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SANTA FE ASTROLOGY MEET-UP DISCUSSION, 10/01/17: "The Significant Influence Of The Star of Regulus With Financial Panics Occurring Every 27-33 Years (AND YES, WE MAY HAVE SUCH A PANIC IN A FEW WEEKS).

This report concerns an advanced astrology posting that concerns a 27-33 year cycle that features important stock market crashes and financial panics taking place in the United States during the past 150 years. This cycle concerns "stimulation" of the star of Regulus via transiting planets in the sky prior to such financial panics and crashes.

We must also consider other sources as well regarding what I'm about to predict. And I will say this only once:


Years Ending With The Number "7:"

The Worst Performing Year For The Dow Jones Industrial Average Per Statistical Analysis

One of the most interesting statistics with the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock market index (i.e., "the Dow; the DJIA; the stock market; the stock index") concerns the last digit of the year and how this stock market index (known as "the Dow") performed relative to gain or loss during such a year.

According to the graph below, each single digit number was used to reveal ten different averages of the Dow and how it performed during the year ending with the same last digit of such a year being considered (and the statistician then placed these averages together to form an upward linear graph. I don't like this display; I would have preferred a side-by-side comparison of each separate graph).

According to the graph below; tabulated averages of the Dow from years ending in "0," "1," and "7" were the only years that ended with losses, while all the other numbered years ended with gains.

Note that the years ending in "7" had the biggest losses for the Dow Jones Industrial Average; this is circled in red below:

Please also note that this doesn't mean that every year ending in "7" will feature a loss. The years of 1927 and 2007 actually ended with gains. The above tabulation are stock market averages of all of these single-digit year Dow numbers from 1896 to the present, and these averages are tabulated from years with the same last common digit from each decade.

Finally, please also note that those years ending in the number "7" have the highest probability (but not certainty) of ending with the biggest loss compared to all other averages.

Astrology Comparison With Horoscope Charts of The United States and The New York Stock Exchange:

1929 Versus 2017

Please note that with this handout below that the horoscopes of the United States and the New York Stock Exchange were used.

Also note that each comparison is color-coded for easy comparison.

Horoscopes Used:

United States Horoscope

New York Stock Exchange Horoscope

Comparison of Graphs:

1920-1929 vs. 2009 - 2017


This is what my notes say:

Regulus *
Lion's Heart
Behenian Star

The most Royal Star. Raphael, the Healing Archangel, the Watcher of the North. Nobility, ambition, alertness, great power, status, leadership, sudden downfall, accidents, violence. Said by some to be the most benefic star in the universe.

0°   Vir 01

Very   Fortunate

Mars/   Jupiter


This 1869 eclipse (above) near the star of Regulus would take place one month before "Black Friday" in September of 1869.

The asteroid Vesta is associated with market trading, and is involved with a T-square formation with this eclipse. This may suggest possible future conflict for those involved in trading. Also note that Mars / Admetos ("stock market goes down") is within 10 minutes of equality with Kronos. The Uranian planet Kronos (at 27 degrees Pisces 8 minutes) has a lot to do with government, and there was reported government involvement with the financial institutions involved in the Black Friday panic due to political influence by parties involved.

"Black Friday" (below) features Saturn in conjunction with Vesta. Because Vesta is associated with market trading, this may represent "restrictions with trading activities" or "government involved with trading activities."

Please take note of Saturn's placement in the sign of Sagittarius. With exception of the Panic of 1896, every financial panic or crash named in this report has Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius. And yes, Saturn will be in the sign of Sagittarius during the months of October and November of 2017.

Below we have the eclipse near Regulus in 1896. This took place two weeks after William Jennings Bryant made his famous "Cross of Gold" speech that challenged the east coast U.S. banks with their demanding of gold to be the preferred unit for U.S. money, as opposed to silver (which was favored by U.S. bankers west of the Appalachian mountains at that time). This is very fascinating since Saturn / Uranus ("arguments; conflict") is forming a very close square with Jupiter / Apollon ("the money supply").

Mars / Admetos equals 26 - 27 degrees of the cardinal signs during this eclipse in 1896. This is significant, because the U.S.A. Pluto is at 27 degrees Capricorn and the New York Stock Exchange Ascendant is at 26 degrees Cancer. Please note we will see more reverberation of the importance of 26 degrees of the Cardinal signs (as well as Mars / Admetos) in 20th Century stock market panics.

Below is the horoscope of the day the real panic took place, shortly after William McKinley was elected U.S. president (and it was reported he was going to change some of his positions on the gold standard to appease the silver Democrats). Several banking executives would commit suicide after this banking closure before 1896 would end.

Note that the Sun is very close to the world points at 0 degrees Capricorn, along with Vesta (at 0 degrees Cancer). This opposition may represent "trade-offs with trading" or "world attention on trading activities." Also note that the Uranian planet Cupido (at 11 degrees Cancer 16 minutes) is forming a very strong sesquiquadrate with the Saturn/Uranus conjunction at 26 degrees Scorpio. Cupido is known to represent "corporations," and this may define a lot conflict was going on among important corporations at this time with the closure of the National Bank of Illinois.

