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Just a traveler, a seer. I enjoy experimenting with the powers of intent and connecting with the syncronicities that follow. The more I become aware of the possibilities the greater the rewards. I often become trapped/hit by the hollywood lifestyle that everyone seems to ador, and look to find ways to open themselves to a brighter more creative and mysterious place. A vast universe only limited by our own perception. I struggle to remember whats important and what needs to be done. The Earth I hold dear and the life that live upon it. Looking and researching ways to create macro meditation structures based on sacred geometry to put in public parks for people to sit in either alone or with a group to meditate. I am now a collector of Tibetan singing bowls!

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We are all teachers here. We teach and learn. gift and give to the betterment, the evolution of what is.

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  • Sailing through the cosmic ocean of enlightenment with great friends like you.

  • Hey! Really good, how have you veen? Happy New Years!
    I hope you're having a good start to a new year!
  • hi Joseph....
    i dont understand what you say "yet the venus project has people stacked in hundreds of little boxes ascending towards the clouds..."...are you sure you know what the "Venus Project" is all about???
  • Yess, soo beautiful! I had to get on this tour bus to go there at like 5 in the morning. . haha but it was a beautfulll drive! I'll always remember it. On the way back, the bus stopped at this natural under ground/cave lagoon, most beautiful place I've ever been hands down. heh if you ever go you def will

    Thats actually a good idea, I'm going to start doing that, thanks for the tips=).Yeah definitely, when I really started to pay attention to all this I realized how polluted the energy and vibe from TV is, unless you're watching like . . highschool musical haha=). yeah it really is sad and lonely when you first try to just surround yourself with positive things, you realize there is just so much you have to let go of. Thats really sweet, I hope I'm lucky enough to find friends like that one day.
    And nopee, I'm actually a really strange mix haha, I'm 1/2 french,a 1/4 trinidadian, then a little bit of spanish, german, and scottish, verry mixed!!! What about youu=)?

    PS thanks for that lil cyber hug, heh back at yeah=)

    Peace and Love,

    Are you of Mexican descent?

    BIG Hug!!
  • Sweet stuff, we'll have to do that! Yeah I did, its pretty amazing, I would love to spend more than a day with him; don't think a day would be enough ;P . Last year I actually went to Mexico and to the Mayan ruins, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It was so incredible! At the bottom of the pyramid when you clap you hear birds chirping, and in the Sacred Ball Court if you yell at one side of it, you hear your voice coming back to you at the other end. Its all pretty spectacular and that video makes a lot of sense.

    See people who are caught up in the physical world will probably be trying to prepare for some passive doomsday by saving canned foods, water, lighters, guns, ect. but that won't help them one bit.I mean the only answer is love. Thats really the only way you can prepare. I like to think of it as a cleansing of the earth, riding of the corruption, pollution, and negativity. If you can be connected with Mother Earth, and really genuinely be love from your complete core, you will be saved. However most people don't see this as a reality, so they prepare as though a new age isn't coming, as though we are and always will be bound to the materialistic physical world.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it! You're not alone with that feeling, there are negative energies who try to suck you in, steal your energy. How I dealt with it is I removed negative people from my lives, that helped alot. It was hard because I unconditionally love these people, however you can love people from a distance, they will still feel it. You have to surround yourself with positivity, even in the darkest of situations, thats the only way the light will shine through. Make sure you try to monitor your thoughts, only think positive things that will help the greater good. I honestly believe a lot more people would survive this if they could understand this concept and stop concentrating on the doomsday aspect, and concentrate on the cleansing, rebirth, and age of creation and love. Thats what this is all about, breaking the old cycle to make way for the new positive way, the age of creation, of love and light.

    Peace and Love,
  • Thanks right back at you!
    I've watched some sweet videos that I got to through your page, and I've seen some comments you've posted.
    I agree with some things you've said,
    like how we need to step up ourselves and we can't expect ET's to fix the world's problems.
    Anyway, hope we get to chat sometime!

    Peace and Love,
  • Thank You Joseph. I met him in 2008 his looks upon how we should care for ourselves, this planet was a true inspiration
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"wow, if he were actually talking about a TV...this would be quite scary... in fact, it is already scary haha."
Jun 9, 2010

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