Searching for God

Keluar #2

Searching for God


Amitakh Stanford

14th August 2009

There are two Forces – the Force of Good and the Force of Evil – but there is only one Source, the True Creator. This was discussed in my2004 article entitled the Source, which is attached.

In these days, which many see as filled with despair, there are some who view the present as a joyful beginning. Those who have hope in whatis to come are those whose faith in their Creator helps carry themthrough the toughest of times.

When the time comes for your spirit to soar in total, unrestricted freedom, you will be far, far away from the dross of this world. Youwill be clothed in brilliant whiteness, Divine Peace and the music oflove. But, how do you start the journey?

Many human lives are identified with misery, sorrow, despair, hatred, untruth, infidelity, poverty, struggle, disappointment,betrayal, pain, suffering, hardship, birth and death. But, there issomething that can help to buoy them with love, hope, joy, and faith.The wave of life brings much hope, which is often coupled withdisillusion and confusion. When one connects with the Creator, thenegatives dissipate as the positives soar.

The longing to be united with the Creator spurs one to search for God. Many people are unsatisfied and unfulfilled because of theirspiritual separation, although not so many are consciously aware of thedistance that has grown between them and God.

Humans have reshaped Divine “law” into their own, and have dictated what is genuine and what is false, what is good and what is bad, whatis acceptable and what is inappropriate. The True Light emanates fromwithin, where true communion between the Divine and the spirit can takeplace. The False Light lures and misguides many to foolishly pursue It.Those who pursue the False Light become slaves to biological lifeinstead of connecting to the Eternal Light.

Divinity cannot be bought or sold for money or fame. Sadly, many have traded their Divinity in the pursuit of self justification, ego,indulgence, worldly pleasures and other successes.

Hell is an empty heart, devoid of love, and cut off from the Divine.

Let not your faith be shaken by deception, rumours, lies or opinions that others have about the Divine. Let your heart guide you towards theDivine. Your heart is your compass, and while its course can stray, itsdestination will always be true, so long as you follow it.

Peace and comfort are available to all who enter the silence of Divine communion with their Creator.

The search for God is not confined to churches, temples, synagogues or mosques. The Divine can be found in the spirit within. There arenone who hold Divine authority over another’s search for God. Eachsearch is personal to the seeker.

In these trying and difficult times, when despair and depression can overcome many, there is a wonderful thing to look forward to – truecommunion with God. All truth is revealed by God. As bleakness engulfsthe world, those who truly seek God will find hope and comfort fromwithin. God touches hearts from within; that is how one can connectwith the Divine.

No human being can play the role of God, nor fully understand the essence of God. None can walk the path to God for you. The journey tothe Creator is personal and different for everyone. No one can trulylead you to the Creator, for, ultimately, it is God who will seek you,in God’s own way, which no one else knows. Thus, the relationshipbetween you and the Creator is your personal dance. It is uniquelyspecial and beautiful.

Let each heart sing the song of Eternal Love, for then each heart will be on its own journey towards the Creator.

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    • Wow. I am very happy you enjoy it!

      Love and Light to you too love2love,
  • I have done this. First time i did was not in awareness of what was happening while i was drowning. And i did it again in awareness while studying Budhisme and Zen. I got to a place of nothingness even if it was only for a split second and it was amazing and scary at the same time because i was no more. I was gone, my life was gone my ego was gone Cedric was gone. I am working on it to get back to that but it seems my Ego got smarter and stronger and does not let me go this eazy This is why i always say i do not take things personaly i am not my Ego.
  • That is so very true. We go through life with a dream to achieve greatness.
    Greatness can only be achieved with God. He is the only greatness you need. Not a car or a fancy dress or stuff like that.

    These last few years I have sacrificed all I had and all I was to become who I am today. The truth are something we refuse to look at, but in the end that is the only thing that really matters.
    I think Job learned it the best, through loosing everything he had, he really found God.
    Through everything I have gone through I have found God and his truth for my life. I don't have millions, but I have enough to do the work expected of me. Gods Pure Love, is something I never want to be without again.
  • For a love2 love person you shure like to label people even if you keep on saying you are all freedom and loving. Same with your ideas about phrases and phara phrases or talking not raising your vibration you shure do talk a lot. No offence brother just my open opinion, like you mentioned before is verry important.
This reply was deleted.

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