When im relaxed and concentrate, i start to see different colours that often turn into shapes. I then feel like im zooming through a long and winding tunnel. I can feel energy all around me as my eyes start to flicker. I feel tingles in the palms of my hands and up my arms, also my face becomes numb and feels tighter.  I would really like to know if the tunnel leads anywhere?


I have seen a butterfly shape if that means anything??

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  • Thank you for all the wonderful replies, they were very helpful.


    I have tried this again but this time was a bit different. I was laying down and started feeling a surge of energy flowing through the palms of my hands, in a circular motion. I saw little lights floating past and coming towards me. My room sort of turned a green colour as i was seeing different shadows. I then saw a big pink energy ball that was rotating and turning green, i saw and felt two strings (coming from the ball)  trying to pull me upwards. I closed my eyes and started travelling very quickly through a pink tunnel, i started to see dark shadows again but could not concentrate as my eyes flickered open. After all this i felt like i had been running or doing exercise as i was out of breath and tired.

  • sounds like astral projection maybe?? Very cool!


    Last night, something "fast" happened to me too,it was so weird and fascinating. I'm lying in my bed and feel my thoughts drifting, yet I'm not near sleeping. On the left corner of my vision (eyes closed), a totem pops in! By this time, I do not react. I'm not really aware. Suddenly, like a whirl wind, the middle of the totem pole breaks lose, and spins itself right in front of me! Just like svush, svush, svush,superfast! That's when I become aware again, and I see that it is a totem symbolising a bear. The more I come to my senses, the more it fades away. The reason for why this was different to me, is because I have always been between awake/sleep when something happens. But with the totem, it just gradually emerged and even though I saw it - my conscious mind didn't react or care.

  • Good post Ariel :)  I too see colors and shapes, though I confess I don't usually know what they mean lol.  If I project my mind like an arrow and "point" it at something I will get an image... for example when I point my mind at those odd little airplanes that hang around chemtrails, I see red and blue hieroglyphs...and if I hold a rock in my hand I will feel a tingle and throb and see a colored shape like a rose or a white star... if I look at a sylph cloud with my mind and eyes closed I see a huge wall of white light...

    I don't see a tunnel but I do get what I like to call a "ticklish" spot, that if I really push at with my mind, I can get that loud buzzing and weightless feeling, I'm not quite brave enough to keep going at it, but when I was younger I could leave my body by "pushing" outwards against that ticklish spot.  The last time I did it was when I was sixteen, I was in a half awake state, not even trying...when suddenly I got that "paralyzed" feeling, couldn't move though my eyes were open...and I saw my rocking chair fly up to the ceiling and spin around in circles...there was a roar in my ears of loud buzzing that sounded like a tape recorder being rewound fast, high pitched talking or something...and the freakiest feeling of not being able to move anything but my eyes... I desperately pushed against whatever was happening, and once I was able to move the spell broke...it was only later I realised that my chair didn't suddenly move, it was ME moving and spinning around like a top with no control, looking DOWN on the chair and thinking I was looking upwards at it...  So, that was the last night I did it for sure, consciously, and I don't try anymore, in fact I pushed most of my abilities away until recently... but I hope my story inspires you to be more brave than I was ha ha...if you do, let us know how it turns out. 

    Good luck and God bless :)

    • Hey kelly....another weird coincidence...lol...Ariel is my sister Kelly! If you remember the one I told you about. It's strange that you replied to her post as well! I think we are all in the same stage of enlightenment or connected some way!
  • Sounds like Astral Projection to me, the early signs and symptoms.
    • I would have to agree, done that been there.

    Right there with you.....  when you can try this.....  start really "looking" at and into the clouds above your head......you'll experience the very same thing.....but your eyes will be open......you'll seriously start "trip'n".....all good though......and you more than likely will see "certain" clouds that are....well......let's just say   NOT clouds.......






  • time to fly   (dimensions)
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