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SANTA FE ASTROLOGY MEET-UP DISCUSSION, 12/03/17: "Chiron: The Mystical Healer," From Maya White Astrology


Most people who have heard of Chiron associate it with the words ‘wounded healer,’ but there is much more to his tale. Chiron’s first keyword, as described by its discoverer, astronomer Charles Kowal, was ‘Maverick’.


With his eccentric orbit pattern, Chiron was indeed different from the other stellar bodies, and stood out as a unique scientific discovery. Often labeled an asteroid, Chiron may actually be an orbiting comet caught up by the Sun’s gravitational force.

Comets have always been viewed as harbingers of change. Chiron’s orbit stays mostly between Uranus and Saturn, but sometimes moves out beyond even Neptune. The trajectory of Chiron is highly elliptical like that of a comet, and astronomers question if Chiron will even stay bound within orbit of our Sun permanently.

Orbit of Chiron, via Reyk at Wikimedia Commons

Of his 50 year orbit, the maverick spends the most years in Aries and the least in Libra. ‘Comets throughout history have been viewed as omens. Some believe Chiron’s discovery may point to the balance needed to move humanity into an alternative life-style of holism that will support Earth and all life upon it in abundance.’

According to myth, Chiron is the abandoned child of a nymph and a philandering husband. Chiron is the first born of the race of Centaurs because his father Chronos (or Saturn), shapeshifted into a stallion at the moment of orgasm. His mother, shocked at the half bestial baby which she delivered, left it to die at the top of Mount Pelion.

A human child would have succumbed to the forces of nature, but Chiron’s equine and immortal halves allowed him to thrive in the rocky slopes of Mt. Pelion. Thus, Chiron started out life abandoned and alone, forced to become self-reliant as well as face and ultimately heal his own darkness. And, true to the centaur’s archetype of healing, Chiron transits do often trigger wounding and consequential recovery events in astrology.

The Teacher

Education of Achilles by Chiron

Chiron was educated by the twin team of Apollo and Artemis. From Apollo he learned ethics, philosophy, math, music, reason, logic and medicine; all that is redeeming about civilization. From Artemis, the huntress, he learned the way of the forest, and the use of herbs and all that is important about the wilderness and nature. Artemis was also considered a guardian of young children, a task which Chiron took on willingly.

Chiron instructing Achilles in Music

He is regarded as a wise philosopher who taught a wide range of topics from astrology and astronomy to mathematics, and notably, healing. Chiron’s healing specialty was through natural methods. His name remains today as a root of the term ‘chiropractic’, which utilizes hands on adjustment of the body.

Chiron was a compassionate instructor, and it would seem that he should also be assigned rulership of surrogate parenting. In his secluded home atop Mt. Pelios, Chiron raised and educated the mighty warrior Achilles, another mythological spirit who suffered from a debilitating vulnerability.

Chiron is also remembered as the guardian and mentor of Jason, the warrior whose journey led him to fight a dragon which never slept. Jason’s destiny was to pursue a magical golden fleece which also caused him personal agony.

The Shaman

Being born the result of a shape-shifting event, Chiron is also associated with the shamanic tradition. The shaman in aboriginal cultures is the bridge between humanity and the outer forces, a concept very much akin to that of Chiron. The shaman is really there to serve the community or culture. And, like Chiron, the wounded healer, often in the life of a shaman there is an injury such as early disease, blindness, a near-death experience, or some other experience that causes him or her to gather strength and power and drives them to fulfill a destiny.

Native American prophecy states that when the planet of healing is discovered in the sky, the ancient sacred warrior teachings will return to the Earth. Soon after Chiron’s discovery in 1977 the Native American Religious Freedom Act was passed which formally allowed Native American medicine man to practice in their culturally prescribed traditions.

The Key
keyMany astrologers have pooled their wealth of experience to the body of Chiron learning. One of the most interesting contributions is offered by astrologer Richard Nolle who points out appropriately, ‘the symbol for Chiron is a stylized key. Look at it and the meaning becomes clear. A key is a device used to open a passageway from one reality to another. That, in essence, is just what Chiron represents.’

Another astrologer who has added greatly is Barbara Hand Clow in her invaluable classic first published in 1987, ‘Chiron- Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets.’(*2) In the introduction she states ‘Chiron influence is not a thing, it is an energetic force; it is an action verb instead of a noun.