1929 featured a very strong conjunction of Mars and Neptune ("deceptive actions") near the star of Regulus. Similar to Black Friday of 1869, we have Saturn Opposition Vesta, with Saturn at 26 degrees Sagittarius (on top of the galactic center). Mars / Admetos ("stock market goes down") is very close to equality with Mercury at 19 degrees Gemini 29 minutes, and since Mars and Neptune were together at this time, this is interesting since there were written reports (Mercury in Gemini) that some economists started favoring stock investment at this time.

Below is the full moon that took place near Regulus in 1929. This is not a strong conjunction with Regulus, but what is interesting is the line-up of contemporary planets and Uranian planets near the star of Regulus in the 1st House. Regulus is very close to equality with the midpoints of Sun / Neptune ("illness") and Cupido / Apollon ("international corporation"). Finally, note that Vesta ("trading activities") is very close to an exact semi-square with Neptune ("deception; disappointment"). This may represent a disaster for traders and international corporations!

Below is "Black Tuesday," otherwise known as "The Panic of '29." The decline actually began on Thursday, October 24, 1929, and would get progressively worst as October 29th approached. Mars / Admetos was at 26 degrees of the cardinal signs on October 24, 1929, and the exact conjunction of Uranus and Admetos ("things ripping apart; earthquake; a very shocking event") was very close to the Midheaven of the New York Stock Exchange horoscope. Also note that Saturn is in Sagittarius and in conjunction with the galactic center at 26 degrees Sagittarius.

Below is the "Teddy Bear Crash." The "Teddy Bear" stock market crash of 1957 was not as major when compared to the panics of 1929 or 1987. But it took place in a time-frame when the U.S. economy was almost ideal for everyone. Almost anyone could get a nice house, good-paying job, or a family-size car. Along with ideal banking arrangements to pay or finance these areas. Education was affordable to everyone in the U.S. at this time as well, and health care was also affordable to everyone. Hence, the Teddy Bear Crash was a mystery among economists at that time, and is still a mystery with economists of today.

Saturn ("restriction") is in Sagittarius again, and is forming a strong sesquiquadrate to Vesta ("trading activity"). Recall that Black Friday of 1869 has Saturn Conjunction Vesta, and the 1929 conjunction of Mars/Neptune with Regulus featured Saturn Opposition Vesta.

Also note that the Uranian planet Admetos is at 25 degrees Aries 38 minutes. This is very close to 26 degrees of the cardinal signs, and Mars (along with Vesta) are not far off from joining Admetos (which is considered by many Uranian astrologers to be in nature with what may be called a "super Saturn"). 

Below is the 1987 "Harmonic Convergence." This would take place before "Black Monday" of 1987, and it featured a massive lineup of planets near the star of Regulus.

Saturn is in Sagittarius again, and is now forming a quincunx with Vesta. Neptune is forming an almost exact opposition with the natal U.S.A. Jupiter placement at 5 degrees Cancer, and this transit is strongly associated with the desire to speculate and with gambling.  

The "Black Monday" stock market panic of 1987 (below) featured Mars / Admetos at 24-25 degrees of the cardinal signs, along with a strong opposition between the Sun and Jupiter also at 25 degrees of the cardinal signs. This "equality" (or close equality) between these two midpoints could be defined as "great luck and good fortune" (Sun / Jupiter) with the stock market going down" (Mars / Admetos). And yes, note that Saturn is forming a very hard sesquiquadrate with Vesta at this time as well.


More Involvement With The Star of Regulus

Many in the U.S. were fortunate to see a solar eclipse at 28-29 degrees Leo during August of 2017. Yes, this is near the star of Regulus, and yes Saturn is in Sagittarius once again.

Vesta Opposition Neptune ("disappointment or deception involving trading") is fairly strong, and note that the midpoint of the 8th House placement of Hades / Kronos ("the high level criminal") is very close to equality with the Midheaven of the New York Stock Exchange, along with the midpoint of Mars / Admetos ("stock market goes down"). 

Below is the recent conjunction of Mercury and Mars near Regulus, with Mercury going direct.

In September of 2017, we had a conjunction forming between Mercury and Mars at this same station of 28 degrees Leo (and almost exactly equal to the station where the solar eclipse took place).

Saturn Square Vesta is hard, and the midpoint of Mars / Admetos is equal to 29 degrees Leo 45 minutes (which equals Regulus rising with the Ascendant). This planetary picture of Mars Admetos applying to the Ascendant and Regulus may define "riches in the environment (Regulus Conjunction Ascendant) due to the stock market going down (Mars / Admetos)." This is somewhat similar to the Mars / Admetos applying to Sun / Jupiter during Black Monday of 1987.

Will there be a stock market crash in 2017??

We will see. We have three months left.

Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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I love your work and how much effort goes into presenting all of this though RV is where the true glimpse will start unfolding.

Have you tried RV?

Man of your talents should have a look. You will drop the above in a heartbeat. Even though it's a great gift to begin with.

What is RV? 

I will add this to dear Malcolm.

Since the merging begun have you noticed the alignments no longer directly correspond to the given target. 

Astrology is going to become null in the future due to current changing the output.

ANDROMEDA: be forewarned that Earth-based astrology has been used as a craft on this planet for more than 3000 years. The ancient Egyptians made astrology their science; the belt of Orion will line up with the pyramids of Egypt in 2050. This will be when the Age of Aquarius begins, assuming we are all still here.




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