have to learn about ourselfs, but the main power is love and remenber we are only one conected to the universe please writme back your experiances keep practising in see those lights moving they are there at night time they move with inteligent move i dont what they are but they are always there writme back ok love with you my friend
  • thank you joseph findly i found a person go sees the same things i see (sorry my english is not to good ) i been practising to see tha aura on people, animals threes,plants, and there is colors you can see and i seen those colors floating like a brezze and then when try to look at them, it will disapier i been practising on the sky at nights and you can also see lights moving in all directions i dont now what are they but is amazing those light are always there moving it takes some mental and visual tuning to receive like you coment thank you I love you my friend
  • Hey Amira,

    Interesting experience. Reminds me when I look at the night sky and see blips of color emanating from the stars or lights darting so quick it's hard to catch.

    What I mean by space is the vast sea of potential flowing before you. What I mean by time is the point at which the moment is realized. For the above, I am mainly talking about the visual aspect, but can be utilized with all the senses.
    • thank you joseph i understand more completely now.. thanks for responding..
  • hello joseph. i feel that what you are trying to say is to basically free your mind. i agree with the concept of letting your mind wander. i have experienced mind wandering when i look at the sky. the only thing i expect is what is what is truly there. a good example of this is when i see the spaceships in the skies at night with their beautiful lights twinkling for me to see letting me know they are there. the universe is amazing when you open up to her. i have alot of growing to do. i guess in time i will see more. anyways i just wanted to share my experiences with you.

    can you please explain what you mean by space with time???? what is your definition of space in this instance??? thank you for the information..

    patiently awaiting your response...
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