The placement of Chiron in the natal chart functions like a hieroglyph. It is a vehicle in the chart to show where and how realities intersect. It is a doorway into feelings about events, …and a revelation of the cosmic influence. It is an occult or seeing tool.’ This book is a must read for anyone who wishes to understand the wise Centaur and how he functions in any astrological chart.

Two other astrologers made early notable contributions. In 1983, Erminie Lantero wrote, ‘I come to my own position. Chiron means to me the principle of healing or wholemaking, on any level. It surprised me for awhile that although healing did not go unnoticed by other researchers, they were slow to recognize it as a primary theme -despite the fact that illnesses and deaths were found from the beginning to occur fairly frequently under Chiron transits.’

Zane B. Stein is also noted for an early contribution to Dell Horoscope magazine in January 1981. He writes ‘the position of Chiron in the chart of the healer not only indicates the healer’s preferred methods – but also those tools that the healer will find most successful in treating others.

Sleep itself is not ruled by Chiron; but Chiron does rule a very specific part of sleep – sleep as a healing tool.’ Other keywords assigned to Chiron by Stein are: common ground, personal imperative, turning point, pulling the plug or removing the dam, and loopholes.

The Wounded Healer

Most dramatic in the legend of Chiron are the circumstances of his death. The wise master was accidentally wounded by a poisoned arrow fired by his friend Hercules. Being immortal, he did not die, but suffered on in great pain. Finally, in a bargain struck with Olympus, Chiron agreed to leave his gift of immortality and descend through the gates of the Underworld to be relieved of his dreadful physical pain. In return, the rebellious titan Prometheus was freed from his captivity and torture decreed as punishment for the gifts he had given to humans.


The gifts to mankind from Prometheus were numerous. He is most remembered for stealing fire from the gods and giving it to humans, but Prometheus also relayed brick and wood work, astronomy, numbers and letters, ships and sails, and the mining of metals.

As an archetype, Prometheus is the Wild Man, or an expression of the planet Uranus.  So, as a rainbow bridge between Saturn and Uranus, Chiron is a catalyst of courage, wisdom, and love, ingredients which set the human soul free.

For astrologers who are interested in calculating a birth chart for Chiron, astronomer Charles Kowal who is credited with discovery lists it as: November 1, 1977, 10:00 AM, Pasadena, California. The chart is rich in symbolism and there are two outstanding features.

First, the ascendant is 26º Sagittarius, a degree which is also considered to be the center of the Milky Way or Galactic Center. Also notable is the Sabian Symbol message for the astrological degree of Chiron at 4º Taurus: ‘The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow.’

In his book ‘Genesis of the Grail Kings’, author and historian Laurence Gardner expounds at length on a theory that the great pyramids of Egypt were built using a superheated white powder known as monatomic gold. This altered form of gold functioned as an anti-gravity lubricant which helped workers move the giant building blocks. Gardner also suggests that monatomic gold was taken as a supplement by Egyptian pharaohs to enhance their creativity and self confidence.

Today, monatomic gold is said to be a substance which feeds and strengthens our light bodies and promotes ascension. In addition to mystical arts and healing, I propose that Chiron be assigned rulership of monatomic gold.

How appropriate for Chiron whose function is to ground the pure energy of Uranus into the form and structure of Saturn; the maverick who holds the key to travel between the seen and unseen realms.

It is interesting to note that the Greek root of the word Christ is ‘khrien’, and the core meaning is ‘to anoint’; this is another action of hands on healing. Perhaps Chiron carries the archetype of a Christ like figure who has returned to our dimension with a mission of healing the Lucifer rebellion which fueled our feelings of separation from Source.

Surely Chiron is both the alchemist who ignites our passions, as well as a shaman who accompanies us on our deepest healing journeys. And, as a shapeshifter, he conveys the transformative power of color and light to help us all on our healing journeys. Yes, Chiron is the rainbow, and he brings us to the gold of alchemy.

- Maya White Astrology

Presented Chart Examples Of Chiron

"The Good"

Louis Braille is a classic Chiron archetype. Braille lost his vision as an adult, and would go on to invent a language for blind people.

The T-Square placement of Chiron in the 3rd House ("communications; writing"), Moon in the 9th House ("the public"), and Uranus in the 12th House ("shocking tragedy; technology breakthroughs behind the scenes (Hitler and Roosevelt had Uranus in the 12th house))" seems to explain Braille's invention. It is a "new style of communications and writing to the public as a result of a shocking tragedy."

Alexander Flemming was the inventor of penicillin. His invention would revolutionize antibiotic therapy, and he also warned that overuse of it as a means of convenience for fighting infection (as opposed to letting the body's immune response fight infection) would result in "nature finding a way around it." He would be proven correct in lieu of the current presence of "super bugs" (i.e. MRSA, ESBL) that cannot be killed by penicillin.

Lucky Jupiter is in conjunction with Chiron the healer in the 11th House of "aspirations," and is in opposition with the asteroid Pallas in the 5th House of "speculation." Pallas is strongly connected with the sign of Pisces, and Pisces rules drugs.

"The Bad"

The Chiron action of healing for oneself may involve the murder of others. I do not buy this notion that 100% of all serial killers are "mentally ill" or had "bad childhoods." There are people who murder others simply because they like it, as it gives such individuals a feeling of healing of oneself after taking the life of another. And this aspect of "healing oneself" via the murder of others may involve the energies of Chiron. I do not buy this notion that Chiron is exempt of negative energy; all astrology points have aspects that are good, bad, and neither.

Helter Skelter murderer Susan Atkins reportedly talked glowingly about her horrific murder of Sharon Tate to another prisoner, and reportedly talked about her act of murder as being a healing experience for her (including her licking of Tate's blood off the knife as Tate died in front of her).

This description is best exemplified by the T-Square of Mars/Saturn in the 7th House ("death; legal involvement with death"), Black Moon in the 1st House ("temptation of a forbidden fruit") and Chiron in the 10th House in conjunction with the Midheaven ("reputation for healing"). I interpret this as "the individual's reputation as a healer for oneself (or others) will involve a forbidden temptation of some sort that involves death, with possible legal ramifications of such death."

David Berkowitz ("Son of Sam") was a murderer of five people with a similar "healing issue" that was remedied via the murder of others. Berkowitz was reportedly involved with Satanism that called for murdering others as demanded by Satan (or as he called it, "blood for papa"). He also claimed that a nearby neighborhood black dog named Harvey was instructing him to kill others, and the dog would not stop barking until he would kill others. It was this aspect of healing oneself that may be identified with Chiron on his chart; murdering of others meant that Berkowitz would get a good nights sleep.

Berkowitz would write about his murders to the New York City newspapers, and the summer of 1977 would become known as "The Summer of Sam" for New Yorkers who remember that time-frame.

The Yod ("finger of God") formation is ominous and strong with Pluto in the 10th House ("position of power and transformation one will be known for") and Mars/Mercury in the 8th House ("communications to others or travel actions that concern death") to Chiron in the 3rd House ("healing that may concern communications or short distance travels"). I interpret this as "fate will be based on one's position of power and transformation due to travel activities and communications that are related to death, and the result is healing of oneself (or others) in some way." 

"The Ugly"

Chiron can represent government surveillance technology and also very advanced technology. I have noticed that Chiron is sometimes strong on charts of people claiming to have had UFO or extraterrestrial encounters, and many ET's and UFO's are usually here for surveillance missions or have technology capable of incredible surveillance ability.

J.Edgar Hoover was known for his massive use of blackmail via his recordings of others doing dirty deeds or talking about dirty deeds. Hoover's Chiron equals the Sun/Ascendant midpoint ("personal relationships with others") by virtue of a square aspect ("conflicts with others"). While many in the government will scream "national security" as a rationale for Hoover's illegal use of eavesdropping, it is still an illegal and very horrific means to "get an edge" on somebody.

It is fair to say that currently at his time some areas of the F.B.I. are probably finding out the hard way about this immoral use of technology with the recent exposure of illegal wiretaps of 2016 candidate Trump done by F.B.I. agents sympathetic to the Clinton 2016 campaign. 

Finally, here's the chart of the C.I.A. Again, we have a square between the Sun and Chiron. And yes, the C.I.A. has a bad reputation for illegal eavesdropping of others via the use of advanced technology.


Chiron traditionally represents natural healing. But Chiron can represent healing in other ways, including the use of language, communications, and technology. It can also represent the use of criminal activity as a means of one's healing of self or others, and everyone loses with this aspect of healing (especially society as a whole, as this will enhance distrust of certain people or distrust of certain government functions).

Seek the natural wonders of positive healing with your Chiron. This is purest use of this energy that seems to lack any dysfunctional or corrupted use of such energy that may land you in jail.

Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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